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Matthew Birt  says:

Jerez MotoGP: Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner reaction

Valentino Rossi admitted he made a massive mistake after the Italian took out Casey Stoner during a fight for victory in yesterday's captivating Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez.The nine-times world champion had to apologise to Stoner and his factory Honda crew after a mistake under braking at the first corner on lap eight saw both crash out in wet conditions.Rossi...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (04 April 2011 11:09)

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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:


What a difference a fortnight makes - we barely saw or heard of the Doc at Qatar. Now it's normal service resumed with VR hoovering up the air time as usual. The GOAT's come in from the cold.

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Jan 09

Posts: 1

ddaazzaa says:

Its a racing inccident, the comments the cameras are all part and parcel of the big game. The riders know how to play much better than any of us let them get on with it. Rossi dropped a bollick Stoner was pissed, surley we would all be in the same boat if it happened to us.

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Mar 11

Posts: 66

Vortex1952 says:


It is easy for the reporters to blame VR, but it was his arse on the sadlle and the adrenaline was i bet running very high.

It is easy for us mortals to say: Eah he could have waited for a better place to overtake the slower competitor.....but that is what makes VR very unique!

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Apr 11

Posts: 23

rossi and stoner.

Its not rossis fault he lost the front of the ducati desmosedici hes only getn used to it.but poor casey  there should of been 3 or 4 marsheals around both rossi and casey.:mad:

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Nov 02

Posts: 121

littledaddy says:

No change in view...

..I've read all the posts now ..(i obviously haven't) and i think i've understood about 90% of them..but i'm afraid i still believe Rossi is a God on a motorcycle and i still feel like i want to slap Stoner...sorry...i blame my parents and the social decay of the UK...:-)

i'm off now to get a Rossi tattoo on my c*ck then burn some pictures of Stoner...have a nice evening everyone!

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Sep 02

Posts: 94

Strokey says:

Being fast does not a GOAT make

I suspect Rossi and Ducati are actually concentrating their efforts on whalloping everyone next year (and I mean like axe-weilding cage fighter against pre-school children kind of walloping). Try as they may they probably accept that this year will only ever be mediocre but I think they'll go all out to make 2012 the most dominant display that will break records and go down in history.

Rossi's crash coupled with him getting his balls out at the start of the Qatar opener suggest that he's in a bit of a funny mood this year and not taking it as seriously as everyone else. I wouldn't be surprised if his plan is to have fun this year and collect records next year whilst prooving all the doubters wrong. But regardless of winning any more races he will always have the biggest crowds around him and that's what makes him the GOAT.

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Jul 09

Posts: 388

BIGMat says:

Any chance...

We can put this to bed now???

Whenever anyone backs Rossi they are accused of wearing Rossi tinted glasses, well maybe some of you need to take off your Stoner lenses for a moment because everything is not as it seems....

So I'm looking at the replay...

20 laps to go. Rossi is 3rd behind Stoner. Stoner takes a wider line into turn 1. Rossi slips up the inside of Stoner under brakes, gets infront of Stoner with his rear wheel level with Stoners front and Rossi lowsides taking Stoners front wheel out.

Stoner is flicked off the bike. Rossi's right leg is caught under his bike. Stoners bike is half ontop of Rossi's.

They slide to the outside of the track - Stoner clear of the bikes, Rossi entangled with them.

They stop sliding at the same time, Stoner is on his feet, Rossi is under two bikes, Marshalls have just begun streaming onto the kitty litter.

By the time Rossi gets onto his right elbow to help pull himself out from under his bike, Stoner has reached his bike and begins to lift it off Rossi's. First marshal is running at full pelt, a couple of metres away - there's a convoy of marshals running towards the bikes.

Rossi just manages to get his leg out as Stoner wrestles with his bike. It's not upright yet.

Rossi just manages to get to his knees, Stoner has almost got the front wheel on the deck and is about to flip in vertical. Three marshals are two bike lengths away, running.

Just as Rossi get's both hands on the bars, Stoner is using his hip to get the bike vertical. Marshals arrive on the scene.

Rossi is on his feet, but the bike is prone. Stoner is backing his bike away from Rossi's. Marshals rush to the bike that's on it's side. Soooooooo, bottom line here is that Stoner doesn't require any Marshal assistance at this stage.

By the time Rossi's bike has starts being raised, Stoner is beginning to push his bike with front wheel turned to get it facing down the track. Marshals from a second control point are running towards the bikes.

Rossi's bike is almost vertical. Stoner is playing with something in the cockpit area. 3 marshals are now running to Stoner.

Next post..........

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Jul 09

Posts: 388

BIGMat says:


The footage now focuses on Rossi and he and 3 marshals are backing up and pushing his bike, trying to get it turned towards the track.

Rossi waves off the marshalls and while he's mounting his bike, Stoners bike appears beside and to the right of Rossi's rear wheel, then backs up. It appears Stoner is on his bike, still trying to get the bike turned down the track. Rossi's is currently pointing away from the track at about 45 degrees to the kitty litter. As it turns out, so is stoner.

Both bikes are being pushed by marshals.

Both riders are on their bikes and trying to turn them.

For some reason all 8 marshals now leave both bikes alone - one could be pushing Rossi, hard to say, but it looks like all are hovering.

Rossi has some rolling forward motion but Stoner is struggling to move the bike while sitting on it and with only one leg on the deck.

7 marshals are watching Rossi, one is watching Stoner and Stoner is gesticulating for a push. (This would be his second push)

7 marshals rush to Stoner's aid and just as Rossi starts rolling away under power, 5 marshalls are giving Stoner a push.

Rossi rides off. Stoner's bike is at a heavy lean angle with 4 marshals pushing, 3 coming in for the kill. Stoner is sitting on his bike, but isn't properly astride his bike. One leg is still on the deck.

There's still a knot of marshals around Stoners bike as it's pushed forward and now parallel to the track. Rossi is half way to the next corner.

Footage ends.

The only deduction is that Stoners bike wasn't rideable. Anyone claiming marshals favoured Rossi are talking through their arses. It's a racing incident and marshals went to the downed bike first as they're trained to do. In the heat of the moment, Stoner got on his bike too early and that made it harder for him to get it straightened up.

.....and lastly it looks to me like Rossi never let his hand off the clutch the entire time and kept the engine running, he didn't even get a push he was simply helped up, did a 3 pointer to avoid the gravel and rode away.

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Jun 07

Posts: 370

travis73 says:


So what your saying is that Casey is immagining things. And your view of the incident while TV based, is more accurate than his being there...Interesting.

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Minty Fresh


Mar 08

Posts: 763

Minty Fresh says:


I would say that you would get a more accurate assessment of the situation watching it back on the TV compared to being there as things always seem worse in the heat of the moment!! At least watching it on the TV you can see it as many times as you like and from different angles to get a clearer picture of the event.. I bet Stoner doesn't have the same view now after seeing it on the TV as he did at the time...

Do you think it is pointless checking cctv footage for evidence after a road accident, or should the police just go off of the angry parties involved to build up an accurate picture of what happened? 

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