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MCN Sports desk  says:

Colin Edwards’ crew chief to face ‘involuntary manslaughter’ charge

Colin Edwards' Tech 3 Yamaha crew chief Guy Coulon has been released pending further enquiries after being accused of accidentally killing a motorcyclist in France. The chief technician for Tech 3's MotoGP and Moto2 efforts reportedly reversed over a motorcyclist at a toll booth late last week. The tragedy happened when Coulon - driving the Moto2 race truck - pulled up...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (13 May 2011 17:33)

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Feb 09

Posts: 20

Tocket says:

He was reversing and couldn't see behind him! Lock him up for a very long time.

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Aug 07

Posts: 6169

stevebaldy says:

so they are

only prosecuting because he 'reversed out of a toll booth' ??!!....

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Sep 09

Posts: 7

fireflud says:

going backwards

If it's as black and white as it is in this article - then he deserves to be locked up and the keys thrown away.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1292

boybilly1967 says:


Agree 100%, if it is as the article states I hope he is locked up for a very long time. Lets hope that French laws are more robust than our weak laws but I'm not holding my breath.

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Aug 02

Posts: 43

releaser says:

A sad ending for the rider and a cruel twist that a lorry put him on that bike and a lorry killed him but lets not start jumping up and down and start crying wolf. Ever heard of a thing called an accident. Where's the common sense here. Sure he had a moment of carelessness that a caused a death but im sure he feels worse for that biker and his family then any of the posters on these forums. After all the guys loves bikes and they're in his blood, otherwise he wouldnt be the crew chief of a bike racing team. If we want to go down the hysterical, lock him up and throw away the key then why didnt they lock up scott redding and throw away the key. He ran over and killed a guy right infront of him. An accident is called an accident for a reason. Did he put the lorry into reverse and launch out at warp speed? Was the rider deaf? Could he not hear the warnings when the lorry was put into reverse. Maybe he had ear plugs in but he should have seen the reversing lights and realised what was happening and abandoned the bike and jumped clear. Maybe he was too close to do anything about it. Why was he too close, did he not learn anything from three weeks ago. Apparently not.

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Feb 09

Posts: 38

bakery says:

Biker to blame? Only in the parallel universe you inhabit....

So you pull up to a toll booth, behind a lorry. You sit behind the lorry confident in the knowledge that it's only going to move forward 'cos hey, it's illegal to reverse out of a toll booth isn't it? Waiting your turn you might even be absent-mindedly admiring the totty in the convertible in the next lane while you fiddle to get your change ready. The last thing you'll be expecting is the twat in front to start reversing. Then you panic to move your pride and joy out of the way and don't quite make it, fall off your bike and the twat in front is still reversing 'cos he hasn't bothered to check. And he runs you over.

How the feck is that the bikers fault, you arse?

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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:

very sad

however I agree people are to quick to say lock him up and throw away the key!
releaser makes some very valid points.
Yes the truck should not have reversed but in that situation how many would...probably quite a few!
Also if the rider had kept a decent distance behind the truck he probably would have had time to get out of the way.
Unfortunately these things happen and could happen to any of us so dont be so quick to judge unless of course you are perfect and never make a mistake.
Standards of driving and riding are very poor in general and until there is proper testing and follow up assessments the carnage will continue.

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May 11

Posts: 1

yovavb says:

drivers error

thats why you should have another person directing the driver from the ground

or maybe the race team sould invest a small amount of money and install  reverse cameras on their trucks!!

as a crew chief I also drive trucks and if I cannot see whats behind me I step out of the truck and take a look myself.

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Feb 09

Posts: 38

bakery says:

Sort of, Killahrhat....

I agree, he should have been more aware and prepared for other idiots doing something stupid.

I just disagree with "the biker is mainly to blame" - he wasn't the idiot reversing the truck, and breaking the law in the process.

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