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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi admits struggle to trust shoulder strength

Valentino Rossi has admitted to MCN that he’s struggling to regain full confidence with the physical capability of his right shoulder following an injury that has dogged the Italian now for nearly a year. The 32-year-old is slowly working his way back to full fitness after he suffered serious tendon and ligament damage in his right shoulder during a motocross training...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (16 March 2011 11:50)

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Apr 10

Posts: 27

kaiser954rr says:

oh the pain...

"I can snow board. I can go cart. I can exercise. I can do anything i want but if I don't do well when I race, it's because of a year old injury". Now before everyone gets all 'you can't race and never had a injury so shut up' it just seems a bit lame. I'm not doubting VR's skill on the bike but don't start playing the mind games so early. Lets have the first few races and see where we are. It might be that his 'injury' isn't quite as bad as he thought and he can race really well. Maybe even a win. If that happens, great. But if he bombs out, I don't want to here 'Oh the pain. My injury....'. VR's career has been amazing. He's been the right man in the right place more often than not. So much luck for one man seems a tad unfair but that's the way luck goes sometimes. He's 32ish now and the younger/hungrier riders are coming through. Could it be time to move over?

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Oct 07

Posts: 1302

hugelean says:

You might luck one title, but you still have to have a great season, but luck 9 titles... That's pretty hard to take seriously. Go Rossi!!

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Apr 09

Posts: 192

yammy7r says:


YAWN that shoulder is getting very boring  ZZZZZZZZZZ

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Mar 11

Posts: 108

pacman46 says:

The G.O.A.T

why do people say rossi has never had any competition all his career  theres been plenty of fast riders through his career in 125s, 250s, 500s and MOTO GP they just wernt rossi he is a 1 in a million he can pass and overtake in places other riders wouldnt even think was possible when and were he wants. Then they all moan saying it wasnt fair it was dangerous.Casey and Lorenzo cum to mind! Rossi moans for the first time in his career and people start talking crap saying hes making excuses hes finished! No way ROSSI Will be back and he will win another championship (by luck again LOL!)  cum on rossi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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george shuttleworth


May 04

Posts: 112

I wonder how bad his shoulder would of been had he stayed at yamaha and stoner at ducati? At least he's got Uccio to "massage" His aches for him! I think the patient or maybe the hypercondriac is more fitting than the the surgery is now closed...

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Mar 11

Posts: 7

rhysizhere says:

f*ck the rossi haters, now troll me b*tches

those who are hating on rossi are pathetic. his soldier could be a life long injury, injuries like this don't just come and go in a couple of months like broken bones.  you are hating on him because hes dominated gp for years, any of you who say lorenzo dominaed last season he deserved it are all mistaken, and many of you say lorenzo lead the championship before rossi broke his leg in mugello but this soldier injury happened between qatar and jerez the first and second race of the championship, what happened first race ... he won week later he injures soldier and lorenzo wins, woww go lorenzo. people can only win championships with rossi when he has his downfalls. lets go to stoner 2007 first year of 800's if stoner didn't win because rossi's bike broke down out of 3 races then it would be because michelin were shit and got ditched a year later. what happens as soon as rossi hits bridgestones, good bye casey moner, cant handle it so he crashed out of every close race. rossi forever the king of gp unlucky stoner, lorenzo fans they can only win this year now when he is well.

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Mar 09

Posts: 91

hobes says:

If memory serves Mick Doohan had a injury required his foot to be set either walk or ride, he set it ride .  He was around the same age. Man up VR.

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Jun 10

Posts: 48

Halitosis says:


Mate, help us all out here, OK? Just who is this " soldier " of Rossi's you keep banging on about? Is it Uccio's Uncle or what? What Army is he in - Eyetie, Japanese, Greek or what? And you seem to be a bit delusional too. Have you forgotten already how Rossi used to get a set of perfectly built and cooked Michelins for that week-end's circuit flown-in the night before just about every GP? Or didn't you know that? You just happen to miss the point by miles here with people posting. NO-ONE hates Rossi - how could they - whether one agrees he is the GOAT or not - you just can't argue with his consistency and fabulous success.  No, Mate it isn't that at all. What it is is morons like you who can't just admire Rossi for what he has achieved - you have to sink the slipper into and slag-off everyone else - but especaially Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo who each have just happened to " unfairly " ( according to a moron like you ) have won a World Championship. Well - whoopee shit - what a damned shame Rossi actually has to RACE against horrible, cheating bastards like them. I know - let's just have Moto GP's with ONLY Rossi in them. Then he can cruise around and win them all. I think you'd really like that and it would make you happy. You Tosser !!

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Aug 09

Posts: 64

Defiant1 says:

Jeez, Rhys

I think you have been well & truly trolled. But most would say you were totally munted. You are the pathetic one with your ravings and silly stupid excuses. Grow up.

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Oct 09

Posts: 152

dred0 says:


Take your spam and fuck off.. easy!!

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