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Matthew Birt  says:

Jerez MotoGP: Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner reaction

Valentino Rossi admitted he made a massive mistake after the Italian took out Casey Stoner during a fight for victory in yesterday's captivating Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez.The nine-times world champion had to apologise to Stoner and his factory Honda crew after a mistake under braking at the first corner on lap eight saw both crash out in wet conditions.Rossi...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (04 April 2011 11:09)

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Feb 11

Posts: 46

lewi103 says:


I don't understand why the media has pounced on what can only be described as an off the cuff, throw away comment from Stoner. I heard him say "your ambition outweighs your talent" but it was clearly meant to be light hearted, not to be taken as a true outburst that articles like this describe as uncomfortable and confrontational. It was anything but confrontational, maybe for the cameras they put on a smile, but non the less Stoner is as aware as the next guy of Rossi's talent and was clearly just making a joke of the situation.

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Mar 09

Posts: 4993

Nostrodamus says:

Johnny Rotten in the head

Never been on a track have you. Or are you such a genius on a bike that time moves in slow motion for you as you ponder all these options entering a corner?

Stoner has stated he heard Rossi coming, gave him room and ceded the corner. Rossi was a bit giddy with his position and progress, and cocked up big time. The man himself has acknowledged such. But no, not our sex pistol wannabe, he wants to place some culpability at the feet of Stoner for not anticipating that Rossi would lose the front and wipe them both out.

As ever I remain incredulous at the amount of invention that appears on this site.

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Mar 07

Posts: 19

doodledonut says:

Stoner got help!

How much more help did stoner want !!!

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Minty Fresh


Mar 08

Posts: 763

Minty Fresh says:

Nobody can argue with that...

"Stoner has stated he heard Rossi coming, gave him room and ceded the corner. Rossi was a bit giddy with his position and progress, and cocked up big time. The man himself has acknowledged such." 

Stoners version and Rossi's admission both tie in with what i and everyone else saw... Although Rossi didn't say he was a "bit giddy with his position and progress" but he did say he made a mistake! I also do not understand how anybody could blame Stoner for the crash.... that is just plain stupid!!!

Stoners remarks however were definately not light hearted, they were delivered (in my opinion) in a way that he could be seen as being tough by standing up for what he beleived in but in that sort of half arsed "I don't really want any trouble" girly sort of way by trying to be all smiley when saying it! They were more laughable than upsetting and should just be forgotten about! Those insults will effect Stoner more than Rossi at the end of the day!!

"The Clap".... I have mixed opinions on this... From a safety issue, me no likey, but, to stand there clapping like that as Rossi came round the corner, Priceless!!!! It's a great picture! If Rossi had done it we would all be saying how funny it was... Well i would anyway! It all add's to the panto!! He's behind you...... Oh shit to late, he is now in the side of

Marshalls - They did nothing wrong as i have posted before... Casey was on his feet with the bike and was being dealt with, it looked like the marshalls thought Stoner was up n running so they left him to go help Rossi.. There is a video of Stoner being pushed that should go some way to put this debate to bed.. I would like to see how all the experts on here would react in the heat of the moment like these guys have to...


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Apr 11

Posts: 1

platecaptain says:


:laugh:Glad no one was injured, but honestly we laughed and laughed, and then laughed some more when Casey was trying to get the marshall's attention.
What's going to happen when Simoncelli is more regularly in the mix, he's never been known for polite and always successful passing. It was great, and we suspected Rossi would go for the front after watching warm up.
Impossible to call, and great to watch.
Can't wait for the next.

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Oct 07

Posts: 1302

hugelean says:

Saw that picture of Casey clapping when Rossi went passed, bloody funny, someone on another site said Rossi should have pulled a big wheely (at Jerez, not original I know Gibbers) and given him the thumbs up, spilt my coffee.. The saga is defo good for a laugh. Casey needs to get over it, I get the impression they hold Rossi responsible for the marshals and the fact that you can't bump start the Honda 800 as well, or least the fans defo do.. Move on guys, it was an enjoyable spectacle. At least we know now that it is the ducati that is good in the wet not Casey, cross that one off..

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Feb 09

Posts: 119

mattleon says:

The apology on video for those that have not

seen it. Like I said before.. I love both these riders sonfrom a mutual's perspective, if u ask me, Stoner was being pretty friendly and receptive all things considered! Forward toward the end for the bit of interest. And apologies if anyone else has already shared this as iv not scrolled through every comment! This seasons already awesome. Bring on the next round

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Minty Fresh


Mar 08

Posts: 763

Minty Fresh says:

Turn the sound off....

And it looks like they are best

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Apr 09

Posts: 478

1986vfr750 says:


are always on rossi.  He admitted he fucked up unequivically and takes full responsibility.  What more can you ask for. He manned up..its not just pr.  He let casey get his snarky comment in without a fight(remember estoril 06 casey? career ender for gibernau thanks to you).  However casey had a right to be pissed...he is nnow on the back foot instead of leading the championship heading to a "lorenzo" track.  The only thing that bothered me was that casey said he would have liked rossi to come to him privately, instead of with the media circus.  I doubt very much rossi invited them.  I am sure they swarmed him as soon as he came in and were not going anywhwere anytime soon.  He probably kept his helmet on so he wouldnt have to talk to them on the way over as i am sure he was getting bombarded with questions ( if he ignored the press they would turn on him, but if he couldn't hear them because he had his helmet on...that is the only way he used the media. They would have followed him whether he wanted them to or not).  If he had waited until the press went away then casey would have been pissed that he didn't come to see him sooner, so he couldnt win.  Rossi had to humble and embarrass himself in front of the world to his hated rival,  so genuine or not,  he gets full credit for the gesture IMO.  Rossi lives his life in the spot light and the fact that he lets the people share the bad times as well as the good has won him fans all over the world.  On another note... It was funny( in its blatant  favortism) but kind of sad to see the marshalls ignore casey and swarm valentino. Everyone wanted to help rossi get back in the race. After rossi took off they kind of realized "oh hey stoner is still here", and finally helped him. As i posted before,  that, i think,  is the real reason casey is so pissed.   No matter how good he is/gets the world will always love vale more than him.

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