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Liam Marsden  says:

Jerez MotoGP: Lorenzo wins wet crash fest

Reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo has won the Jerez MotoGP in wet conditions by 19 seconds ahead of compatriot Dani Pedrosa in a race which only had 12 finishers. Casey Stoner got the holeshot and pulled away on the first lap, with Jorge Lorenzo in second, but neither rider was able to stop Italian Marco Simoncelli taking the lead and opening up...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (03 April 2011 14:26)

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Nov 10

Posts: 1156

Elbowz11 says:

In total.

Hayden has got three podiums since joining Ducati Indy 09, Aragon with that great last lap pass on Lorenzo which left him complaining after the race and yesterday.

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Jan 09

Posts: 845

v1nn1e says:

Australia vs. Italy

In the recent Rugby fixture, the Italian coach asked his players to 'lay their bodies on the line' in an attempt to stop the score escalating to cricket match proportions.

The unlikely selection of Valentino Rossi at centre three quarter took this advice a little too literally when he spear tackled his opposite number Casey Stoner, without the ball! Usually this would mean a yellow card and 10 minutes in the Sin Bin but on this occasion match officials simply helped the player to his feet, dusted him down and allowed him to continue. Unfortunately, no such assistance was forthcoming to his Australian counterpart...


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Jun 10

Posts: 185

ppatel3d says:


We were just getting over the Motegi incident of last year between JL and VR. Now this will go on and on.... and won't end soon, as we have almost a month to wait for the next race.

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Jun 09

Posts: 841

I thought so Falcso.

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Minty Fresh


Mar 08

Posts: 763

Minty Fresh says:

What a race!!

First of all, I have to say that for anyone that says the accident was Stoners fault is a blind mad man!! Rossi cocked up and caused a racing incident... Happens all the time!! I think he just caught himself out and maybe got somewhat over excited seeing Stoner's position up for grabs so soon after he had cut through the rest of the field like a hot knife through butter...

Now, I thought i had heard a number of people saying the rain sorts the men from the boys and put's everyone on a level playing field...?? Hmmm that view seems to have changed very quickly now since Rossi made it look so easy (up until the crash that is) out there! Funny that!! lol.  If he hadn't of stacked it how far would he have won by? 20 seconds or more?? How many others could come from 12th on the grid to fight for second within a handfull of laps?? Not many that's for sure!!! And how many could do it on a new bike that has known problems?? even less!!  yet you still get idiots knocking his ability... laughable!

Also, I take it that the new parts for the Duke havn't arrived yet for Rossi to ride the bike like Rossi so does that mean he rode the "great bike that Stoner left him" therefore showing he can ride the Duke like Stoner (very much like him actually with the couple of crashes he has had) Could't imagine Stoner coming through the field in his Ducati days like Rossi did yesterday!

Also, funny how now Casey left Rossi a "great bike" yet all he has done is slag it and Ducati off since he has left, Such a talent but such an imature kid!! Such a shame!!

I dont need to comment on Stoners other comments after Rossi's apology as he said it all and embarrassed himself all on his Also, I dont think Rossi gathered the press and said "follow me" the press follow him where ever he goes as he is a ledgend... He wanted to say sorry right after the race so he went in and they all just followed, No big deal and no contrived PR apology... Jeez, the fella can't do right for doing wrong!!

So, the question is.... has Rossi rattled Stoner again? Has he maybe got under his skin again?? I don't know but it makes this season a whole lot more interesting now!


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Jun 09

Posts: 841

Ah yes sorry Elbowz, good point, can we have that corrected please MCN?

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Dec 10

Posts: 19

kizzat says:


If there hadn't been history between cs and vr it would have been classed as a race incident nothing more than an error from Rossi in the moto 2 race Marquez got taken out and they shook hands nicely no bitchy comments cleary the pre season antics of Rossi has got to stoner asking about his shoulder and so on. For the first time I was on stoners side Rossi should have waited but the comments don't suit his tounge. Rossi is the people champion and you can't say stuff like that without getting booed. So many have tried and failed with the exception of Lorenzo I guess. Any way was a great race to watch can't believe we've gotta wait four weeks for the next instalment

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Sep 09

Posts: 312

Ben52 says:


Looks like the REMFS are having a bitch slapping/ pissing up the wall competition in here, thought it was about bike racing, not who has the toughest job in the military, nice to see CTCRM get a mention though, how about Norton Manor, Bickleigh and Condor next, ha!

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Nov 04

Posts: 3830

750FLYER says:

What a

highly entertaining race.. Talk about changes!! David Bowie would have loved it!!

Rossi fooked it up... as did Simoncelli, Cal, Spies and a few others.. funny, most of the guys who screwed up were 'on' for their best result in ages.. That says a lot.. felt sorry for Stoner but sh*t happens mate.. You are still number 1 contender for this years crown,, thought the Stoner/Rossi Apology moment was cringe worthy from both parties, Rossi needed to do that.. Stoner acted starangely over-cool abouit it.

Anyway.. these things happen.. bring on the next one.

Well done Bradley Smith!!!!     :D

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Nov 10

Posts: 35

ambushed61 says:

winner not very intersting .

 Did i imagine it or read it wrong but iam sure Lorenzo won the race !  Ive had a quick browse at the comments but ive been hard pushed to find anyone talking about him after his victory . It must have been rather unintersting apart from his unrehearsed hop skip and fumble into the pool . as for rossi , no one will be harder on him than rossi himself . As for stoner ,  mr parish said this will stop casey running away with the champion ship !!  Ho hum lets hope the next race will be more intersting then .

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