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Steve Farrell  says:

Biker death at speed camera site

A motorcyclist crashed and died after braking as he approached a speed camera van.Witnesses say the rider lost control before hitting the central reservation.The 64-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene, on the A338 in Bournemouth on Saturday morning.The rider, who has not been named, was from the Bournemouth area.A Dorset Police spokesman said: "Due to the proximity of the stationary safety...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (12 April 2011 11:03)

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Apr 03

Posts: 12

syncro says:

Biker Death at Speed Camera Site

I have read the comments with interest as usual a few OTT comments and the holier than thou "always obey the limits". We don't really know what happened it's easy to blame the biker - he can't defend himself my condolences to the poor blokes family. I have personally witnessed car drivers brake sharply as soon as they see a "safety camera" even when they are well below the limit! I would much rather see the money invested in these death traps put into more police patrol cars on the road they are a real deterrent to poor driving of all types! Here's a link to the local rag with a couple of pictures showing the scene of the accident one showing the ambulance still there.

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Aug 10

Posts: 5

mentalcombat says:


Speed cameras do nothing to prevent speeding, why because some people know where they can and where they cannot, at 63 years old I would presuppose this man died because he panicked a little, maybe thought shit, AM I going too fast, and applied his anchors, well the rest is history,

I say a bloody big jam butty makes more sense. But what about the stupid condition of the roads we pay shed loads to ride on, oh sorry it is vehicle excise duty now LOL ROFL LMFAO, not road tax, I pay to tax my bike and a car, I can only ride or drive one at a time, I pay for separate insurance, I pay insurance premium tax on my policies to feed the government vampires to pay for what ever shit, like wars, and the likes, I want my ROAD tax to go on the roads I ride or drive on, I have recently hit a pothole that damaged my front tyre, another 80 quid or more, I say to you MSN lets have a great section of what’s the biggest hole in the road to take a shit in, cos that’s what happens when you hit one and to all the idiots out there, no not at speed, but 20 mph, I have been sending photos of pot holes to the local press for time now, also speed humps, mmm humps, yes they are full of f??k and dangerous,

In an area your none too familiar with it is all to easy to hit one at 30 mph, if the car in front is obscuring one, his wheels avoid it, and boom over the hump we go. our roads have become a serious danger to bikers, so come on, lets start sending in some serious amount of pot hole pics, stating where they are, I hope the printers of MSN have enough POT HOLE PAPER TO USE! I send my condolences to the family of the motorcyclist. Oh yes, before I go, when the Police have a programme about catching joy riders as they call them, and they mention a thug on a bike with no licence helmet, mot, etc etc etc, I would like to set the record straight, HE IS NOT A FUCKING MOTORCYCLEIST, he she is a dick head and often a thief. I am 56 years old, and ride a busa, also have a couple of old SRADS I am this age because I am not wild, MMM well maybe a little bit, there is a 25 year old still alive inside me. I work with trauma as a Hypnotherapist, and I know all too well what can and does happen.
Cheers guys.

Keep up the bible days.



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Nov 07

Posts: 175

bird1050 says:


This a sad time for the guy's family but preventable, The stories are the speed camera ( cash machine ) was positioned in a place where it would get maximum cash posible and bugger safety.

Safety cameras my ARSE  cash machines yes

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Dec 08

Posts: 1284

boybilly1967 says:

jwe4 & chrisec87

A pair of complete twats you both are. If the camera had not been there this man would still be alive. I have lost count the number of times I have spotted one of these cameras whether in the car on the bike and I have braked suddenly, even when I have been under the limit. You do it on impulse as soon as you spot one these cash cameras.

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Dec 10

Posts: 11880

preunit says:



"The 63-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene"..... RIP

The authorities 1

 Bikers -1 

 Hope their happy with their pound of fleash.

My heart goes out to his relatives.

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Nov 07

Posts: 179

Mr.Number says:


Boybilly, dont get sucked in by the media and jump to the conclusion "If the camera had not been there this man would still be alive". You dont know anything about this accident.

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Oct 06

Posts: 55


Biker death at speed camera site

It will be interesting to hear the results of the investigation. If we ever really get them.

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Jan 11

Posts: 7649

snev says:

There are some 30,000,000 plus drivers in this small Island, Most of which are just trying to keep their heads above water travelling to work so that they can pay their Taxes and feed themselves and family. If it Isn't hard enough allready a small bunch of deluded  individuals are intent on taking aim at anyone who dares to exceed the speed limits that were introduced many many years ago when Vehicles were unbelievebly inferior in every way to our modern versions, in allmost all respects. FACT, FACT, FACT.

Now I Believe that there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that anyone has ever been saved by the introduction of these So called Safety measures ?????

BUT  if it is proved that this poor man died due to the presence of these cameras, then STOP THEM NOW.

Speed Kills ?   SPEED CAMERAS KILL ..... More like  .  FACT.

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Jul 10

Posts: 6

How can people on here jump to conclusions so fast? he braked = he must have been speeding.As many other people have written,there are many facts none of us know. For all we know he could have been distracted when seeing the scamera van then realized other cars braking in front also spooked by a hidden van. Therefore having to brake alot sharper. Anyhow my main point is that if the vans are in appropriate places and not hidden, people would not panic brake,Which is very dangerous for the following traffic.If 3 or 4 vehicles in a row and any of them not fully focused then can easily cause a crash for the last vehicle (either hitting the back of the car infront or losing control while braking. A slight change in speed from the front car/bike is amplified as a chain reaction. THERE IS NO NEED TO HIDE THE VANS IF THEY ARE FOR SAFETY!!!!!

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Apr 11

Posts: 4

Yea, I don't agree with rustysheriffsbadge.  It doesn't matter what the accident magnet is intended to do;  If that retarded thing causes even one death, then hide it, or make it visible from miles away; Don't flippin' put it at the beginning of a blind curve.  It's instinct to grab a handfull of levers when you're startled.  Wisdom can couter-act it, but...  Shit happens.

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