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Aug 02

Posts: 2491

sprag says:

not bike related but.........

On the news last night we saw AGAIN how the McCanns have once again got their faces on TV by trying to get the PM to do something about little Madeleine. Whatever your thoughts are re the disappearance of that little girl, did the parents themselves have something to do with it or was it an unknown nutter that spirited her away? It would be nice to spare a few moments of our time to think of that child. How would we as a youngster have felt if it had been us got left alone in a flat in a strange country while our parents buggered off to have dinner with friends. what must that child be thinking now [if she is still alive] after all this time? Maybe I'm a cynical old sod but every time I see some parents come on TV and beg, tearfuly for information about the where abouts of their lost child I'm always thinking 'yeah yeah yeah, I bet it was you'........ As for the McCanns? well....... One day I just hope the truth will out.

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  • Posted 4 years ago (13 May 2011 10:52)

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Jan 10

Posts: 3571

Beelady says:


I, too, never left my kids alone. I even got them out of the car while I was paying for petrol. I could not have lived with myself if any thing had happened to them. There is always the chance of accidents but leaving young children alone is not accidental.

I would love to know the truth about what happened but I think this is  always going to be unknown.

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Oct 08

Posts: 1066

950Darren says:

They are just trying.....

To cover up their guilt about being on the piss when they should of been there for her....

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Oct 08

Posts: 1066

950Darren says:


Its poor us...Look at us...Well if you had been there like you should have been in the first place like any parent you would not be in this situation now...Deal with it and stop blaming everyone else.

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Feb 11

Posts: 2661

gungerdin8 says:

tellin u now sprag


AND U NEVER EVER EVER LEAVE YOUR KIDS NOT 4 1 MINUITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Feb 08

Posts: 1952


....diplomacy out of the window for me now.

Personally,I think these two are complete arseholes who,if they'd been so called 'council house scum',would have been locked up within a month.

Can only hope the PM is as cynical as I am and is offering the police help with the aim to uncover other truths.

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Oct 04

Posts: 2970

Spire says:

It doesn't add up

Its clearly not a simple case and is unlikely to end with madeleine being found alive and well.

Why would the parents want further investigations if they were anyway responsible other than just for neglect?  Its just very odd.

How common is the eye defect?  Assuming its pretty rare, if she was still alive why hasn't anyone who knows her reported her as possibly being madeleine.  Tragicly its seems more likely she is dead.  Either killed by the abductors or accidently by the parents (seems unlikely)  or maybe by misadventure (also seems unlikely)

Whatever the truth it doesn't seem a sensible use of police time at the British tax payers expense. 

Clearly the McCanns didn't use donated funds wisely.

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Sep 10

Posts: 113

kshakes says:

Why don't they

Take a lie detector test to clear there names , Because like most of you ,To me something does'nt ring true.

Clear the suspicion , then people and the police might be more supportive.

Somehow , I think they may decline !!!

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Aug 02

Posts: 211

bimmerman says:

Sadly, lie detector tests

can be made inconclusive and offender profiling is not much better than random guessing. Hard evidence is in short supply and without any evidence to the contrary, their alibis seem to stand up to scrutiny. Although the UK media picked up on the story big time, the disappearance was much less publicised elsewhere in Europe, so the chances of Madeleine being identified are pretty remote (if she's still alive). I don't know anything about the parents and we all respond differently to extreme circumstances, so I can't judge whether their response is normal for them or not. I can understand them wanting the publicity and money to help with the search, but like the rest of you I don't particularly warm to them and don't like some of their actions. Really feel sorry for their other children who must have been hit hard by the event and the subsequent public feeling towards their parents. I just hope Madeline has been kidnapped to order and has a good life (and I make bloody sure my kids are close, too many wierdos about!). 

Edited for spelling, doh!

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Jan 11

Posts: 206

shark eyes

guilty as hell the reason for this is. people come up with ideas how to catch people out. well i have one if you got time to check my theory out. google sharks great white look at the eyes. then google convicted killers ie yorkshire ripper, mira hindley. enybody realy who has been convicted for murder then look at the eyes they are exactly the same. deeply dark in coulor and no pupils showing. then look at a normal photo of eny one you like and eyes are normal infact google people who have been wrongly convicted and they will have normal eyes... then google when maderlin first went missing then look at pictures of the parents. and then tell me wich one you think is guilty but the other one knows what crack is. its my theory and i will stick by it my self personly think she as met a unlawfull end but this is becouse of what i see in the eyes...... its what i call the shark eye theory.... same as other profilers i go by the eyes

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Feb 05

Posts: 320

jonwat9r says:


I have to agree with most about these 2, and on top of being stupid in leaving kids alone, the next day when she was missing the concerned father had a round of golf FFS!!! If mine had gone missing I still don't think i would be resting yet

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