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Matthew Birt  says:

Dani Pedrosa criticises weight limit plan

Dani Pedrosa has launched a scathing attack on proposals to introduce a combined rider and bike weight limit in MotoGP.The Spaniard, who is a massive 21kg lighter than the heaviest rider in MotoGP, is frustrated that rules would penalise lighter and smaller riders like him and compatriot Toni Elias.It emerged in Jerez earlier this month that a campaign, spearheaded by...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (14 April 2011 11:53)

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Feb 09

Posts: 119

mattleon says:

Surely then Dani...

If you're so fed up of people accusing u of only being as fast as you are because of your weight, then why wouldn't u want it levelled out so when u win races (and if u ever win a championship) u can stick a finger up and say 'av that!' Unless of course u saying being lighter doesn't give u an advantage was u talking crap lol

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Jun 10

Posts: 48

Halitosis says:

That's strange ...

Rossi has been racing against Dani Pedrosa in the Senior Class for 5 whole years and hasn't breathed a word of this before - even if it has been a subject of purist interest and discussion between the more enlightened ( no pun intended ) fans for some time. Damned strange that now Rossi is having to struggle for the very first time in his illustrious career that it has suddenly become an issue for him.Talk about Honda/Penis envy! When Casey Stoner stomped him in 2007, it was the Bridgestones according to Rossi and Rossi just HAD TO HAVE them too. Now this. Hey, VR - who is the big whinger, cry-baby and sook now?

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Mar 09

Posts: 5451

Nostrodamus says:

I was going to wade in heavy

but Pedrosa has put his case forward better than I ever could. On balance I feel over the years Pedrosa's size has been a disadvantage on the big bikes. The 21 Litre fuel limit simply swings the pendulum back his way a little.

The crux of the 'problem' is not rider size disparity, but the silly self imposed  (by the MSMA) 21 litre fuel limit.

Rossi grasping at straws.

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Apr 11

Posts: 129

moany100 says:

no weight should be added, give the teams back the unlimited fuel and make the racing interesting again rather than contolled

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Minty Fresh


Mar 08

Posts: 763

Minty Fresh says:

"The freaks come out"

Ha ha ha ha - It is so funny that the same old women come out to slate Rossi as soon as his name get's mentioned.... lol. You guys must sit and wait for anything slightly adverse to come out about him to get a girly kick in... So sad... ha ha ha. Well done Mr. Birt, Mission accomplished!!! :)

First of all, Pedrosa get's a rough ride and nowhere near the amount of respect he should do for what he has achieved in his MotoGP career! I also totally agree with what he is saying about having a disadvantage in the corners due to his size and not being able to use as much weight distribution as the other riders etc. By increasing the rider/bike weight combination would make Dani's life even harder as he will be trying to manouvre an even heavier bike in the corners with his small frame, also he will no longer be able to make up for this disadvantage in the straights as the bike again would be heavier which would slow him down! Dani stands to lose a lot more than the other riders in my book.

I also see the other side to the argument as the heavier riders fuel consumption, tyres etc get more of a battering than the little midgets which is obviously a problem for them... What ever way it swings, it will effect some more than others and will definately upset some of the riders out there! Glad i dont have to make the decision!!

I hope for Rossi and Simos sake that nothing comes of it as i can't be arsed hearing all the haters cry anymore than they do already!!!

Peace out!

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Nov 10

Posts: 66

Gstan says:

If pedrosa isnt at any advantage, then he will have no problem in dorna weighing him and his bike, and setting a rider + bike weight limit at whatever he is at? didnt think so...

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Apr 10

Posts: 109

FellRaven says:

Handicap all sports then

While I can see this does give an advantage, it's a bit like complaining you basketball opponents are too tall, a sprinter too fast or a rugby player too mental.

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Mar 11

Posts: 217

slit says:


i agree with you. The biker is the biker in lenght wight muscle strenght etc. It's ridiculous in my view to put such a limitation. If a rider wins because he's lighter, so be it, survival of the most adequate. It's like saying from now on, light horseriders must put on fat so that we are politically correct and allow also heavy weight people to ride a horse in a competitive way. It's just ridiculuous, society is trying to standardize humans. It's exactly the being different that makes the champion or the outstanding person. Fucking ridiculous. I'm with pedro. 

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Dec 08

Posts: 60

assen03 says:

Dani Moanosa

This bloke never stops whinging.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2323

Hedgehog5 says:

Unfortunately MotoGP has gone too far down the regulation road & this does kinda make sense... with control tyres instead of open competition (to choose a tyre more suited to the rider) & tighter fuel limits smaller riders are at an advantage which has been created by the regulations... so it may have to face further regulation.

To use part of your analogy, if your 7'2" basketball player was told he had to eat the same as his 5'9" opponent & wear the same size shoes he'd soon complain & maybe the only way to even it up would be to get the 5'9" guy to lug the same amount of weight around the court.

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