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Steve Farrell  says:

Return of speed control threat

A bike throttle which gets stiffer to force the rider to slow down has been developed in a European Commission research project. The system uses an electric motor attached to the throttle cable to increase stiffness when an onboard computer calculates the bike is going too fast. It could be used, along digital maps and GPS, to prevent speeding or...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (25 March 2011 17:31)

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Oct 09

Posts: 103

BarbaricCub says:

How much

Does a Throttle cable cost? I can see many snapping if this came in, as people fight against the motors trying to close the throttle.

I think most of you have it exactly right in saying this technology would be dangerous, by taking the control away from the rider. In my opinion, the way to the safer roads is not speed limits and camera's and technology that removes your ability to control your vehicle, but better education and training. As it stands, everyone knows you learn to pass your test, then you learn to ride/drive on the road. Speed isnt the problem, its not being trained to handle it or to correct it if things start to go wrong and/or not knowing when it is or isn't safe to be travelling quickly, i.e built up areas and the like.

And as far as the spam comments go, I've said this once already, CAPTCHA CODES as part of leaving a comment! Get on it MCN! I personally wouldn't go to the extreme of refusing to log onto your website or buy MCN, but I share hondarc30's (and I reckon everyone elses) frustrations, and can see how it may drive him to abandon MCN altogether. Sort it out!

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Feb 08

Posts: 276

Trumpton3 says:


could the vibrating glove be wired up to your pants ?

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Sep 10

Posts: 1282

SatNavSteve says:

Same for all!

I will quite happily fit this system to my bikes, straight after they fit them to all the cars on the road so we are all equal. Sheer stupidity like this comes from people who are totally out of touch with reality. Do they ever, in their wildest dreams think utter crap like this will ever happen. This is just a bunch of people trying to justify a job which serves no useful purpose.

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Aug 02

Posts: 67

BusaBeater says:

It's a crap idea (where's my cutters ?)


Also, when are MCN gonna stop these spamming tossers with their feckin clothing ads ?

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Aug 10

Posts: 310

tockie says:


Exactly right mate, they fuckin hate us with a passion. People are up in arms about the proposed rail line HS2 but not on the grounds of speed, just the route. Why is it acceptable for a train to be doing in excess of 200 mph when it is such a mortal sin to be doing a few mph over the speed limit on the road.? 

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Mar 11

Posts: 1

46Steve says:

Have your say

Take a look at this page. Make your Views count. Fight back.

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Nov 08

Posts: 53

Ralinoco says:

bye bye freedom?

Take a look also at what other legislation the E.U. want to bring in and what the Motorcycle Action Group are doing to prevent our freedom being eroded away, better still make your contribution by actually joining M.A.G. then get "active" by contacting your M.P. I did and surprisingly they don't bite and some are very receptive to our views, after all they work for us and you never know they may well have a couple of bikes in their shed!( like our local M.P.) 


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Apr 07

Posts: 59

olly8000 says:


Utter Utter Crap who in their stupid small minded world thought this up how about fitting accelerators to cars which are harder to push!!!???

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Dec 07

Posts: 93

britri123 says:

Speed control

Perhaps now its time for everyone to join MAG. Love them or hate them they are the only voice we have. For a measily £25 a year they will fight in our corner. Get your heads out of the sand folks and join up to protect our future.

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May 08

Posts: 96

Bikefar says:

Freedom bye bye

Ralinoco, I went to see my Tory M.P. as a follow up to the Mass Lobby organised by M.A.G. and B.M.F.. She was very nice and tried to be supportive, forwarding my letter to Transport Minister and asking many of the questions I raised. The reply I got back basically said that this was a safety measure and if it was alright with the E.U., it was alright with them. The bike taxation policy was something they had inherited, so it was OK (apparently) for George Osborne to put the road tax up.

The lobby by the British motorcyclists was very vocal to the point one E.U. official said he wanted the views of British motorcyclists to be disregarded over ABS and "no tamper" legislation still being fought over.

There you go.

Join M.A.G.. Vote to change the electoral system. Vote UKIP. Lets get out of Europe - they hate the British.

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