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John Westlake  says:

Debate rages over Simoncelli move that took out Pedrosa

Marco Simoncelli’s reputation as the bad boy of MotoGP rose to new heights after he was involved in a collision with Pedrosa that left the luckless and injury prone Spaniard with a broken right collarbone. Simoncelli and Pedrosa had just exchanged overtakes at Turn 6 when the factory Honda duo tangled on lap 18 of the Le Mans MotoGP while jostling...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (16 May 2011 10:10)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2323

Hedgehog5 says:

Elefantman - "but Simoncellogate is nothing like what happened with Rossi and Stoner recently, which was a stupid accident on Rossi's part but an accident nonetheless."

So Simo's move was to deliberately make Dani crash? No... in both incidents/accidents they were riding hard & made bad decisions resulting in another rider crashing out... in the Rossi/Stoner incident it was very clear who was at fault... in the Simo/Dani one there is some dispute but a ride-thru was handed out.

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Nov 02

Posts: 121

littledaddy says:

...not sure who to blame!?

...i haven't got a clear opinion on this one yet  - although I think that's because Slightlysmelly is in my FRR Team and it's cost me points (suppose i will have pulled a few back from those who have Pedrossa) has anyone got a really good opinion I could borrow until i get my own please - preferably from a real armchair pundit who has never been on track or raced - and can tell excatly what happened by reviewing it over and over again - when it actually happened in less than 3 seconds in real time...(which is about as long as it took to read that last line).....racers are only human - apart from Rossi obviously!!

...but i do think that many of you are missing the "big picture" was mostly Stoner's fault  - if he hadn't been so fast then they wouldn't have been scrapping so hard to get on the rostrum....see!?? 

Does anyone know how Stoners teeth got so "bucked"!?..i have a theory...;-)

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Feb 09

Posts: 30

banx says:


for the both of them......... the whole scene is starting to look a bit biased, there are plenty of hypocrites on the track complaining about Simoncelli and his riding. Nobody wanted to see Danny in the gravel let alone another break, but I can’t help feeling that Simoncelli got a raw deal and that any move he makes now will be scrutinised and disected. I just hope this debacle doesnt get in the way of the racing or in Simoncelli's head - he's the most entertaining one out there!!!!

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May 10

Posts: 23

olafhd276 says:

Tougher riders

Now if it was a more physically stronger rider out there next to Simoncelli like Rossi or Lorenzo, than Pedrosa I don't think you'd be seeing the same crash. Because Pedrosa's so small he couldn't push Simoncelli wide like a stronger rider would have. Simple reason is Simoncelli is so much bigger and stronger than Pedrosa he was able to hole his position and keep going. These girls should watch what the boys do on the roads in Ireland and at the TT and toughen up. Also if you watch closer Pedrosa's rear wheel lifts right before the collision, thats what put's him down. I see nothing wrong with Simoncelli's riding and am starting to take offense at the bully boy antics of (especially) Stoner and Lorenzo (why did Stoner go with other riders to complain to race control about Marco when they've never had an incident as far as I've ever seen or heard). Toughen up lads or move outta the way. The boy coming through won't care as much (Iannone, Simone, Marquez to name a few)

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Aug 02

Posts: 562


Mate, while i agree with a lot of your postings you do need to get down off your high horse and stop believing only your opinions or those that agree with you are right, calling other people morons because they see things differently to you isn't really debating is it.   

The Simoncelli debate will rage and rage i'm sure, the saddest thing about the whole situation is that Dani is injured, luckily there are three weeks until Catalunya so hopefully he will be able to race.

The other sad thing is the witch hunt on Marco, started last race by Lorenzo ( himself guilty of a hard pass on Dovi Sunday ) and made worse by Casey/Barbera making an official complaint to race direction on Saturday, do we surpress riders racing instinct or do we understand that occasionally a racer at the top level of sport get's it wrong, i know which i prefer.

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Nov 03

Posts: 315

elefantman says:

more bikes next year

Just a theory but I'm wondering whether the organisers feel they have to 'take a stand' on this stuff before next year, when there will be more riders out there and greater potential for collisions. Giving Limoncello a penalty might be part of a bigger picture.

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Jan 09

Posts: 10

cwmdufarm says:

Get a grip race control

To quote another well known rider "this is racing". I didnt see rossi get a ride through penalty when it was obviously his fault in jerez!! also its a high risk sport and they were competing for 2nd place. its not F! and i hope it doesnt turn into it. Examples of similar crashes that should have had the same if not worse punishment if they are going to pick out simoncelli.

Rossi's shove on gibernau, jerez,

rossi's take out on stoner

and it was exactly the same situation is lorenzo had fallen off at velncia last year when simoncelli held his ground and that is all he did here.

i praise him for having such balls to hold his line and i hope to see more of it. as for pedrosa.... u were unlucky.

"this is racing"

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Oct 05

Posts: 52

robmclean71 says:

After you, no after you.

How about we just do qualifying and forget about racing? This would not have been a ride through in any other class. The likes of Pedrosa, Stoner and Lorenzo need a couple of laps of Cookstown with Michael Dunlop on there arse to remind them what real racing is.

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Mar 11

Posts: 18

gravelrashjr says:


All thats happening here (and everywhere else) is that everyone is trying to make a name for themselves. Rossi (who's already made a name) is making all this fuss about the bike and everyone else when the answer is really quite simple: make yourself a better rider and adapt.

Stoner and Lorenzo are just gunning for the top and to make it easier for themselves are manipulating the officials their way.

I personally feel that Simoncelli and Pedrosa are the only 2 out there actually racing. That crash yesterday was purely down to reactions and who could stick to their guns. Which in this case was Simoncelli, he did not deserve the ride through which was just race control trying to prove themselves (and failing... again).

I really hope this season and its riders sort themselves out because at the moment its coming pretty close to being as boring as F1. God help us....

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Jan 11

Posts: 661

carloslavado says:


I am really sorry i have a different opinion. I am waiting for lightning to strike me from the cloud that you are sitting on.

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