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Jan 09

Posts: 845

v1nn1e says:

The A-Pillar Killer

Could this be another hot topic for MCN to get behind?

As we are all only too aware, blind spots in cars can turn into fatal accidents for us 'bikers and nothing causes a bigger blind-spot than the new, improved and much wider A-pillars fitted to most modern cars.

Here are some interesting takes on the issue...

MIRA actually doing something positive for once, rather than testing leg protectors!

We've dealt with potholes and diesel; come on MCN, how about A-Pillars next?

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  • Posted 4 years ago (08 April 2011 11:15)

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Feb 10

Posts: 292

downshift says:

Modern cars...

suck! Not only are the designs boring, they are not as reliable as the 80s & 90's cars. Ask any breakdown service, did you know that 99% of all RAC fleet are fitted with expandable trailers in the back of the transit vans. All they can do now is tow away, I was told this by an RAC man who came to tow away me, my friend, and his Audi S3! I'd stick with an old french or german diesel anyday. After 2001, you're throwing money away. Comfortable yes, safe yes-ish (concerneing the topic of this thread), reliable no, fun NO!

Slightly off topic I know, but I also always notice in a modern car how I can't see the end of the bonnet! No wonder there are so many shunts and whiplash claims. The designs suck as much as the reliability!

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Feb 10

Posts: 292

downshift says:

Hot hatches

Yeah, take my mates Audi S3, sure its quick and comfortable, but fun to drive? Compared to an 80's hothatch its as much fun as driving a bus. Feel through the steering wheel is approx. nil.

What's even less fun is when it goes wrong, all you can do is call the dealer and pay them to read the codes! I'm used to changing wheel bearings and clutches on my driveway. Now you need a computer to reprogram your ecu when you change a central locking motor. Modern cars are sh!te!

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Mar 09

Posts: 768

jonny68 says:

modern cars AND VANS

I bought 8 new Ford Transit vans for my company About a year ago now and the build quality is somewhat suspect. One van in particular on a frequent basis goes dead on you when you turn the ignition on. Ford can't find the fault ! All this hi tech imobilisers and electronic wizardry is just a pain in the ass when it gets sick.

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

yeah vans, diesel filters, electrics & A pillars

Transit fuel pumps a grand, what's that all about?

Diesel particulate filters on these new EU5 spec engines, clogging up if you don't get them hot enough on a short run and needing replacement, kerching - £1000 plus.

2001 Mk 4 Golf TDi  - The driver’s electric window has failed along with the wing mirror controls and the remote locking of the drivers door. Other controls on the driver’s door armrest are also inoperative,
-- The ECU that controls all of this is built into the window motor inside
the driver's door. Once moisture penetrates it new one needed - WTF.

A pillars, just look at most new cars and they're a visibility disaster on all four quarters, plus tiny side windows and a letterbox for a rear window - perfect for a smidsy - The makers are so bullied by regulations for occupant safety and soft fronted car impact zones that they ignore the other problems..


Oh yeah, dual mass flywheels, 800 quid plus, another rip off !

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Oct 10

Posts: 567

stingy1 says:


Zafira around tight back streets. shit visibility due to a-pillar.


and as for the shit engines, blocking egr valves, told by vauxhall not to drive it fer economy, or the dpf will block, causing turbo to fail, oil to contaminate, write engine off.


sick of cleaning out egr valve, stupid bastards get round emissions by creating a dirty engine that chokes up, you then have to regenerate the dpf by thrashing it for miles till it burns off the soot and chucks a big polluting cloud of shite out.


legislation is bullshit, and its coming to bikes soon.

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:


I have a (sorry!) a 1999 volvo v70 tdi (chipped) 200 bhp ish..

plenty of torque, comes in handy as clearing garden and have trailer on back (with Think Bike, Think Biker sticker on tailgate)..dunno why volvo drivers get a bad press, from what i have seen around here, its impreza drivers, discovery drivers, ..flaming liabilty,.then theres the farmers..thats another story!  I padi 700 notes for the volvo in 2009, only thing that happened to it was the fuel pump belt slipped and it wouldnt go..(obviously)..£250 later, new cambelt and fuel pump belt with dynamic timing sorted (now have vadis) so need vct 2000 and thats all my servicing free..but, I wouldnt be in anything else, test drove a volvo xc90..wot a bag of crap!

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Nov 09

Posts: 317


is bloody dreadful for it. Approaching t-junctions the left hand a-pillar basically blocks the entire view down the road to that side (especially good at the end of our street where a bus shelter stops you seeing right either).  There's also a zebra crossing just after a 90 degree right-hand bend locally, and the pillar blocks the view of the right-hand end of it for the entire approach. I suspect that many of these designs are worse for taller drivers too, for whom the pillar obstructs an angle further back.

(getting rid soon, thank gawd, but it's always useful to know how bad other people's view can be)

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Jul 09

Posts: 1351

davemdixon says:

Same as my old 05 Colt Equip

A pillars were so wide I had to move my head to make sure I wasnt going to pull out in front of a biker. This became a habit of moving my head. I have now a MINI One and its not so bad. I can see why so many bikes are missed by cagers.:mad:

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Feb 10

Posts: 292

downshift says:

EGR Valves

Ah yes, these blasted things. They make a reliable diesel engine into a "too worried it will break down" engine! And, they are fitted to petrol cars as well now. Dual mass fly wheels for smoother pulling away because apparently we're all crap at driving, nevermind that when the clutch goes after only 20k miles it will take the flywheel with it. Vehicles of old could go over 150k miles on the original clutch if you drove it properly.

Best reliable cars in my opinion are the older Peugeots, Galvanised bodies which won't rust if you look after them, cheap 3rd party parts, and the best diesel engines ever made. I think the 406 and 306 were the last good ones before all these emmisions regulations got out of control. I wanna get rid of my Golf tdi (rust prone) for a 306 dturbo before there arent any good ones left!

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Apr 07

Posts: 462

DrFutura says:

Recently tried a

57 plate Honda Civic. The screen slopes so far that the a-pillar blocks visibility. Combination of aerodynamics and strength, also reject Honda Jazz for same reason. I have not heard much about A-pillars in a while but the problem is still out there.

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