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Matthew Birt  says:

Jerez MotoGP: Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner reaction

Valentino Rossi admitted he made a massive mistake after the Italian took out Casey Stoner during a fight for victory in yesterday's captivating Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez.The nine-times world champion had to apologise to Stoner and his factory Honda crew after a mistake under braking at the first corner on lap eight saw both crash out in wet conditions.Rossi...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (04 April 2011 11:09)

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Aug 09

Posts: 18

nickhowes says:

Stoner Rossi Jerez

Lord, this is a tedious thread!  Stoner was taken out by Vale, accidentally, and he has apologised.  It's a shame that Stoner wasn't able to finish the race and he is some way behind in the championship as a result, but they'll both be back and the Ducati will be back to its rightful place when it's nice and dry!  If there's anyone who doesn't think that the Duc still has front end problems, they can't have been watching Vale in practice and qualifying.

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Feb 09

Posts: 209

goat46 says:

Oooppps Casey !!

To say to a nine times champion your ambition outweighs your talent may come back to bite Stoner in the butt. If he was so keen to make a good impression on TV as it seems he did with the big smile and thumbs up after talking to Vale, why not simply make a joke of it and tell Rossi " See I told you the front end is buggered". I was warming to Stoner over the past few seasons but to say that , I understand he was pissed, was NOT as cool as he thought it was. So now I dream of Rossi getting the bike fixed, his shoulder fixed and stuffing it down the Australians throat. God Estoril is going to be fun !!!

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Sep 05

Posts: 5

cracked says:


oh dear, mr stoner, do lighten up, yes , its very frustrating to get taken out by mr rossi, but ...... he had actually passed you in quite a safe way , but regrettably could'nt get it stopped and turnedto make the corner. read that again , he had just passed you, plenty of room, but he made a mistake, not very often does vale screw up, but, he immediately came to see you, before he even took his helmet off , to apologise to you, unreservedly as well, and your response was'nt perhaps as understanding as it could have been.

I am sympathetic to your ruined weekend, but it was a racing incident, no one wants them, it just did: move on, all those whpo follow racing understand the situations that sometime arise, wanted or not, and respect and appreciate the talents of the participants, which includes your good self, also a very talented know as well as everyone, he did'nt mean to do it.

you would have done it, you all want to  be at the front, so take the apology, gear up for next time, and race well my man, but, think on, before you make nasty comments please!

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Jan 06

Posts: 66

minezx9 says:

When all things are equal

Did anyone wonder how a rider that was 12th on the grid manage to make his way to the front in treacherous conditions in a handful of laps? VR really made the rest of the field look very average on Sunday didn't he? To me he showed exceptional skill, guts and determination. Funny how when the conditions are far from perfect it's the rider that does makes the difference(oh happy days). Sure Rossi got in there too hot and regrettably took out Stoner. But f@ck me, right up to that point he was a class act the way he disposed of the rest of the field getting to the front. Hell when he fell off he still managed to get on again and finish 5TH. Okay admittedly at the expense of others binning it or breaking down. And lets hope none of those marshalls who(alledgedly)assisted VR more than Stoner do not get lined up in front of an FIM firing squad and shot for (again alledgedly) showing favouritism to VR. I seem to remember it was Rossi who was pinned below a bike (and a half) rather than Stoner. And i'll give Stoner the benefit of the doubt about his post race remarks to VR when VR went to apologise to Stoner in the Repsol Honda garage. Arrogant pr*ck if it wasn't said in jest though. Do the sums Mr Stoner. 9 titles (7 in the premier class)to 1? You gotta lot of catching up to do kid. And besides. If you had been going faster, Simoncelli and Rossi wouldn't have caught you/passed you/wiped you out.Simple. But then again it was far from perfect conditions resulting in that Honda not being able to exploit it's engine/chassis/electronics/gearbox so i guess we can let you off there. But then again. In far from ideal conditions, Doesn't that make every rider more equal and therefore called on to use their "natural" abilities more? It's the second race of a very long season. Lets hope they're all wet ones. If so, after what i saw on Sunday? It'll be a no brainer on who picks up the title.

