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Steve Farrell  says:

Return of speed control threat

A bike throttle which gets stiffer to force the rider to slow down has been developed in a European Commission research project. The system uses an electric motor attached to the throttle cable to increase stiffness when an onboard computer calculates the bike is going too fast. It could be used, along digital maps and GPS, to prevent speeding or...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (25 March 2011 17:31)

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Apr 09

Posts: 24

cubax says:

alternatively, have a laugh

Hey you all road safety developers, how about we cancel all speed limits nationwide. CANCEL ALL SPEED LIMITS. What if we just trust all drivers to be well trained and very conscientious and conscious while riding/driving. Yeah, a few idiots would do stupid things and people would get killed but HEY ! it happens anyway with all these convoluted efforts to enforce safety. Oh, so sorry, you`d all be out of jobs. Maybe you could do something that really makes a difference instead. Ok, coherent bit over; WHAT AN ABSOLUTE NONSENSE, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? THEY SHOULD BE STERILIZED!!! ;)

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Aug 02

Posts: 28

The vibrating glove could come in handy... "Sorry Officer as I approached the corner  I lost control because my glove was tossing me off...

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Sep 02

Posts: 5

ian0711 says:


How about wrapping your vibrating glove around these spammers necks and shove the stiff throttle up their "sun don't shine".  I notice some of them have been given Silver Star ratings - come on MCN get them off the site please...!!!!

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Jun 10

Posts: 356

Lorenzo99 says:

Missing The Point

    I think that every body is missing the point & the point is quite simple.THEY DON'T WANT YOU ON THE ROAD ! THEY NEVER HAVE & THEY HATE US ! This is'nt an over reaction,its the truth.Make motorcycling so unatractive & expensive that nobody bothers & when they've got rid of most of us,then they will go in for the kill & ban us all from riding on safety grounds.

    The worse thing is that I think they will eventually acheive this goal.They have allready taken most of the fun out of motorcycling for me with all they're camera ( Scamera ) vans & mobile speed traps.

P.S. We are the thorn in they're side they are desperatly trying to remove.

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Aug 09

Posts: 301

tank slappers

I thought the best solution to tank slappers was to reduce weight on the front tyre. Wouldn't this stop you from being able to do that as quicky/effectively, which'll kill riders? Frankly i'd just cut the cable to the servo or something.

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

if the system

Slows you down and stops you avoiding a collision, who do you sue/take to court?

1. The EU comission

2. Saferider



5. The bike manufacturer

6. All of them


The legal profession will be very busy when riders get killed by this irresponsible misuse of technology.

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Nov 10

Posts: 264

Homer40 says:


....Complete and utter rubbish, why do MCN print this drivel, lets give this a thought for a moment,

If this were to happen the following would take place:

All bike manufactures would go out of business as no-one would buy new bikes, retrospective fitting of these devices would be impossible, so the price of used bikes would soar, new ones would be pointless, any accidents could possibly blamed on the technology so law suits would rise costing the manufactures millions, these arseholes can say what they like but at the end of the day bikes are here to stay as they have been for years and years and no E.U is going to change this. Our present Government are relaxing the laws on H&S at the moment so i would imagine that this is after all a big pile of bullshit.

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Jan 11

Posts: 115

luckyskua says:

Should be sectioned

There is no doubt in my mind that the people who have dreamt this up have a genuine mental illness. It should be obvious that any rider who needs or relies upon such information is not one that would pass their test. This turgid daydream reads like a pick-me-up for the sex industry. If this goes all the way a new bike will be junk after 5 years when the myriad circuits start to fail, not that the manufacturers ever care. Yet again the TRRL prove that they will pander to the antisocial traits of the EU. When will they stop labeling road users as prey and predator?

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Dec 09

Posts: 164

eltomo says:

If they force us to use them.....

ill move away to a country that doesnt have this. end of.

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Jul 09

Posts: 51

hondarc30 says:

freeloading asshole scammers


I'm sure everyone on here feels the same as me about these free-loading asshole scammers hijacking the MCN site. For the scammers... 'fuck off... we don't want you or your crap on this bikers site'.If you were the last shoe merchant on earth I would rather walk barefoot over hot coals than buy anything off you!!

I posted this message on this blog because it was getting the most comments. Below is the message I sent to Liam at MCN in the hope they would do something about it. For christs sake some of these scammers have silver ratings for the number of posts they are making and MCN are doing nothing !!!!

Come on Liam / MCN.

"I for one and I'm sure I speak for all your readers who frequent your website have had an absolute bellyfull of the scammers who have invaded your comments area.

It is quite easy for you to block these free-loaders and this should have been done weeks ago.

As such I will not be visiting your web-site for the next 2 weeks which should give you time to sort it out.

When I re-visit MCN site in 2 weeks if the bloggers are still running riot I will never visit MCN site again and will not be re-newing my subscription."

If we all send a message to MCN they might finally do something about it.... 


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