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Matthew Birt  says:

Le Mans MotoGP: Marco Simoncelli defends controversial overtake

Marco Simoncelli has defended himself against a renewed barrage of criticism after he was involved in a controversial incident in yesterday’s Le Mans MotoGP race that left Dani Pedrosa with a broken right collarbone. Simoncelli and Pedrosa were contesting second place on lap 18 when they collided on the entry to the second chicane. Trying to overtake on the outside, Simoncelli cut...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (16 May 2011 10:03)

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Jun 10

Posts: 10

koko46 says:

Marco did not do  the proper Mirror-Signal-Maneouver. Not only should he get a penalty but 3 points on his license as well. Common it is motorsports I would hate to see people in front of laptops to decide races like in F1. Crashes happen remeber Max Biaggi-Rossi Dohhan and the rest of the great fights. If Stoner argues that they are gambling with machines at 150mph they did the same back in the two stroke days if not with much more temperamental ones. So let the boys race tough luck for Marco I think he fell victim of all the negative talks. Why didn't Lorenzo get punished for his overtake on Doviziosso? Much more dangerous

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Sep 06

Posts: 2

brooksie1969 says:

Racing thats Racing

I cannot understand why Simoncelli got a ride through.

He had passed Danny but Danny wasn't going to give, you need to look at the lap times, Danny was going off while Simoncelli was getting faster.

My view is that Danny is a bigger name than Marco but this will change as Marco wins, there is more wins in marco on the same bike than Danny just wait and see.

Do you think Rossi or Lorenzo would have had a ride through if that same happened to them? I think not....


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Jul 05

Posts: 19

superbiker27 says:

The ride through penalty was ridiculous, what for? Pedrosa was beaten into the corner and did'nt like it. Why was he not wearing an 'Air bag suit'  I.m sure even he can afford one then he would not be moaning!!!!!

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Feb 10

Posts: 48

thegogg says:

racing is racing

marco did what any other RACER would do, he took advantage of an oppurtunity, simple as that .danni stood the bike up and breaked before the apex and he had been going backwards for a few laps before this incident. Danni was not as fit as he thought he was and tried too hard to pass marco back before the corner, heavy breaking must be painfull on a weakened shoulder, so i'm afraid what marco did was perfectly acceptable, though  injuries were sustained i dont think the intent was to injure danni.

Simoncelli is a hard riding racer he would love wsbk or bsb but he is still a major threat to the full hbc honda and other factory teams.

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Sep 09

Posts: 14

toyotav8383 says:

its not complicated!!!

hey chaps since when did it become an illegal manoeuvre to pass on the outside??..the riders that say marco rode "dangerously" is bullshit!! you are either riding legally or illegally according to age old riding rules..if you say a rider was dangerous thats almost laughable as its the danger what brings us to race right??pedrosa could of missed marco as soon as he see him on the outside if he kept his cool brought on more lean with a tiny bit of brake i say...however im a fan of em all except edwards lol spinner! and am gutted pedrosa is injured but hey thats racing right and marco was definitely robbed by some twat official!!...all penalties should be dealt with after a race on play back" so correct decisions are made by a panel rossis right i say man up for f.cksake....and hope ped makes a speedy recovery!...rob essex england

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Jul 10

Posts: 540

The thing that worries me is...

What effect it could have on the racing, or more specifically, the passing at the races from now on? It must put all the riders on edge just in case a move seems too hard.

Nostrodamus? Answers please?

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Feb 11

Posts: 8

garmit says:

MotoGP not F1

We don't want MotoGP to turn into F1. If you don't want to watch competitive racing with passing and riders efforts meaning as much as the technological innovation go and watch F1 racing and leave us with MotoGP. The recent changes to the rules with single tyres and reduced capacity engines have taken many of the variables out of the racing and the electronics with launch and traction control have taken some of the riders' edge off the racing. The only thing left is the endeavour of the riders and races like the LeMans GP last weekend make Moto GP enjoyable. Yes, Stoner buggered off into the distance but behind him everyone was on their limit and the cming together of Simoncelli and Pedrosa was a consequence of competitive racing. Pedrosa has been throwing his minimal weight around in recent races and this time he met someone as determined as him to pick up maximum points. The penalty was laughable. Lorenzo, Rossi and Stoner are guilty of much more aggression last season so I say Simoncelli was punished because of his reputation rather than his actions. It's sad that Pedrosa is injured again but he is always fighting to keep the bike on the pace and is fragile when he falls. Racing needs this sort of incident to make it interesting so some riders will inevitably fall off and get injured. I'm sure they know that and if they are honest to themselves they all know that given the same situation for themselves they would have taken on the overtake that Simoncelli did and we love them for it.

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Jul 05

Posts: 7

kinnell says:

What is all the fuss about Simoncelli? Have the modern racers gone soft?...I remember when Schwantz and Gardner would bang fairings at EVERY race!

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Aug 03

Posts: 105



There is no doubt that Marco is a hot head. But, like many have said here, it's racing. At the moment, pretty good racing and I would be dissapointed if this incident was the starting point of the Moto GP nanny state.

Danny is a pretty fragile lad too. He's a pint pot compared to some of them. Talented though he is, he's bound to break more easily too because of his size. remember when he went to MOTO GP, they were concerned that he wasn't physically strong enough to wrestle the bike round.

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Dec 10

Posts: 3

flowboy says:

Simo's OK

I agree with thegogg - Yes it was a hard pass, but this is Moto GP - everything hapens super fast. Looking at the replays it looks to me as if Pedro' was tired & trying to outbrake Simo' who was on a charge. His rear seems to do a little hop into the apex as Simo' is next to him then maybe he thought he was losing the front & sits it up. That's when he clips Simo's rear. There is no obvious contact before that moment. I actually thought he could have kept it tight inside Simo' even if he would have lost a place. Simo' could have been a bit wider but might still have been clipped by Pedro'...

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