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Austin Lindberg  says:

Leicester County Council giving away high-visibility rucksacks for bikers

Leicestershire County Council is giving away high-visibility rucksacks and information on one-to-one training sessions for motorcyclists."The rucksacks are a novel way of making bikers more visible and I'd urge residents to call in to a police station or library to pick one up,” said Lesley Pendleton, County Council cabinet member for environment and transport. "Riding a motorcycle requires a large amount...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (12 April 2011 15:57)

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Jan 10

Posts: 201

nickyb65 says:

Well done council

..a good idea on the rucksack, even it it just saves one rider from death/injury then it will be worth the cost. I just hope other councils around the county follow there lead.

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Oct 06

Posts: 566

Eddy998 says:

I'll second that!


Well done Leicestershire Count Council!!!!! Great to see some pro-active involvement instead of the usual anti-bike measures that we usually see. Let's hope other councils take note.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2315

Hedgehog5 says:

Blassberg - it depends what you carry in it but obviously bulky items, chains, disc locks are a no-no unless you like the idea of paralysis on a simple off... the straps tend to get caught round things as well. IMO you're better off getting a hi-vis vest & strapping the bag to the bike.

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Mar 09

Posts: 70

Kingsil says:

Treat them all like idiots

Back in the day I used to drive a lorry and on more than one occasion I experienced car drivers (usually old codgers who hadn't had an eye test since the Titanic sailed) pulling out in front of me. It was my fault of course, the lorry was a rather dull shade of blue when it should have been fluorescent yellow. Never forget drivers are a representative cross-section of society, some are clinically blind, 0.6% are psychopaths and somewhere around 25% are intellectually challenged, or as we used to say when I went to school 'thick'. As an old police motorcyclist once said to me "Wear a Sam Browne if you want but don't stop treating them all like potential idiots"

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Dec 10

Posts: 88

mogulthrash says:

Loud Horns

It all helps. Well done Council. Can we have this in Devon please? Handing out really loud horns would help too, the kind that leave others' ears ringing. Whilst we allow people with poor eyesight to drive (cataract glasses give a clue) I like to think that a sonic attack will stimulate an alternative sense that may be working.

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Jul 10

Posts: 183

BBQdog says:

Black helmets

I don't understand all these people with black helmets. Your helmet is the most highest visable point,

often the only point sticking out above the cars.


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Jul 06

Posts: 22

Surely anyone who sees the rucksack is already behind you... Nice try but not convinced it will have the desired effect.

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Aug 10

Posts: 310

tockie says:


Yeah loud horns. I put a Stebel Magnum on the fazer, the other day white van man cut me up so I waited for a straight piece of road and as I went past him not going too fast I unleashed it on him just as I passed his door. The look on his face was fukin priceless and I swear his arse left the seat by about a foot, the best safety aid possible for about £15.  

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Jul 07

Posts: 25

Hainzy says:

Training Is Needed

The biggest issue with motorcycle safety is training, and how many people believe or will openly admit to need training?

I am not talking about track based training, the fastest route around a bend is not always the safest but all the mags and papers will tell you differently which is careless and dangerous. The most experienced and trained road riders in the UK are police motorcyclists, just follow one of them and they will take a different line most of the time. There lines are for improved visibility, no sitting in the gutter approaching a left hand junction for a start. There training not only improve there visibilty to other road users but also there positioning for optimum view of the road ahead.

We can't solely blame other road users all the time, if you position yourself where it is is more difficult to see you then you yourself are adding to the risk of having an accident.

I am not a police motorcyclist before the web-warriors start barking, I am some one who has had a major accident and I am lucky to still be alive let alone riding a motorbike again. I learnt a lot from my experience, just a shame many don't get that oportunity.

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Mar 07

Posts: 1467

joeslow says:

Good post Hainzy

I've never seen a police rider that rides like a pillock.

These guys ride heavily equipped bikes and just ooze confidence plus they don't hang about either.

Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider's Handbook is the best eight or nine quid you will ever spend on anything to do with biking. You can get a copy on Amazon, Ebay or from any good bookshop.

Riding safely doesn't mean you won't enjoy your ride, it makes it even better.



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