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John Westlake  says:

Debate rages over Simoncelli move that took out Pedrosa

Marco Simoncelli’s reputation as the bad boy of MotoGP rose to new heights after he was involved in a collision with Pedrosa that left the luckless and injury prone Spaniard with a broken right collarbone. Simoncelli and Pedrosa had just exchanged overtakes at Turn 6 when the factory Honda duo tangled on lap 18 of the Le Mans MotoGP while jostling...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (16 May 2011 10:10)

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Dec 02

Posts: 17

wurzel714 says:

Simoncelli did F**K ALL wrong, if Pedrosa hadnt hit him, he would have made the corner so wasnt out of control.  And why is it an illegal manouvre?  Cant they pass each other anymore?  What I want to know is, why wasnt Lorenzo punished for that move on Dovi at the beginning!??  Oh thats right, cos he's spanish.  Forgot its a spanish run series.......Gotta punish anyone that hurts one of their own riders!

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Mar 07

Posts: 33

incheerocket says:

At last

Cheers robmclean71 ..some sensible talking at last,  some on here should get themselves up to the NW200 next week for some proper racing, thats racing with the big boys..simo's move was maybe a bit over enthusiastic and Dani came off the worse for it,  bad luck but shit happens.... the penalty was OTT and only given cos the whingers had made an offical complaint before the race and simoncelli seems to be the scapegoat for a few out there at the moment.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5208

Nostrodamus says:


Err thanks. Actually I'm rather comfortable here on my soap box. Nasty things horses - big beast ,small brain (come to think of it that's quite a mane Simoncelli has), the motorcycle was invented to supercede them. Never been on one. An afternoon on a camel in Egypt and an elephant in Nepal was enough to remind me why.

My comments echo many others here and are completely vindicated by the opinions that really matter - the riders. I've read a few condemning Simoncelli's move (least not the king of the hard pass Mr Rossi). The only support for Simoncelli's innocent pleas comes from web posters. Hmmmmm.

As another erudite poster put on MM the difference to the Rossi take out of Stoner was Rossi had lost control. Simoncelli was in complete control and chose to bring on an incident that simply should not have happened. O.K I believe he is more stupid than malicious but some of that red mist needs to be wiped from the inside of his visor. The best way to do that is not the ride through but a more clinical 1 race ban. Simoncellis history demands it. This is not tiddlywinks. Motorcycle racing is a life and death sport. I've lost mates to it as have plenty others over the years. All this website 'pussy' nonsense is farcical. All of these guys are as hard as it gets.

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Nov 03

Posts: 315

elefantman says:

Don't compare to NW200

Don't go on with that hairy-arsed crap. Everyone knows the NW200, IOM TT etc are extraordinary dangerous events where people get killed - and yes, I've been there when it happened.

I would rather see Stoner, Simo, Pedrosa et al alive and kicking for a few years more - that's what circuit racing is about. The fact that the NW200 is inherently dangerous doesn't make it OK to ride dangerously in MotoGP.

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Oct 08

Posts: 262

LaughingGas says:

He's guilty: 6 months in prison and hold his family hostage !!

Oh well might as well give my 2pence on the story. Simoncelli cut him up leaving Pedrosa nowhere to go but in the dirt!

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:

The consequences of crashing in the NW200 or any of the other proper road races are way more dire than on a GP circuit & the riders know it which is why they don't pull moves of the sort we saw on Sunday... if a rider had decided they could pull a move like Simo did then the other rider would have given him the space to do it but ultimately they'd both have got round the corner or be looking at several months of hospital food (if they were lucky)... TT riders don't crash often for a reason... there's little to be gained comparing the talents required for each discipline.

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May 11

Posts: 2

Dewi13 says:

One mans point of view.

This is nuts!! Everyone knows or should know the risks before getting on a bike and thats probably the reason that some of us do it (for the thrill) so why punish someone who is clearly not done much wrong. If Dani Pedrosa would of kept his knee down and not stood the bike up half way round the corner then they would have probably only traded paint work, which at the end of the day would of made for better TV than someone whining about and broken bone or two.

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Oct 10

Posts: 48

SStyloF says:

Damn, you get some gurus here. Got to print this stuff, its gold..

Amazed how some have definitive knowledge of what happened. How did we all miss it? f f s

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Dec 09

Posts: 51

JHB1984 says:

rider who is in front has won

look at this vid ...


marco is clearly in front and looks good for the curve ... dani looks also good for the curve ... then there is a little contact and dani stands the machine up and contact the rear of marco ... afterwards marco is out of the race line.

marco ... ok

danit ... ok, until the "light" contact

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Sep 06

Posts: 4

whiskymac says:

Simocelli/ Pedrosa

Anyone asked Pedrosa's point of view!

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