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Tom Cambio  says:

Le Mans MotoGP: Stoner secures second victory of the season

Casey Stoner (Repsol Honda) secured his second victory of the season at Le Mans. After starting from pole Stoner reclaimed first from team mate Dani Pedrosa in the second lap, where he then stayed for the remainder of the race building a margin of over 14 seconds. Pedrosa kept pace with Stoner until losing second place to Marco Simoncelli (San Carlo...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (15 May 2011 15:30)

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:


all the crap off track and all the silly little insults count for nothing now, he's finished 14 seconds ahead of 2nd position in the DRY. Say what you like about his 'personality'. He is the class of the field. His overtaking manouvoures proved he is no slouch and has plenty of agression. I really hope Pedrosa will be fit for Catalunya, he would give Stoner a good run for his money there.

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Oct 07

Posts: 1306

hugelean says:

Brilliant ride??? really? The hondas are top four every week such is the dominance of the bike, both Jorge and Rossi would be winning easy also, given the bike and there strongest teamates injuries it's a cake walk, honda should be embarrassed their bike is so good(not really.) It's a good year to be a honda rider. Great to see how the riders all react this year.. Steady progress at Ducati best result by some way and far above what most had for Ducati every again, class i perminant and form is temporary, and going backwards at Yamaha ala Ducati 2008. I have a feeling that yam could implode no sponsor and less and less chance every time Honda wind up their rocketship. Gutted for Simo and Dani neither deserved their penalties as such.. I find the whole saga leaves a bitter taste/ Simo complains that the smaller riders have an advantage(and they do but if you watched Dani in the tight corners today he had a defo disadvantage changing direction) so all the midgets come out in force and with zero evidence to back it, lable Simo dangerous, first iffi move this year and a very severe penalty no doubt brought on by the little lobbyists. I can't figure if it was anyone other than Simo would they have been penalised?? would he have been penalised if Dani stayed on?? or walked away uninjured?? and was the penalty for the aftermath rather than the action.... Not good..

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Oct 10

Posts: 8

R6dude says:

Well deserved win

The number of people on this forum that has blinkers, or wears special glasses so they can only see their own rider, is simply staggering. Seems that some riders out there can never have a good race, while other riders are never at fault.

Stoner was best today and a level above the rest for the entire weekend, and he won as he should have won. He is a pain in the ass, but an awesome racer. Well done. Simoncelli is fast, but he fucked Dani into the hospital and himself off the podium. More on that later. Rossi had, in his own opinion before the race, the possibility to fight for fourth or fith. Dovi on the other hand, on a superfast Honda (Spies’ words), a bike miles miles better than the treacherous Ducati, ended up fighting Vale to the bitter end. Of course Dovi should have beaten Rossi! Rossi was 20 seconds better that the next Ducati, and climbed the field from 9th to 3rd. Well done. But more importantly, Rossi beat Lorenzo. Fair and square, in the dry. That’s a first on the Duke. Or did you miss that? If some of you cannot see that as an improvement, well... you are obviously blinkered.

Back to Simoncelli: So what is really the difference between an acceptable pass and one that is not acceptable? If you send somebody off the track or make them crash, that’s not acceptable. There’s been a massive coverage and focus on unsafe and close passing lately, most of it aimed at Simoncelli. Some fairly, some just silly. Lorenzo is not exactly Mr. Nice guy either. Neither is Rossi, his move on Stoner at Jerez was as stupid as they come.

Today, Dani had the inside line, Simoncelli tried to go the long way around, swiped Danis nose off big time and ran off track himself. Not by any means can that be considered an acceptable pass. Seriously, if you think so, what planet are you from? The ride through penalty was expected, it was welcome and it was fair. More than that, it is the only way to invoke a penalty immediately. If you want cleaner passing, that’s the way to go. Bickering afterward? That’s what they do in F1. In court. Silly.

Getting into the punching episode, it’s not about who did what and who was to blame. It’s about unsportsmanlike behaviour. Giving somebody the finger is borderline, but punching somebody while performing your sport cannot be deemed acceptable behaviour by any means. Yes, even if the blow did not cause RdP to crash.

