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Liam Marsden  says:

Qatar MotoGP: Stoner starts from pole

Repsol Honda rider Casey Stoner will start the first race of the 2011 season on pole after setting the fastest time during qualifying today. Team-mate Dani Pedrosa was the only other rider who could come close to Stoner's time and will start from second on the grid, ahead of reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo. Marco Simoncelli set the fourth fasest time, after languishing...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (19 March 2011 18:23)

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Nov 10

Posts: 1156

Elbowz11 says:

Its vital all the riders.

In the top five get a good start in order to go with Stoner on this circuit should be a interesting race tommorow .

My prediction.

1 Stoner

2 Pedrosa

3 Spies

4 Lorenzo

Go Elbowz!!!!



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Mar 11

Posts: 108

pacman46 says:

cant wait

cum on dani!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it if he beats casey moaner!!!!!!

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Mar 09

Posts: 24

slowy46 says:


Here we go again! We have not even got to race one of the 2011 season and the Stoner bashers are out in force, mainly (WOSIDEG) how can you say he is fastest just because he is on the fastest bike again. Have you forgotten that JL on a Yamaha scored a record number of points last year? And JL is still on that same well sorted Yamaha.

I have to say that I am a massive Rossi fan. But you have to admire Stoner for the way he rides a MotoGP bike and his massive speed. The boy can certainly ride a bike

You can argue all day long about the what ifs in bike racing. Just like when Hayden beat Rossi in 06. The fact of the matter is that all of the riders start with zero points, and it’s the rider with the most points at the end of the year is the champion, the end!

I am looking forward to a tight battle for second place in tomorrows race. Rossi =3rd



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Aug 02

Posts: 1754

cheekymonkey says:



yeah best bike ....

.....Like Rossi during his whole career .....

How old are you? i.e.under 12 or over 75?

I thought I had a bad memory!

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Dec 10

Posts: 474

eddl says:


i shouldn't BUT if casey was on the best bike in 2007 how come ducati didn't have a 1-2 in stead of a 1-7 eh! good old elbowz's spies in front of lorenzo at least some people you can rely on. AND hondabiker anyone can have the best bike if there a good development rider !!!!!!!

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Aug 02

Posts: 1754

cheekymonkey says:

No Eddl, you shouldn`t.

My old grandad used to say, "you cant educate pork", and some of the brains on here are under developed.

Maybe the slowest riders should have the best bikes eh? Hondabikers? 

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:


that alternative spelling of "come" says it all about you matey.

You know, in case no-one noticed i've never really been a fan of Rossi. Nothing against him at all, it's just I was sitting in a stand full of italians one year at Misano who went absolutely wild when stoner crashed out. They cheered louder than they did when Rossi actually won the race. As I sat nursing my cup of bitterness (seriously, you ever tried peroni in a plastic cup?) I decided I could never support anyone or anything that would bring joy to such people.

So I'm not a Rossi fan, but I have no doubt he'll be pissing me off by winning be midway through the season.

And for god's sake Casey, stay on the bike tomorrow please.

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Aug 04

Posts: 39

stolkien says:


wosideg yeh of course stoner is on the best bike thats why hes faster than the other 3 factory hondas he would still put that ducati on pole if he was on it

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Oct 09

Posts: 152

dred0 says:

I am more worried

..about Rossi not finishing tomorrow than Stoner. Am I the only one who noticed that Ducati was all over the shop during qualifying, Stoner is all over that bike and looks soild in braking and powering out of corners.. Rossi is riding like I have never seen before, tentative and uncertain. Good luck chaps let's hope for a great race with no incident. I think that's the best us Rossi fans can hope for. Oh and on a side note.. Go Cal !!!

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

Bravo, Weskit ...

Very well said, Son. Your wee anecdote about what happened at Misano really hit the nail on the head. No-one can deny Rossi's talent & consistency on the bike, or his personality off it ( despite being the master of the subtle and not-so-subtle put-down and mind game ) - his CV is incomparable and it's been a fabulous run - but it IS coming to an end. The guy is only human after all and now has serious and ( more relevant ) performance-handicapping, injuries for the very first time in his long & glorious career. And before all you yellow knickers go all retro – his corrective surgery has, for the time being, exacerbated this. But this fact is even taken as some sort of weird and totally reality-disconnected positive - as if no other rider has ever been badly hurt or ridden whilst handicapped - like almost EVERY other rider in GP history - except Rossi? As you say, fans with great passion are one thing but the problem here and now is there are far too many people who's worship is just incredibly & depressingly biased & mindless. They are the sort that if Rossi ( if he was a football Club - bear with me here ) was in the FA Cup Final against, say, Chelsea - but the Chelsea bus crashed and incapacitated the entire Team on the way to the ground - the Rossi-istas would celebrate wildly as if they had won fair & square .... Guys - this isn't WAR - it is only sport and competition - there IS a difference ,,,

As I posted to some moron here a few days back, in response to his incredibly stupid fictions, gyrations, excuses and backward handstands re Rossi - what would REALLY make this jerk and his ilk happy would be to run GP's with Rossi as the ONLY starter - then when he won all the time - they would be ecstatic. Mind you - if the bike broke-down - they would then besiege and raze the factory! This kinda illustrates that they just don't get it - you have to overcome opposition - and he has, very often. But they ALL have their story to tell and their own problems to deal with. Take the subject of this story, Casey Stoner in 2009 - he didn't JUST have gastro-intestinal problems, as the shallow and sensation-seeking media would have you believe - he also had several screws ( 3 or 5, by memory ) loose and wobbling around in his plated scaphoid. Can you imagine the pain and discomfort at GP speed and G-forces? And then throw-in, as an added complication, vomiting into his helmet? A real danger to himself and everyone around him. But then, apparently Rossi is the only one that can prevail over pain etc and is in such a class of his own ( in their limited minds, anyway ) that he literally should compete in a Class of his own and on his own. To mindlessly and so irrationally HATE and endlessly criticise any other contender or competitor, regardless of Nationality, marque or whatever only demeans and diminishes their own man - and yet - they just can't see it? It's like saying Lionel Messi is frigging useless as a football-player - because he's an Argentinean and doesn't play for MY Club. I have been in and around top-level and International motorycle racing for a very long time. I never would have thought or predicted for one moment that we would experience the single rider fans and their nasty idiocy and venomous bias that we witness today. What is going to happen to these people - where will their allegiances go and what are they going to do when one day soon it all comes to a halt and Rossi's sensational career on bikes is over? Claims that Rossi is just marking time until the 1 x Litre machines in 2012 and/or then WSBK is to cling to a very leaky life raft indeed. Hoping and wishing cannot make it so, sorry. To close - well done, Cal Crutchlow ! Hope we have a great race at Losail and the field can get around the initial Lap without any Kamikaze dives from Pedrosa ( into team-mate, Haydon - penultimate GP in 2006 ) or anyone else. Cheers

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