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Steve Farrell  says:

Courts “prejudiced” against bikers

A leading motorcycle group is demanding a Government investigation into “prejudice” of courts after a drink-driver got three years’ jail for killing a biker.  The Motor Cycle Action Group (MAG) says the sentence is too lenient and at odds with a string of high-profile cases in which riders have been jailed despite injuring no one. The group is calling for...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (06 May 2011 15:15)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:

From recent stories it would appear that the courts apply an "expectancy of death" when incidents involve motorcyclists, in which the driver is not seen to be at fault for blatant incompetence or negligence. I really do hope that there is an investigation, but I fear it will be brushed over yet again.

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Mar 08

Posts: 27

Georg3 says:

"I don’t mind the fact that he’s dead. I don’t know him"

There are some utterly disgusting people out there, they should have absolutely thrown the book at this guy. I hope every day of those three years inside is unbearable.

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Feb 08

Posts: 71

scarthie says:

what a joke

its take the piss drink-driver got three years’ jail for killing a biker. &say “I don’t mind the fact that he’s dead. I don’t know him.”what adout the poor biker family.its a piss rules for one.rules for another.if bikersstep out of line with the police the throw the book at you 

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Jun 07

Posts: 1990

mobileenoph says:


The Bastard should be hung drawn and quartered

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Sep 09

Posts: 312

Ben52 says:

I dont mind he,s dead???

The fact that he said that shows us the guys personality, he knowlingly drinks then drives then doesnt mind when he kills somebody, isnt that close to murder?

I personally hope that this dispicable prick gets gang raped everyday of his stay in prison, then gets run over by a drink driver the day he is released!


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Aug 10

Posts: 310

tockie says:

What a disgusting remark, the unspeakable bastard grrrr. It's always been the same in my experience if you ride a bike your'e somehow a second class citizen. I feel very sorry for Jason and his family. I can just imagine Borrett's family and friends after the verdict. Oh yes they've locked poor Richard up and all he did was kill a chap on a motorcycle.  

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Sep 10

Posts: 103

street3r says:

He was asking for it.

Ok, ignore the subject headline. But after reading a lot of "motorcycle accident press" (it's not good to do that you know), I may (if I may) compare it too a "young girl" getting raped wearing a short skirt, low cut top and make-up and the judge saying she was asking for it. NO, NO, NO, NO, for God sake No! She was not asking for and neither are bikers!

You can't turn around and say "well if he wasn't on the road, on a motorbike it would never happened". The courts should see it as a death caused by another person. Pure and simple. One law for all and should not be left to "Well, bikes, they are dangerous things ridden by dangerous people" judges.

And any remark like that bloke made. He deserves all he gets in life and I hope if the courts won't give Jason justis then I hope God will.

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Jan 09

Posts: 2

thatchauhan says:


This guy is a depressing example of a man. To be responsible for killing another human being, denying the obvious, showing no compassion or remorse is sick. I wonder how he'd behave if someone he "knows" was killed by someone as dispicable as himself? 3 years jail for manslaughter, is there no justice in the world? My heart goes out to the Mickelburgh family.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:

I like your analogy there Street3r... I like it a lot... however we aren't "wearing a short skirt, low cut top"... we aren't actually placing ourselves in harms way & hoping to escape with our lives... we are just vulnerable & people should have the same attitude towards us as cyclists & pedestrians. Recently a woman killed 2 motorcyclists she didn't see... had that been 2 people at a crossing there would have been outrage but 2 bikers is OK... sickening & wrong.

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Jun 10

Posts: 46

Good reporting MCN.

I'm pleased that this has been brought to the direct attention of us motorcyclists. It highlights how corrupt the legal system is. With strict liability offences and a 'history' of offending it is highly likely that a jail sentence will knock on your door with what could only be described as a nonsense offence (speeding for instance). I'll be off to jail if I ever get caught at a reasonable enough speed so I am talking from experience.


This guy most likely had a clean record, the alcohol mentioned is not grossly excessive and he is quite old. Drink driving doesn't seem to differentiate between pissed and absolutely legless so if you're going to get pissed and drive you may as well over do it. This guy showed some constraint.


He killed a motorcyclist. We don't have the exact details of how it all happened so I will not be commenting on it to a great degree. I would've thought given the alcohol in his system and the fact he killed someone should've resulted in a very substantial sentence. Instead he is going to walk free in 1 1/2 years!!! It sends the completely wrong message out.


I agree entirely that the courts are corrupt.

I would personally bin strict liability, bin 'points' for speeding and other minor offences (basing the system of fining on YEARLY income (total income) plus net assets and I would also bring in a 5 yearly driving test for everyone (don't pass first time then you have 6 weeks to resit otherwise you're off the road until you do).


Such a sad sad story and I can't rant too much. I can only hope that the comment about not knowing the biker and not caring if he's dead was said in shock or misheard as if it was said then I would hang the guy.

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