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Apr 09

Posts: 139

jonmx says:

How much....

...has this been blown out of all proportion please? It`s the 2nd race of the season for f**ks sake!

Rossi makes a dogs breakfast  of a corner ,takes out Stoner who unfortunately can`t rejoin the race and they have words in the garage afterwards - that`s it!!

I don`t remember anything like this amount of fuss and carry -on when Pedrosa nerfed his then team mate Hayden off at the penultimate race of 2006 handing the title lead to Rossi.

I`ve never known two riders cause so much animosity between fans like Rossi and Stoner do - why are people only too happy to jump on every word that is said/written about everything they say or do?

Let`s just hope the excitement generated  so far this season carries over the 4 week break to Estoril.

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Anonymous  says:


Hei Foxxie, Re image below and at ... Recalcitrance towards safety is not in anyone's interests so thank you for highlighting the issue and allowing me to point out that defending this picture on the grounds that mis-conduct has existed before, is a fundamentally flawed argument that is likely to hold improvement back. I make no apology for drawing attention to Casey's track side antics. Shoya came off the racing line and died in a split second, he was gone. Concentration is crucial, so what was Casey thinking!!? There are questions that Dorna need to ask of him in my view and they need to send out a clear safety message or be culpable. For my 2 penny worth the accident was a 'racing incident', and, the BBC's view from Vale's bike shows several people helping Casey. He has no case for misconduct and Casey's accusation reflects upon Dorna who govern things. Depending upon what becomes the focus of the investigation, Casey could be asked about safety, defamation and disrepute so far. It may end up being a storm in a tea cup but is it an opportunity to nip unwanted behaviour in the bud? Difficult race, congratulations to the top 3 and indeed everyone who hung on in to get points. I would have loved Marco, Colin, Cal and Ben to have had better luck but they all did really well to put up great battles with the challenges ... many congrats to all and thanks for the great entertainment ;-) !! As for my cheering on The Doctor ... well - lapping 2 seconds faster than the other riders in the wet, crashed and recovered to pass everyone twice in the wet, start from 12th and finish 5th on a camel (ahem, sorry prototype Ducati!) I make no apologies ... I have to admire what no one else out there could do .... born to be the G.O.A.T. .... Go Vale !!!!!!!

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Jul 09

Posts: 388

BIGMat says:

Toby Moodys view...

Toby Moody seems to give the track marshalls a reprieve-

Reflections on a MotoGP

The rain
that hit the Jerez MotoGP race made for a thrilling event that no one seemed to
want to win. In the end, it was Jorge Lorenzo who emerged on top. Toby Moody
reflects on an exciting race

As I write this it's 18:30 on Sunday afternoon and I've just got back to the
press office at Jerez. I left to go to the box to commentate for the MotoGP
warm-up at 09:40. I'm still buzzing. I'm just asking myself when I will hit the
wall as the adrenaline drops off. But what a day of adrenaline it was...

As the weathermen forecast for days in advance, it rained and that provided
one of the MotoGP races since the inception of the four-stroke rules ten
seasons ago. It seemed that no one wanted to win, or even finish on the podium,
so impossible was it to extract traction from once treaded tyres on the warm,
but damp track.

Tech 3 Yamaha's rear tyre
Tech 3 Yamaha's rear tyre ©

This image shows just how worn out the Tech 3 Yamaha rears of Colin Edwards
and Cal Crutchlow were, while Andrea Dovizioso wore his out completely by the
halfway point having not had the use of enough anti-spin. He put two new
Bridgestones in and started again, not that anyone knew from the television
pictures because it wasn't shown.

For the world championship leader Casey Stoner, the nightmare scenario
happened when he was caught up in someone else's accident. Valentino Rossi had a
pretty good run on him into turn one and as good as made it past. It was move
that was hard but fair… until the #46 drifted well offline; unfortunately so far
offline that the day-glo orange Ducati went down.

