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Steve Farrell  says:

On-the-spot fines for careless drivers

Careless drivers will face new on-the-spot fixed penalties of three points and a £100 fine under plans to be announced today. Motorists who don’t look or check their mirrors before manoeuvring will be dealt with instantly using new police powers without having to go through the courts. The new fine will range from £80 to £100. Transport Secretary Philip Hammond is due...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (11 May 2011 14:24)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:

This was on the news this morning. One of the main factors cited was undertaking as though it was strictly against the law (Highway Code rules sections 267 & 268, not law). This is not something you would often do carelessly... it's either undertaken (pun intended) successfully with extreme care, or it's a dangerous manoeuvre. In most countries it is legal & acceptable behaviour. In this country it is fast becoming the only way to make forward progress...

Also there is sometimes a fine line between what is acceptable, careless, & dangerous driving... are we sure we want to leave it to a Police officer with a desk full of paperwork to decide which it's to be? "That'll be £100 & 3 points please"... easy life!

...either way, with no Police on the roads to enforce it these new powers are fairly pointless (another pun!).


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Apr 09

Posts: 21

CrazyG says:


In theory, this is a good idea but I'm not sure how it's going to be enforced exactly; the police can't be everywhere and how do they determine where the line should be drawn between "minor transgressions" and a danger to other road users?!

It's possible that it will give people more of an incentive to report questionable driving to the authorities but I worry that there will be some groups of drivers who report motorcyclists for 'so-called' driving offences simply because they don't like bikes.

Every day, I still see numerous drivers using their mobile phones while driving.  They'd think twice if it was an instant three-month driving ban.  A fixed penalty and three points just doesn't seem be enough to dissuade some people.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8139

snev says:

You couldn't make it up!!

" motorists who dont look or check their mirrors before manouvering will be dealt with instantly using new police powers " WHAT F-----G PLANET are these people on???

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Aug 09

Posts: 2714

MarcusMarsh says:

On the Spot Fines

There is no point in introducing such legislation when there are insufficient traffic police out there to enforce it. 

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Mar 09

Posts: 21

Tim158 says:

Interesting idea.

But sounds very vague, and open to abuse and misuse. And an individual's opinion. Is is dangerous to ride a motorcycle along a queue of traffic? Does it depend on how well a policeman's day is going?

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Dec 09

Posts: 164

eltomo says:


whats the point?

there is already driving without due care and attention????? it isnt enforced because theres no police, FAIL

theres no police about and all there is is speed cameras which dont pick up any of this.







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Jan 09

Posts: 158


This is just a sound-bite. Traffic policing is not a priority in most areas and the actual officers have been replaced by that well known one-trick pony - the "Safety Camera"., As there is no-one left to dole out the fines the whole idea is a non-starter!

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Jan 10

Posts: 14

motosnape says:


When will the government legalise the assassination of spamming twats?

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Jul 09

Posts: 66

CaNsA says:

Bad drivers to face £100 fines....... Seems a bit sexist.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

This has nothing to do with improving road safety, more of a revenue raising exercise. Bearing in mind that traffic policing is very low on the list of priorities, as has quite rightly been pointed out, who will enforce these new powers? This is where you'll start to see more powers given to PCSO's and Highways Officers. I have heard that the latter will be given full enforcement powers within the next couple of years, as they are apparently a cheaper option than the police. Bearing in mind the vast amount of money that was spent to create their jobs, provide equipment, training and premises, you can see how this may be an attempt to claw some money back.

Also, will acts of carelessness be clearly defined? Or will they be purely a subjective matter of one person's opinion as to what constitutes careless driving? I can see the courts getting clogged up with motorists who feel unfailry dealt with. I for one would want to see either video or other corroborated evidence if I was accused of driving carelessly. Let's face it, we ALL make minor errors from time to time, for whatever reason. In the majority of instances, this causes nothing more than mild annoyance to others on the road.

Laws regarding standards of driving exist already, although the sentemcing of those convicted of the more serious offences leaves an awful lot to be desired. This proposed scheme appears to be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, instead of getting a firm grip on courts which impose lax sentences.

Sorry to witter on, but this really will affect all of us, as I wonder how many of those who will be issuing the penalty notices either ride a bike or understand much about them!


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