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Steve Farrell  says:

Biker death at speed camera site

A motorcyclist crashed and died after braking as he approached a speed camera van.Witnesses say the rider lost control before hitting the central reservation.The 64-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene, on the A338 in Bournemouth on Saturday morning.The rider, who has not been named, was from the Bournemouth area.A Dorset Police spokesman said: "Due to the proximity of the stationary safety...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (12 April 2011 11:03)

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Apr 11

Posts: 2

zignon says:


Information from todays Daily Echo."THERE will be no independent investigation after a motorcyclist was killed on the main road into Bournemouth on Saturday."  


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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:


Lets not forget that a fellow biker died.

Bickering and arguing the toss will not bring him back, help the pain of his family or honour his memory.

If you want to do something positive then make a donation to your local air ambulance who really deserve funding and have my total respect.

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Nov 08

Posts: 35

stRickly says:

Thanks zignon

for the all important facts. Even as a courier/despatch rider/scum of the road (not a career choice - just something I fell into after being made redundant) I have no problems at all with appropriate measures of law inforcement.

However, I defy the police force in question to now prove that this camera van was such an appropriate measure. Firstly, lets now see the accident statistics of this particular stretch of road. Secondly, lets also see the accounts of this police force and find out how much money they need to gather to make up for recent cut backs in government spending.

To clear up:

SatNavSteve; my comments regarding congestion and flow relate to roads like the sw quarter of the M25 with variable speed limits - which are enforced with speed cameras (with seemingly a good degree of tolerance!). Also, in my experience, 10mph over the speed limit is not normally a problem on dual cariageways and motorways. In any case (and like I indicated previously), your speedo might say you're doing 80mph but you're more likely to be doing only 72-75mph. 10mph over the speed limit of 30 is totally different obviously.

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Jun 10

Posts: 46


Safety camera - Bollocks.

Speed camera - Bollocks.

Law enforcement unit - Bollocks.


Simple way of STEALING cash out your pocket whilst making you feel bad - YES!


These little pricks in government have been killing people through their complete inaction and greed for as long as I've been alive and even before then. These vans DO NOT prevent deaths, they never have. They also DO NOT prevent people from breaking laws. They simply discriminate against and blackmail the general public for what is a minor part of driving, speeding. Speed is in no way dangerous and until these idiots are told where to stick their pointless cameras and their idiot traffic department the roads will continue to take lives.


We don't need this nonsense. If the Conservatives what a 'Big Society' with social responsibility and the likes whilst cutting budgets then pay off all the idiot traffic cops, sell their crappy cars and then destroy the camera units.


As usual, too late to save this poor mans life. His family have my absolute heart felt feelings of sorrow and remorse.

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Jan 11

Posts: 304

TomRR says:

Hmmm 30mph or 20

MOVING SLIGHTLY OFF THE POINT,, AM NOT SURE ON THIS ANSWER,,, What is the min-speed limit on public highway   I thaught it was 30mph ... am I right?     I ask because my wife was caught speeding , doing 34 by a van on a 30 road. yes on a blind bend,   she went to a enforcement day ( play day)   , the coppa teacher said that 30mph is the min speed on public roads,, so my wife said what about 20mph, as signes  are popping up all over saying 20!!!!  ( in a red circle)   he said  you can do 30mph in this area!!!!!!!!  

so why say 20mph... 

any one know the answer!!! 

and why for jeeeez sake park on a blind bend,,,

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Aug 04

Posts: 31

Chrisec87 says:

Police Posters?

Snev - why would it matter if I were a police officer - I'm not by the way - Police have opinions just like everybody else. an officer close to me has exactly the opposite viewpoint to me; many of the abusive posts on this page could be from coppers?!

Zignon - I totally agree with you. I fear that my comments may read like they are criticising this poor man. I really don't intend this. Just countering some arguments that its OK to panic brake etc. I fully appreciate your comments but looking at the metro link and the local newspaper link further down this page shows that the scamera Van was placed on a straight stretch, nowhere near any kind of bend? I am bemused as to how he came to loose his life and its a shame the IPCC won't be looking into this (speaking with slight hope that they'd find anything (or admit it for that matter)


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Mar 11

Posts: 30

Loonymoonie says:

Biker death at speed camera site

Have just spent 20mins reading all of these comments and to be honest feel a little bit sicky.... Ultimately a man has died... nothing else matters, His family/friends will be distraught and will probably read these posts as some kind of comfort and affirmation. All that needs to be said at the moment is that I am very sorry for their loss.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1317

SatNavSteve says:


Read your reply to my comments and understand where you are coming from regarding the M25. However, we don't have variable speed limits around where I live up north and what a good idea they are for catching people out who accidently speed! (its a 70 zone, whoops now its 50, oh sorry its 60, Flash!!! got you, HaHa)  And I notice you don't answer my point I made at the end of my last post as to who is the most dangerous. I would sooner have someone bearing down on me at 10-15mph over the limit than someone bearing down on me doing a text message!

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Jul 08

Posts: 179

Fomancu says:


Dorset Police advised the IPCC of this incident on the A338 and that the police speed camera van was parked near to where the motorcyclist crashed. The IPCC advised the police that this incident did not come under the terms of the Police Reform Act and did not therefore require a referral. There will be a Coroner's Inquest into the causes of this person's death

Simon Roome
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission
Tel: 08453 002 002

sadly there will be no independant investigation---my thoughts are with his family. I feel they desreved it :-(

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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:

Min or Max

What a great shame to read about this accident.
Shame about some posts as well.

Regarding min or max speed limits..The 30 signs you normally see in built up areas are max speed of 30 but there is no minimum.
A minimum speed limit sign is a different colour and normally used in places like tunnels to keep traffic flowing!

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