Stoner had been as polite as he could be to give space to Rossi, knowing that
he wasn't going to make the apex but the rear of the now horizontal GP11 just
caught the front of the RC 212V leaving Rossi's leg trapped underneath the pair
of the bikes.

"I thought as I was sliding this bike is heavy as I didn't realise I had
taken Casey down," said Rossi afterwards.

Marshals rushed to both bikes to assist, but Stoner's right hand had tagged
the kill switch as the bars were wrenched from his grasp leaving the V4

Rossi's bike was still going and was soon on his way after a platoon of
workers assisted or even patted him on his back, as seemed to be the case from
the onboard camera.

The images also showed up to five people 'following' Stoner's Honda but soon
there was just one brave soul trying to push the Aussie up a slight incline
towards Turn Two. The worrying aspect about all this was that the pair of them
were being pushed at walking pace right on the racing line, well out of view of
the approaching riders still in the race.

Next post......

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Jul 09

Posts: 388

BIGMat says:


Being hit by a MotoGP bike is a terrifying thought so even the remaining
marshal bailed out leaving Casey all on his own with nothing but adrenaline and
anger-filled profanities to fill the air.

Could the undamaged Honda have been started by marshals running like Michael

We'll never know as the omnipresent slipper clutch that stops the rear wheels
of MotoGP bikes locking into corners would not transfer all of the speed and
force of the marshal through the clutch to the crank in order to get it going

Casey Stoner at Jerez
Casey Stoner at Jerez

Honda normally gets around this by locking the clutch in the pits and
applying the slave engine to the rear wheel, but the speed at which that rear
wheel is spinning is a hell of a rate. Certainly far faster than I'd imagine a
running man could achieve, let alone one pushing a mass of more than 210kgs.

Stoner wasn't the only one arguing with marshals as Marco Simoncelli and Cal
Crutchlow had the same problems. "I ran back to the bike and grabbed the clutch
as it was still going but my other hand was just slipping on the wet smooth
paintwork around the tank area," said Crutchlow. "I can pick a bike up normally
not a problem, but I couldn't grip it at all.

"The marshals then got to me and just said it was over. No attempt to help me
at all. It bogged in the gravel and I lost 45 seconds. Abraham fell at the same
corner but he only lost 30 seconds."

But the man who kept his head while those around lost theirs was Jorge
Lorenzo. The world champion steamed to his third win in four races (Estoril and
Valencia last year), his second Jerez win on the trot and the lead of the 2011
world championship.

He's now 20 points ahead of Stoner and a full win's worth of points ahead of
Rossi after just two races of eighteen! While the others argued in the paddock,
Lorenzo went straight home laughing his head off.

If it's dry at Estoril, the others better watch out because he's won there
for the past three years, every time in fact he's been there on a MotoGP bike.
Only Stoner's current form might be able to stay the tide.

The best ride of the day however, came from Dani Pedrosa. He was the clever
one. He saw his first lap time was faster than those achieved during the warm up
and had the sense to let the others fly ahead, wear their tyres out, or crash.

That they did as he trundled around in ninth place on the first lap. He was
up to fifth at one third distance, second by halfway. Sure his strength ran out
when Spies caught him, but then Spies' own pace caught the American out –
robbing the Yamahas of a 1-2.

For all the bad luck that Pedrosa has had of late, he had an awful lot of
good luck with the wet weather providing an easier workload for his injured arm.
The others ahead of him knocked themselves off and with the Japanese GP
postponed, he now has a near four week gap in which he can have his shoulder
seen to.

Would it have been dry, Pedrosa would never have finished second. He was the
lucky one.

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Nov 02

Posts: 121

littledaddy says:

..the conclusion is.. was Lorenzo's fault.....obviously

the whole sordid incident....if he wasn't putting so much pressure on the others - it wouldn't have happened...

QED...i think! ;-)

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Apr 11

Posts: 3

fghjqa says:

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