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Steve Farrell  says:

Six-month suspended sentence for 149mph speeder

A motorcyclist has been given a six-month suspended jail sentence for pulling a wheelie and speeding at 149mph on the M2 in Kent. Danny Bleach, 37, was filmed from an unmarked police motorcycle as he wheelied and reached over double the limit on the M2 bridge between Strood and Chatham. Bleach, from Belvedere, was ordered to do 200 hours’ unpaid work, banned...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (09 March 2011 10:57)

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May 09

Posts: 11

48gixxer says:


Ok fair cop he got caught. If the plod bike was marked would the chase gone on as long? Much as i hate it, i grin and bear the rules BUT, how many sport bike riders see a sportbike in the mirrors and ramp it up. This form of entapment is playing on the ego of the sport bike rider, so plods your bike is unmarked and suddenly weve got 2 riders smashing the limit, one thinks hes in a race,the other knows hes in a chase, IF IT WAS THE FREAKING SERIOUS WHY DID YOU LET IT GO ON FOR SO LONG F$%K me dead. And what if hed crashed when you goaded the poor sucker into speeding.The Guy was wrong fair enough. Personally im sick of being protected from myself. Ive ridden 39 freakin years (road track and dirt)   yet that does not make me anywhere near an expert in the eyes of these knob jockies.

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Sep 10

Posts: 12


The problem here is that this guy may be a fantastic rider, you can wheel out all the excuses but a fundamental fact remains. He is doing 150 on a clear(ish), bright and sunny motorway. Dolly Daydream in her Clio is overtaking Gerty Goslow in the middle lane doing a perfectly acceptable 65mph, she is singing along to Take That, she glances in her rear view mirror and sees a light in the distance in the outside lane, thinking she has enough time she pulls out to overtake. Meanwhile mateyboy doing 150 arrives very quickly, has nowhere to go and it's carnage. I believe that we all know the risks of motorcycling, but we have responsibilities to others who use the road to ensure that they are able to go home to their families at night too. We are our own worst enemies. You morons that are trying to justify this sort of riding are just as bad, There is a place to ride this fast, it isn't on the roads of Britain I'm afraid.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2493

supermario says:

Above the law?

For sure, police drivers and motorcyclists are given extensive training on how to ride at high speed. But that dosen't make them any less likely to have a collision. If this was such an unsafe thing to be doing, it should and could have been stopped earlier. But as someone pointed out earlier, its less about preventing unsafe situations and more about ensuring a conviction.

An interesting little story. Many years ago while racing at Snetterton with New Era, a team of riders from the local police force turned up to the meeting to take part. Now, one of the things I have always loved about motorcycling is the whole fraternity bit. You know what I mean. I could walk around that paddock (and often did) and go up to any body and strike up a conversation about bikes, or whatever, and be treated as a friend.

Not these boys though. They made it very clear that they wanted nothing to do with the motorcyling riff raff. They were there to show us how to ride a motorbike properly with their superior training and skills. They were there to teach us poor stupid bikers how it was done. They literally stood in a huddle in the middle of the paddock, about a half dozen of them, sneering at everybody. A few people even tried to offer help and advice, but were turned away.

So it was with much joy that I found out at the end of the first 600 race that these idiots had come in very much at the back, and far from giving anybody a lesson in high speed riding, had been recieving a lesson of their own from us poor stupid bikers. They really didn't have a clue. So much humble pie was was great :-)

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Mar 11

Posts: 1

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Aug 10

Posts: 310

tockie says:

Perhaps he was going a little fast,don't we all.? The wheelie looked like a text book affair,much as described by MCN in the recent how to wheelie video by the excellent Neavsie. I - like most red blooded motorcyclists love to see a bike with it's front wheel in the air. as I suspect most members of the general population do. How many times has the bloke up the road on seeing your new bike has said (go on do us a wheelie then).? There are far worse things that inflame people's anger, how about that unspeakable cunt burning Poppies and getting fined just £50. Let the punishment fit the crime and I don't think it does sometimes. GRRRRR.     

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Nov 05

Posts: 127

Bad call

Personally, i think if his riding was so bad then they should have stopped him earlier. But they didn't they wanted him to hang himself.

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Jul 10

Posts: 18

GixxerFixxer says:

Nice one

Perhaps he should've been more aware of the devious methods employed by todays law enforcement agencies, probably thought the guy on the blacked out Fireblade was going to race him! It was his choice to throttle on but I think, considering nobody was hurt, the sentence he recieved is meant to put off the rest of us unshaven, law breaking motorcyclists rather than be a proportionate punishment for his speed.

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

The punishment does seem wrong considering there are worse things going on in the world and compared to the punishment dished out to some car drivers, it seems rediculous. He didn't kill anyone and didn't cause an accident. That said, the bloke was a fool and he got caught so your sympathy can only go so far.

From my point of view, this isn't criminal activity and as such doesn't deserve a prison related sentence. It's a civil thing and by all means dish out the bans and fines but prison? It's madness.

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Apr 10

Posts: 7

jabba8 says:


Why do you appear to assume that anyone who makes any comment remotely critical of this guys speed is one of 'THE FILTH?' I don't know why you are preaching on to me about my beating members of the public and being too lazy to sort the real crime problems when i drive a forklift in a F##cking warehouse for a living!

I am a BIKER, have been for 17 years. I don't particularly like the plod either and could rant on for hours about what I also feel is unwarranted time and money spent on persecuting us when other issues would appear far more worthy of their time. He probably should have been pulled earlier, yes the road was clear and dry but he knew the risks and he got caught doing more than twice the speed limit. It's a fair cop guv etc.

You seem to have a lot of inner demons and uncontrolled anger. Where you bullied at school? Oh, hang on, you sound an ideal candidate for the 'FILTH.'

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Jan 11

Posts: 2

Helgast says:


Its not madness. It's SPARTA!!!

but anyway. That kind of punishing is pathetic. he didn't do nothing really wrong. the copper trailed him for a long time and tried to catch him on something more tha the small wheelie on the beggining. cop cunt I say. he shoul let him go, not irritate and make him speed up to ditch unwanted company. And the lucky lady Claire... that sucks. This is pretty unfair dont you think?

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