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Sep 10

Posts: 18

luxybob says:

Bike theft - Too big a problem

Ok, having recently had a bike nicked I have been looking around and realise that there is not just a big problem here but bikers are being poorly treated in pretty much every way:

Some basic questions
1. Where do all the thousands of stolen bikes go, who buys them, who sells them? - Real bikers will not touch them
2. Why do insurance companies not become more proactive in supporting their customers? - They cannot just sit back and increase premium after premium after premium, in the end they will have no customers
3. Why, why do the motorbike manufacturers not ensure that all new bikes are fully alarmed, taged, sprayed, etc, etc. We all know that the standard manufacturers immoboloser is useless to prevent theft.
4. The police end up almost powerless to deal with this as it is too prevelant, can they not be more active before the event rather than just issue paperwork to be passed to insurance companies?

Almost all enteries in this forum are where the bikes were backed up with locks, chains, etc etc but I feel that we are now at the point, well passed it, where there is nothing else that we can do short of dismantling the bike to prevent it being nicked.

Does anyone know if there are any main forums, actions groups where the main points above can be progressed in a focused and co-ordinated manner.

The worst thing I feel that we can do is shrug and through group action all say I wish that I could catch the people, come on...this is not going to sort out the problem.

Who buys and sells this stuff?
The insurance companies must be part of the solution
The bike manufactureres must act
The police have to be actively involved

If we are not careful then people will not want to ride bikes cause they cannot insure them, cannot safely park them and cannot confidently buy them.


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  • Posted 4 years ago (23 March 2011 18:34)

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Sep 10

Posts: 18

luxybob says:


After contacting various manufacturers and European agencies I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that nothing is really being done here.

Europe - I contacted various European groups/committees and the reply back was very annoying. As yet the subject of motorbike theft has not been tabled, however car and truck theft is being actively discussed. I did ask if it could be raised at a following meeting but as yet no response. A european action group did reply back to me, I think the person decided to vent some anger at me as I was wrongly suggesting that there was a problem, easy response back, yes there is and no it is not being dealt with.

Manufacturers - I contact all the usual suspects and the stock answer back was we are aware, please contact the action group who are dealing with it (MAG/MCRG), talk about passing the buck. Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group

MCRG - So I contacted MCRG, I then again contacted MCRG, I phoned them, I noticed that there had not been any discussion on this matter for some time. I spoke to the current chair, he did no phone me back. I am saddened also in that MCRG is being led by someone with what I think is a vested interest in promoting their own security products, I could be wrong. I am still awaiting a call back from MCRG, I am not going to mention their product.

MCN - I have a poor email exchange with someone from MCN, they disagreed with my point that the subject is not being adequately dealt with, they suggested I contact the serious crime squad as they are in regular contact and progress things there, who was I to interfere in such important matters. So I checked further, the information back was appalling. The best thing to do is fit a quality chain and lock.

I feel now that the subject is begin overshadowed by the poorly informed and mis-guided changes coming in at an EU level. Yes Carole Nash are doing a thing but for me this is a gimmick and is not addressing the real problem.

Again, for me the issues are still the same and remain unanswered and even further from being dealt with.

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May 06

Posts: 135

For me

the biggest problem with my recenrt theft has been a totally disinterested plod. I called with some linfo I had been given. it was eventually logged but not passed to the officers in the area. I had to ring up to speak to them myself. still not got to actually talk to the officers themselves. They have radios, email and phones how hard can it be? My bike is the only one that colour within 100 miles distinctive shape and style and they could have been walking past it for nearly a week. decent communication would definatly help recover stolen vehicles:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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Mar 10

Posts: 1032

bmwgs says:

just have to fit load of lockes and fix then to lamp post or somthing

i was unlcuky for my bike to be taken from out side my x in edinburgh. but i was lucky they found the bike and it was made a total loss so i got to buy it back fixed it on the cheap and after a new mot i still ride it.

i have to keep it out side my house so i have a cover and  3 locks on the bike a chain that goes round the frame on to a  post,  a chain round the back wheel and the side rails and the front wheel is locked so it cant move it still has not steering lock just have to make it hard for them to take it.


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Dec 11

Posts: 2

sbond says:

Try this new website. we need to get people listing their stolen goods for it to work .

I hope this help?:smile

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