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Michael Guy  says:

Rossi, Stoner crash to be investigated by MotoGP Race Direction

MotoGP Race Direction have announced that they will hold a hearing to discuss the crash that saw Valentino Rossi collide with Casey Stoner on lap eight of the Jerez race last weekend. Following the crash there was huge controversy over the way in which the track side marshals dealt with the incident and their treatment of Rossi and Stoner as they...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (05 April 2011 17:36)

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Aug 06

Posts: 11

styler4077 says:

No case

Watch this video from a spectator close to the crash.

It looks to me that more marshal's helped Casey than Valentino as his bike was still running.

Have a look I think there is no case to answer.


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Aug 02

Posts: 315

cthwaites says:

The race, Rossi’s ambitious over take and the concern for the Marshall’s objectivity cast some light on some of the problems in MotoGP today. We have come a long way since the 500’s rough behavior, drinking and generally loutish behavior of the riders from years ago. And thank goodness. It is important that we maintain the clean cut image of the sport and, above all, massive respect for all riders and teams. Dorna should consider:

1. Overtaking at specific parts of the track…or
2. only with prior written consent of rider
3. Marshalls to aid riders on a country bu country bias, ordered alphabetically. The Zimbabwean riders would get well and truly stuffed but what the heck.
4. Establish safe following distance…riders must have a 3 second gap between them on all straightaways. This will also eliminate the unfair drafting procedures.
5. All apologies to be transmitted live with written follow up, notarized and witnessed by team manager
6. Penalize unfair and aggressive riding by use of a penalty box. Rider to park his bike in a pink box in full view of the grandstand for 1 entire lap. He then has to bump start with no help.

Only way to get this sport back on track and avoid the disasters we saw in Spain this weekend.

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Feb 09

Posts: 2

Photoshop says:

There was no disaster,just a racing incident,I rememember the 1983 Grand Prix at Silverstone they ere racing round dead bodies (Norman Brown and Peter Huber) before they stopped the race,at least we have moved on from that .

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Nov 07

Posts: 78

Oafski says:

About time they did what they do in Speedway

It's about time they adopted the same rule as in Speedway. If you take another rider down you are excluded from the result of that race.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1960

thestig08 says:

racing incident

I am sure this was a "racing incident" and to be fair I think Stoner was both cool about the whole thing and at least gave a witty response,I am also sure that the investigation is also only to look into whether "fair play " took part regarding the marshalls help,however judging by the majority of postings on here you can see why there is an investigation at all ,Rossi is a good rider but there are others in the sport and like them or not at least give a balanced view,I was a 100% Sheene can do no wrong fan ,but i had to respect the talent of Roberts ,Ferrari ,Luchinelli,Hartog ,Hennan and many many more,maybe thats the trouble these days it's down to four or five riders out of only seventeen or so that can win if not down to ability then down to machinery,But just like anyone now or before him as happened with Barry ,Rossi is no different take away the best package and its hard,fact is no one is bigger than the sport,not even Rossi,but yes it was an accident, but on Stoners part maybe very costly,but as Takazumi Katyama used to say "thats lacing"

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Apr 11

Posts: 2

Markspeedf1 says:

kamikaze rider

Frustating or Kamikaze riding Style from Mr Shoulder, his riding gesture show the move with intend for sure, just try to make CS get hurt & mad or loss his concentration for WC. It's really disgusted and no class of sportmanship

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Mar 11

Posts: 474

Dorna only want to embarass Stoner

I told you that a desperate rossi would take someone out prior to the race at Jerez so here is the result of the hearing, the stewards will be exonerated and the Yellow panty boys will get another opportunity to sink the slipper into Stoner, thanks for nothing Dorna, bunch of corrupt Eurotrash.

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Jul 10

Posts: 183

BBQdog says:


"The day after the crash there was huge controversy over the way in"  would be more accurate.

@Markspeed1: you can buy aluminium hats who prevent the brain for conspiracy theories evolving.

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Apr 11

Posts: 11

ginnie says:

what about..

..the marshal behaviour on Sic incident?

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Mar 09

Posts: 5175

Nostrodamus says:

Oh precious ones

how easily you are lead by a naughty little sound bite from Mr Guy.

I've not bothered to comment on the marshalling aspect of the incident - it was split decision stuff and can be argued both ways. Pointless. As for Rossi having the presence of mind to hold onto the bar and clutch - well he had the time to make that call. Stoner had his machine whisked straight out from beneath him - no chance.

As precious few have mentioned here this inquiry is not about the incident per se, but will be more a matter of defining what actions marshalls can and cannot take. It isn't going to be a witch hunt.

Marshalls mandate is safety. End of. Wave flags, clear rider, bike and debris from the scene ASAP. My personnal opinion is that if they help a trapped rider up, get his machine upright, that is enough. No further assistance. Factories need to add a kilo and a button if they want their machines and riders to continue.

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