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Sep 10

Posts: 18

luxybob says:

Bike theft - Too big a problem

Ok, having recently had a bike nicked I have been looking around and realise that there is not just a big problem here but bikers are being poorly treated in pretty much every way:

Some basic questions
1. Where do all the thousands of stolen bikes go, who buys them, who sells them? - Real bikers will not touch them
2. Why do insurance companies not become more proactive in supporting their customers? - They cannot just sit back and increase premium after premium after premium, in the end they will have no customers
3. Why, why do the motorbike manufacturers not ensure that all new bikes are fully alarmed, taged, sprayed, etc, etc. We all know that the standard manufacturers immoboloser is useless to prevent theft.
4. The police end up almost powerless to deal with this as it is too prevelant, can they not be more active before the event rather than just issue paperwork to be passed to insurance companies?

Almost all enteries in this forum are where the bikes were backed up with locks, chains, etc etc but I feel that we are now at the point, well passed it, where there is nothing else that we can do short of dismantling the bike to prevent it being nicked.

Does anyone know if there are any main forums, actions groups where the main points above can be progressed in a focused and co-ordinated manner.

The worst thing I feel that we can do is shrug and through group action all say I wish that I could catch the people, come on...this is not going to sort out the problem.

Who buys and sells this stuff?
The insurance companies must be part of the solution
The bike manufactureres must act
The police have to be actively involved

If we are not careful then people will not want to ride bikes cause they cannot insure them, cannot safely park them and cannot confidently buy them.


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  • Posted 4 years ago (23 March 2011 18:34)

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Apr 08

Posts: 9636

old(ish)git says:


for starters...all those nice bits off newish bikes that appear to be in plentiful supply.....and like was posted last week by someone on here, Same seller who seems to have an endless supply of 'sportsbikes' that he puts up for sale on ebay.

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Dec 10

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M45T3R5 says:

I agree

I completely agree with you.
It's too much of a problem and there is NOTHING you can do to stop them.

I've had 1 stolen in london not chained, then another stolen that was chained up (they went through with an angle grinder)

I feel completely at a loss now, I cannot afford to bike in London anymore because of the increased premium (even with a much older and less valuable model)

I'm having to move house out of London to enable me to be able to have another bike (the thieves will come back for replacement even if it's a moped)

Plus the constant worry of theft meant living a tortured paranoid existence (no holidays, not enjoying the bike cos it needed to be chained up all the time)
After all that precaution, the theives still managed to take it and I don't think having all that worry again would not be conducive to a happy life.


 I deffo would be up for joining an action group where this can be discussed in detail and hopefully protect others bikes.

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Apr 08

Posts: 9636

old(ish)git says:

the rewards...

are too great, and the punishment too light (if caught).

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Feb 09

Posts: 7

Insurance companies are scum too

Insurance companies couldnt care less!! they are all in it together and I wouldnt be suprised if they are price fixing as most companies are sister companies of other companies. Have you ever noticed how filling in your details on one website is exactly the same as another site, just a different colour background? from the questions being worded exactly the same, to exactly the same order in which they ask them! They know we have to have insurance by law and that's the main problem!! they look for any excuse to up our premiums and ignore anything that should reduce it (ie if I claim on the car they wanna know and up my premium cos I'm a bigger risk, but if I drive a Veyron and have 40yrs no claims?...."Sorry sir, that's separate".

As for the stolen bikes? Stripped!! That's right, your beautiful pride and joy has been violated and sold for spares!! I recently dropped my R1 - :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( - and am looking for spares at the moment. Prices are ridiculously high from Yammy which means they are high on ebay etc. This means that a whole bike can be sold as bits and still gain a serious value...and you have no way of knowing if they are stolen. As an example... a foot peg (just the peg and hinge) is 90quid from yammy. 90 fooookin quid! on ebay a it is still ridiculously priced at 25ish but still a considerable saving. You have no way of knowing if it is stolen! Datatagging a vehicle's every single bit or spraying individual vehicles at yammy and tracking every piece is just not do-able. Alarms etc are all left off as standard for the simple reason that manufacturers try to keep the costs down where possible. It's all well and good saying "the R1/blade/gxr is the best in it's class" but if it's twice the price of the rest then it will still be outsold by 50:1 by the 2nd best bike that only costs the usual 10k-ish. Alarms, immobilisers, etc all add cost!

I agree that the police should be cracking down on it. Random spot checks at breakers yards might be an idea. Genuine breakers shouldn't mind police having a quick look if they have nothing to hide. I was recently stopped by a copper when having my car recovered after a break down. He took my details and checked it with the DVLA and then said "ok, off you go, Good night". no issue and it's good to see that they're out there and checking this kind of thing.

The sad fact is we live in a world where people have no respect for each other, or people's property!!

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Sep 10

Posts: 18

luxybob says:

More info would be great

Cheers for the post, its good to hear some feedback from people.

So far geeting some good info back from various places, MCN included (some good stuff from them), and all in all a bit of a disturbing picture appearing. Granted early days but I just feel that we can't sit back and say yeah that's the way it is so put up with it. I just don't agree and am looking forward to finding out some more.

Any more info from people about other group/forum activity in this area would be really really appreciated.

Have a great w/e and mind to think twice about where you park/lock your bike this weeken (especially all you fair weather ones :-)))

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Feb 11

Posts: 11

thunderace85 says:

bikers help each other

its a very big problem. to start i think the counsil should provide parking with good anchor points. bikers can loop their chains to the bike next door chain so it cant be picked up, and how about bait bikes, get the police to park a nice bike up and keep watch_then shoot the tw**s that try to have it away. 

insurance companies will always try to get out of paying but if you keep to ur policy they should pay up,



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Jun 11

Posts: 10


Was looking all of last winter for a cheap bike, any kind of bike, and realised that most of the dirt cheap bikes are in ireland... why is that?

Could they be stolen and cloned (saw a tv show on cloned cars once "Fake Britain" or something).

you can have a look for yourself on gumtree.

the thing is that it is possible to buy a stolen bike unaware it is stolen, and you are liable of a fine and you will lose the bike.

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Jul 11

Posts: 3

aloysius says:

Growth Industry

Luxybob - you are absolutely right.  I would extend the problem to beyond the insurance companies.  Everyone thinks the scumbag criminals are the ones making money out of this.  The reality is there is a whole industry out there benefitting from crime.  Think of all the jobs and businesses that prosper - insurance companies, the police, lawyers, judges, alarm manufacturers and even the manufacturers as now that my bike has gone I will be forced to buy a new one (if I can afford it - my NCB is now gone).

I feel like writing to my MP as you are absolutely right - no one really cares - as I say too many vested interests.  No one is really interested in putting a stop to it apart from poor old bikers who are the bottom feeders of the food chain and not in a position to change anything.....


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Sep 10

Posts: 2253


uncover note

someones prolly arleady covered this. but.


car security has advanced a lot in the past 10 years....


if more bikes are stolen and written off then more bikes are sold...


they need an incentive to make bikes harder to steal...


steal it like like ya hide it!

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Aug 11

Posts: 21

kristen5412 says:

Am agree!!!

I am totally agree with your statement.You are absolutely right.

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