The other riders were also-rans. Yes, even Spies. Le Mans is a tough and twisty track, supposedly perfect for Yamahas. Not any more. How quickly everything changes! Which just proves that this is racing at the very absolute and unpredictable summit of motorcycle racing. Amazing.

If you cant see this - for all your rider bigotry - you’re missing the point. If you – after watching the race today – still think this is as boring as F1, its probably just because you haven’t been paying attention. Bugger off, then. Go slag something else.

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Feb 09

Posts: 38

bakery says:

Nothing to add...

r6dude just said it all really...

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May 11

Posts: 2

Babyarms says:

Pedrosa at fault

Old glass bones stood the bike up mid corner before he hit Simoncelli.  He could have kept his line and followed the corner (and lost the place to Simoncelli).  Instead he let the brakes off and hit Simoncelli from behind (sending both of them off the track).

How many riders have made real mistakes and knocked other riders off (Rossi at Jerez for example), without any penalty??  This is Simocelli being punished for comments made by Lorenzo etc,  (who made a dodgy pass himself today!!)

Hope Dani doesn't slip ove in the shower, He'll probably break his back!!


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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:

I agree

with your post entirely R6.You have said exactly what I was thinking...Thanks.
Anyway great win for Stoner but a real shame for Pedrosa.His bad luck just wont go away!
Lets hope he is fit enough for the next race.
Also great race from Super Sic,not quite sure about the ride through though.
Also nice to see Rossi on the podium.To beat Lorenzo fair and square just goes to prove that slowly but surely they are improving.Considering Burgess said it would be mid season before they are competitive they are not doing to bad.

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Jun 09

Posts: 145

OxonJohn says:


Such a pleasant change to read a well thought-out, reasoned analysis instead of the usual mindless, biased name-calling.

Having said that, I still think Stoner's a petulant twat!  :)

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Mar 09

Posts: 5383

Nostrodamus says:

Trainerwheels. Your ignorance of all things racing

is quite stultifying, along with a few others on here. Also plagairising my 'form and class' line from yesterday I see. But there's not much cranial room for original thought is there in that tiny head of yours?

It is one thing to leverage a bit of room on the inside as Lorenzo did to Dovi - and as your lord and master has done on countless occasions - it it completely different to KNOW there is another rider inside and ahead of you and slam the door shut over the top of him. If I thought Simoncelli was more intelligent I'd say the move was malicious. That was capital D Dangerous and has potentially screwed up a nicely developing championship. He deserves to be hauled over the coals for that one. His track record is there and it is stark.

Stoner cool, calculating and done with pace to spare.

Rossi rode well and to his and the Dukes strong point - the anchors. But Le Mans is that type of track. There is a deeper malaise than this inherited podium.

Lorenzo. Love to know what's going on there. Rumours are he has - or will - swap back to the 2010 chassis. Not unprecedented (Rainey for instance) but starting to look rattled. One blown engine too by the sounds which cannot help his disposition.

Spies and Hayden continue to disappoint.

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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:

yes I agree

with you also Oxon John!

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Mar 11

Posts: 214

slit says:

you are missing the point

Rossi at jerez just fell off and unfortunately took casey out. you can call it dumb, overambitious or whatever, but it was clearly no intention from rossi's part neither to close casey's line, nor to fall. It was a genuine mistake, there's nothing rossi nor stoner could have done to change that. Sic made a very different move. He didn't need to close the line if it was a mistake, but he did anyway to make the pass. Although I think it's racing and I don't think he diserved the drive through, comparing it to rossi's move at jerez and saying it's a double standard coz rossi 'took stoner off and got away with it', well, that's dumb. Also, for who hasn't noticed it yet, how many times last year stoner finished 7 to 25 secs behind the race winner? Four times out of the initial 6 races, and notice also what the honda's are like this year, and, regardless of sic/pedro, which bike would have been anyway the first after the 4 hondas? All I can see is Rossi is proving to be a champion, that bike IS improving, prove be that today he was in for a neat tight fight for 4th if sic and pedro had finished.

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