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Steve Farrell  says:

Bike test rules relaxed

The motorcycle test has been changed in a bid to improve safety. Changes are introduced today to the off-road part of the exam in the hope of cutting the number of learners who crash taking it. It marks victory in an MCN campaign for a shake-up of the test after 45 learners crashed in the first nine weeks following its 2009 introduction....

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  • Posted 4 years ago (16 May 2011 09:00)

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Aug 02

Posts: 3284

eatcs01 says:


Does this mean they will be RE-OPENING all the test centres that got closed down due to bikes not being able to reach 31mph (50kph)???

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Sep 10

Posts: 18

luxybob says:


100% agreed with other comments, if you can't avoid crashing in a car park when avoiding a cone then why would anyone let you out onto the road. Ok, a straight fail for +/- 1mph was a bit tough, but the test was a breeze in terms of the 2 manouvers..

Get ready for the next MCN article - Increase in new bikers accidents.

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Apr 11

Posts: 10

SVLydia says:

had my test 26th of april on a 125, hit 49kmh in the speed trap both times and failed, i was gutted but at the end of the day it was my fault.... i agree with the other comments its easy to avoid the cones but then, they're treating that bend as a blind corner, do you really accelerate that hard until you have a clear view of whats ahead?

i think the examiners should have more freedom to decide if what the rider is doing has a direct danger to themselves or other road users, i know an examiner who passed someone who put their foot down when they did a u-turn, but at the end of the day on an empty back road, if you put your foot down to stop yourself dropping the bike is that causing an imediate danger?


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Sep 06

Posts: 302

gixercarl says:

still not enough

for me these tests do not teach new riders road craft

it be compulsary to go on an IAM course after test to teach this

this would really save lives and reduce accidents and premiums for us all

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Mar 11

Posts: 574

teamwindsor says:


I agree with most of the above. Its fairly simple but there is enough testing, there shouldn't be more added. Gixercarl, I agree advanced instruction should be advised, not compulsory. There are lots of new elements to the test to the test you did judging by your joining date that are totally irrelevent. Should those that have been driving with a full car license have to re-do the theory and hazard perception rubbish. Its all about money. They claim these testing centres were only established as you can't do 50kph on a 30mph road...why not do an emergency stop on an empty 40mph zone if safe...or not just do it to fall within stupid EU rules, we live and ride in the UK so surely we should stick to our speed limits?

Having said that the swerve is little more than a slight change in direction and if you come off the corner right you don't even have to swerve at all. The elements to the mod1 are all in the CBT (except "swerve") and if you can't do these you shouldn't progress so why bother have to test them again? It should just be about are you safe to ride on the road. A longer more informal test over several hours of free riding with an instructor would give a better representation.

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Mar 09

Posts: 78

wobblybiker says:


I passed my test even though I locked the back wheel momentarily on the emergency stop.  The examiner told me afterwards that as I had released and re-applied the brake without any loss of control there was no reason to fail me.  When I drive cars without ABS I usually cadence brake anyway so it was just as natural on a bike and surely safer anyway?

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Mar 08

Posts: 132

tman39a says:


Good to see government listening however i rode the current test to show a few mates what its about etc...i used their 125's that i'd never ridden before and breezed it.....then did it again on a Busa and made it but the long wheelbase didn't help....its an easy enough manoeuvre if your training has you ready for it.........and from what i've seen there lies the problem....far far too many learners aren't taking enough lessons from the right people to prepare themselves....its a serious test and the swerve test is worthwhile the way car drivers treat us at junctions etc. I did the old test and found it too easy with little more than road miles under my belt but i still did about a dozen lessons to learn the schools bike and get comfortable with the whole process with the headsets etc and someone giving directions. I know a few mates that failed the current test and it was all down to not taking lessons or using the wrong bike........hence not ready for it.

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Oct 10

Posts: 4

skwaa91 says:

Actually makes a large difference

When I took my test, I managed 29mph on the swerve on a 125, you have to absolutely pin the throttle around a (in a real situation) blind turn, now I don't know about other people but this seems like a silly idea to begin with, especially if there's a road joining just around the bend. Crashes made the news but I expect a lot of people on 125s failed because they couldn't get up to speed, I did my test perfectly besides the speed and failed, however, these changes are enough that now with a smaller rear sprocket I can pass!

So personally I think most people aren't passing not because of the safety of their riding but more because they just can't get their little bikes up to speed.

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Sep 10

Posts: 30

Histy says:

Long time coming

This has been a long time coming, the changes are better with the safety aspect but I still don’t see why we can’t do the test on the road, people still have to travel very far just to take a test. 32 mph (50kmh) what country are we in? UK our limits are in mph 30 so why not adapt it? Also 125 and 500+cc bikes doing the same test with the same speeds and stopping distance? The bikes are very different to ride.

Im pleased with the slow speed riding, the examiner walks behind so you can set your own speed (stops them taking the mic) enough from me ranting. It is a bit better but we still have room for improvement.

Histy -

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Aug 02

Posts: 3284

eatcs01 says:


In a car equipped with ABS, you should NOT cadence brake. It can confuse the ABS system. ABS replaces cadence braking.

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