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Liam Marsden  says:

Jerez MotoGP: Lorenzo wins wet crash fest

Reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo has won the Jerez MotoGP in wet conditions by 19 seconds ahead of compatriot Dani Pedrosa in a race which only had 12 finishers. Casey Stoner got the holeshot and pulled away on the first lap, with Jorge Lorenzo in second, but neither rider was able to stop Italian Marco Simoncelli taking the lead and opening up...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (03 April 2011 14:26)

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Feb 04

Posts: 987


Dont give a toss what you think as i am one of thousands of Britts who dislike moaner, been to more bike meets worldwide than youve ever watched most probably,Moaner just rides a bike until he f****s it and the team up then he moves on as he has not got the brains to tell the team how to set one up or what is wrong with it. I dont want him to get hurt but i dont want him to win the title any one but that little moaning runt.You only had to be at the Riders for health a few years ago to see and hear what the true opinion of him is as far as the British fans are concerned

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:

There's a saying

Better to retire when people are asking "why are you" than wait until they are asking "why don't you". Wonder if it was ever translated into Italian.

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Mar 09

Posts: 36

Chris14 says:

My View

I don't normally post much, especially on rider rivalry (sp) and so fourth, but here's my view anyway.

That crash was purely Rossi's fault. There is no way anyone with an atom of common sense can say Stoner was at fault. Stoner was going around the corner, he even left Rossi room to come up the inside and didn't try and pin him to the curb. Then the front went, in typical Ducati fashion, and Stoner was skittled. Personally I thought Rossi did well to not lose the front earlier, I mean look at the speed he was carrying. And I must admit I though Stoner did well to not deck Rossi there and then.

Hats of to Rossi for atleast going into the garage, public or not, he didn't have to. And I reckon those two will have a quite word later and sort it out.
Also well done to Stoner for holding his temper and making a public statement about the move, the apology, and accepting it as a racing occurance, he could've very easily thrown a big paddy. In my view he has every right to make a scarcastic comment, he was annoyed and wound up...who wouldn't be. I don't think Rossi will take that comment to heart, and I think he knows Stoner won't have nessercialy (sp) meant it in a derogatry (sp) fashion.

Other riders I think did well are: Spies, Edwards, Crutchlow, Abraham, Simonceli. I know they all crashed out, but they are all inexperianced in the grandscheme of things, and none were slow, or off the pace in the slightest. Also I think Hayden did very, very well. Did you see his tyre in "park firmey) it was practically a slick. I feel kinda sorry for Hayden in the after race interview though, after watching it on Eurosport, the interviewer basically said he was only there due to luck, which I know is true, but the way it was said, IMHO completely devalued Hayden's achievement. And the look on Hayden's face said it all.

Onto the marshalls, that was just out of order and totally unfair, and it wasn't just Stoner who suffered there lack of professionalism. Rossi appeared to be the only one who got the full force of help.

Now, it's the championship, I think Lorenzo is going to be the man to beat, he showed today that he can keep a cool head when all hell is breaking loose around him, and he's showed he no longer gets flustered when he's a bit off the pace, good on him. Stoner is fantastically fast, and he's begining to show maturity, race craft and a cool head, give him another year and we could be seeing another Lorenzo in him. Pedrosa, well, what can you say, he does have some bad luck, I really feel for the guy, if his arm would just hold out, we would be seeing fire in the spanish quarters and possibly a very, very close championship race. Maybe next year?

I've said alot so far, but I still have one more point to make. I do apologise if you've already fallen asleep by this point. My final point is much of the pointless, arguementative and down right offensive and degrading comments that have been made below. I won't name any names, you know who you are, and so does everyone else. But good god grow up, derailing a topic is one thing, and OK by me, but making personal attacks and childish insults about other members is plain out of order and IMO should be removed from public view, and possibly the offenders should be removed too if they keep "offending" as it were.

Wow that was a lot of writing, I do apologise if I've bored you.
Over and out.


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Jun 10

Posts: 26

blah says:

The nickname "Stacey Moaner" goes with his face. He is a twat regardless of what one thinks of Rossi...

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Jul 06

Posts: 2046

buelligan272 says:

learn to read dumbo sean

Did I say you were calling anyone dumb?
NO...I said you were dumb for all your pathetic childish comments!
Did I mention anything about what Casey said?
NO so dont call me a fool..seems like you are the illiterate one.
Oh yes just one other thing?
Are you threatening me?

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Apr 09

Posts: 139

jonmx says:


Well said/written.Saved me a lot of my one finger typing :o)

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Aug 09

Posts: 64

blzebub says:


Great post.  A breath of fresh air,  I've read all the posts and more than half are more to do with handbags at dawn,  hence why I rarely post myself.

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Mar 11

Posts: 214

slit says:

the crash

so all this big fuss about the marshalls helping rossi and not stoner. If you watch again the video, by the time the marshalls arrived stoner had is bike already up, so the marshalls were helping rossi who did have the bike down. Then as soon as they got up VR's bike and realized that even though CS had the bike up was having problems with it, the marshalls ran for CS. Watch the video. It's honeslty BS this thing about the favouritism here. 

Why did not casey kept racing though? He didn't start the bike again or what?

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May 10

Posts: 86

mattyamaha says:

gr8 race

rossi was a  beast on that duke today   even after the crash with stoner     

on a good not   cal crutchlow done great    but  crutchlow is well in the  zone for  keeping up near to the  front of field  but  keep it up crutchlow your doing fine ;)

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Nov 10

Posts: 1156

Elbowz11 says:

The crashes.

Ruined the whole day.

Great to see a American on the podium hopefully over the season there are two of them with the works Yamaha of Ben in front of Nicky.

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