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John Westlake  says:

Debate rages over Simoncelli move that took out Pedrosa

Marco Simoncelli’s reputation as the bad boy of MotoGP rose to new heights after he was involved in a collision with Pedrosa that left the luckless and injury prone Spaniard with a broken right collarbone. Simoncelli and Pedrosa had just exchanged overtakes at Turn 6 when the factory Honda duo tangled on lap 18 of the Le Mans MotoGP while jostling...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (16 May 2011 10:10)

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May 11

Posts: 2

Babyarms says:

Agree with Standerwick

Spot on.  Simoncelli was in fron tof Dani and he stood the bike up.  He hit Simoncelli from behind!!

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

Any of you ever raced?

in a legitimate series or at least at the local level?  From many of the comments, I would think not.

At the riders' meeting before the race, everyone is made aware of the rules.  One of them is if you are passing from behind, it is your responsibility to make a clean pass as the rider in front can not see you and be able to predict your movements.

From my viewpoint, the riders arrived at the corner entry at the same time, Dani braking more than Simo in order to hold a tight line around the turn.  Simo braked less, trying to run deeper and get ahead of Dani.  As he nudged ahead, he then cut across Dani's front tire, trying to occupy the same exact location Dani was already in. 

Now, to me, what it looked like from there, was Dani saw that Marco was going to take out Dani's front wheel.  Dani put the binders on hard to avoid the collision, stood it up too much and crashed.  If Dani had not braked like he did, there is no question in my mind of whether or not there would have been a collision between the two.  There would have.  I'm not talking trading paint swatches either.  I'm talking about a Stoner/Rossi collision.

Dani could have easily held his line.  He would not have run wide even.  The line was his as he was already there.  Marco was clearly in the wrong.  This is basic racing rules in any racing organization.  There are proper ways to pass and that was clearly not it.  At the club level, I'd be sent packing for the season.

Anyone who calls the guys pussies because they want their passes to be clean have obviously never raced side by side with 40 other guys with your levers touching through a turn.  Twisting the throttle, leaving the pub on a Sturday afternoon doesn't qualify for racing knowledge and experience to understand what happened.

Just a racing incident my ass...

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Sep 10

Posts: 26

4619 says:

Ride through sucks

Been following GPs since the 70s I wonder what the like's of Roberts, Sheene, Gardener etc, would have thought of this ride through bollocks for over taking!!!!!! apart from the last few laps between rossi and dovi and the simo/pedrosa scrap the rest of the race was as boring as showjumping or F1, with pedrosa now injured simoncelli is proberbly stoner's only threat, so what does he do take a chance on another ride through???????????? i know what im gona do tune into BSB and WSB, MOTOGP is finished!! i wonder what the veiwings will be like when Rossi retire's????????????

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Sep 10

Posts: 1282

SatNavSteve says:

My turn!

Well, almost everyone else seems to have had a comment so I'll give you my  tuppence! After watching it a few times, as I see it, Simoncelli was overtaking round the outside  on a left hand bend, pretty brave in my opinion as he could have crashed on the marbles. He was half a bike in front of Pedrosa as they took the corner and Pedrosa stood the bike upright which caused his front end to catch Simoncelli's back end and down he went. Pedrosa could easily have taken Simoncelli's back end out causing him to crash. If Pedrosa had banked over and gone up Simoncelli's inside he could have caused a Rossi/ Stoner type accident. Lots of 'Ifs' but at the end of the day, it was a racing accident in my opinion and Simoncelli should never have been given a ride through penalty coz Rossi didn't get one. I rest my case!

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Jul 10

Posts: 4

stormingjoe says:


Simoncelli left plenty of room, Pedrosa stood up and hit him on the brakes, they should have sorted it after the race like they  normally would!!

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Jan 04

Posts: 12


Hit the gym


As they say on soccer am "Hit the gym" This is where Dani's size goes against him. He isn't built to bounce so generally always breaks something. If he beefs up a bit he won't be as fast. It's a shame cos I have warmed to him a bit over the last couple of years and competition is always good. Shouldn't  be out for too long though. No need for any penalty I doubt any rider goes out to hurt another it was just unfortunate. Lorenzos ramming of Dovisioso early on could've had the same result but was one of the few exciting bits of the whole race. The inconsistency of the punishments is the frustrating part, Rossi got no penalty for hitting Stoner , Stoner got fined for punching DePuniet which was out of order but DePuniet should've been punsihed for fannying about down the straight getting in his way.

Lets hope they all stay fit so we can have some decent racing. I personally don't care who wins the championship as long as its exciting and that that person deserves to win it on merit.

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Sep 09

Posts: 36

YZF750RR says:

MOTOGP repeat

I noted there is a MOTOGP repeat on at 6pm and recording it to see if we get to see the top three riders comments, any interview with Pudge or even Cal. All this as the after race interviews and any reviews were cut on the Eurosport transmission on Sunday. It's longer tonight, so here's hoping.

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Nov 10

Posts: 1156

Elbowz11 says:

Reliving the incident.

I can remember bak in 2003 when a smilar kind of incident took place at the Pacific GP known as the Japanese GP now when a certain Makoto Tamada elbowed Gibernau off the circuit and ended up getting disqualified as a result of it I think the same sort of thing have should have happened yesterday I wonder what action HRC are gonna take either take the factory kit away from Simoncelli or give him one more chance this issue has got the season talking and it will never go away.

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Mar 09

Posts: 294

Mort77 says:

Have to say

that I am still of the opinion that Simoncelli and Pedrosa's incident was a 50/50 racing incident. After watching it back several times it's clear to me that;

a) Simoncelli was in front going into the corner.

b) Pedrosa was never going to make it rond the corner.

c) IMO the paddock needs to climb down off the bandwagon - Rossi included/excluded depending on his opinion this minute.

d) Nostro has a sense of humour but does tend to talk down to people here a bit too much.

One wuestion related to point c. How much do you think Puig has paid out to get everyone to turn against Sinoncelli?

Going forward I have two hopes - that Pedrosa heals quickly and completely and that Simoncelli can convert his massive speed and talent into a race win really soon.

We all know that Rossi crashed a lot when he started in 500gp's, that Lorenzo and Stoner lobbed it a lot too as have many others before them. Hopefully Simoncelli can stop lobbing it and start winning.

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Jun 10

Posts: 356

Lorenzo99 says:

Aggresion & Safety !

    Aggresion & Safety,two words that are tottaly opposed to each other yet two words that are very relavant in racing.Aggresion is the complete opposite to safety yet motor racing has to balance in between these two words or concepts.One with out the other dos'nt work in motor sport.

    Trouble is that in the heat of battle (The race) the line between the two is very,very fine & for some it blurs.Some riders are more prone than others to this blurring effect (Marco).Both Marco & Dani payed a big price for that crossing the line but if we repremand riders left right & centre we will destroy the spectacle of the racing.

    I think the situation was handled badly & Marco was made an example off.The officials should have looked into the incodent after the race & then taken relavant action accordingly.I think that Honda management will also be repremanding Marco after this incodent.

    I hope that Marco can find a balance between aggresion & Safety in future races as he is a very talented rider.He needs to do this quickly though as his reputation for aggresion is far exeeding his reputation for safety.

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