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John Westlake  says:

Debate rages over Simoncelli move that took out Pedrosa

Marco Simoncelli’s reputation as the bad boy of MotoGP rose to new heights after he was involved in a collision with Pedrosa that left the luckless and injury prone Spaniard with a broken right collarbone. Simoncelli and Pedrosa had just exchanged overtakes at Turn 6 when the factory Honda duo tangled on lap 18 of the Le Mans MotoGP while jostling...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (16 May 2011 10:10)

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Mar 09

Posts: 5389

Nostrodamus says:

Phew, at last sane poster

and he had to come from the other side of the pond. Bang on X2Glider.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1091

leemuz says:

i think...

Simoncelli's ambition outweighed his talent..!!


Oh and MCN.... can you please vet your forum members more thoroughly please....

Can you make sure ever member is or has raced a motorcycle please as nobody elses views count..!!

But don't worry nostro and  aquarius are both former champions..!! there ok...

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Jul 08

Posts: 8

grumpytwin says:

It was a racing incident. End of. MotoGP should do something about the quality of the show, not penalise one strangely coifed individual about his aggressive riding style. Poor old MotoGP. Just as F1 becomes entertaining again and SuperBikes continually puts on an interesting and aggressive show, the so-called top level of bike racing has become just a tad boring. 16 or 17 bikes, two thirds of whom are not top level does not a world class series make.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5389

Nostrodamus says:

So some of you are interested in my racing pedigree

Started in 1991 and last raced 3 years ago. Non acknowledged retirement forced upon me by the ususal things, but mainly wanting to spend time with my young family - that and a dose of emigration from N.Z's fair shores.

Raced at club to national level in N.Z. High sided, low sided, banged fairing, scared myself shitless, been scared shitless by others, been knocked off & banged up, had mates banged up worse, and other mates that have been permanently retired from life by this game. Why? because there's no better drug hit that knee down 4th gear long raking sweepers and beating four valvers on a two valver. Raced a Suzuki 7/11 (older riders will know) for a wee while but mainly two valve Dukes. Won plenty, lost many more. Been lapped by Simon Crafar. But there's no shame in that, he almost did it to Doohan once, and Doohan's machine didn't have the 70H.P horsepower deficit mine did. Won two BEARS national titles. Alright? There you have it. Now my little Rossi Oompa Loompa's what do you bring to the table besdies your Playstation? Supermario I already know hasn't raced since his younger sister bet him in a lap of the house race on Tricycles as a four year old.

Respect. The only medium that can be used to measure such on this forum is the quality of the posts. Unfortunately there are not that many on here I hold in high regard. A couple sems to have dropped out of the loop altogether (Aquarius and Mazzzz1). A few others don't post nearly as much as I would like them too. WWB & Bruncvik being a couple that spring to mind. Apologies to others I haven't listed. You know who your are.

This respect game is a two way street though isn't it? I am not one to sit idly by and listen to pointless poisonous slander of riders by the usual suspects (S&M, trainerwheels, Minty, Leemuz and Leecho). Or for that matter those that come out with all the Rossi gayboy washed up slander. The aformentioned names are here to account for those young thrusters  though, so they hardly need me. Isn't it sad that I can recall Rossi's ragtag rah rah brigade monikers more than those that watch and comment through clearer eyes. Wosideg of course has some intelligence and humour about him but still with a vitriolic nasty edge that makes no sense.

If you're going to smear a lot of tripe across the screen against world champion riders you've never met, then you've really got to expect a bit of supercilious condescension from me.


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Aug 09

Posts: 37

glynny says:

Opinions are banned today!!!

Well we've sank to new depths today guys on this site I'm afraid.  Been following the thread all day and have succomed, eventually to throw my OPINION in.

Well we've had the lot giving us their OPINIONS today so why not, we've had racers telling us what they think, ex-racers, arm chair fanatics, illiterates, know it all's, know bugger all's................the lot.

Here's some facts for you (i know, a fact...whatever next!!!) 2 blokes racing as hard as they can, they collide, one falls off. Thats it, job done.

In all honesty everything after this has been down to personal OPINION and what side of the fence you sit on.  It really looks, from reading it all day as though the threads are fairly evenly split. Marco's fault- chopped Dani's nose off / Dani's fault- too fast in, crap braking, not on the racing line / (and of course, my own OPINION) no one in particulars fault, same bit o tarmac- a racing incident.

Take your pick chaps, i won't think any the worse of you for it, i truly don't mind which one you favour.  But to tell someone for daring to have an OPINION they're "morons"/"idiot"/"clueless" etc. Nah not on.  Disagree, state your case, change your mind if you like but c'mon lets do it with some form of openess to adult debate.  A forum where you're not allowed to say what you're thinking, beggars belief!!!

MY thoughts are, a racing incident, move on.  Ride throughs should be scrapped, you race to the flag and then the powers that be have from the incident to the time the riders stand on the podium to add time penalties if they see fit for punishments. This way the race isn't interupted, there's time for videos and reflection and no one reaches the exits not knowing who won/the podium etc (clearly if it's the last lap, they'll have to work fast!!!).

Gutted for Dani, really enjoying watching Marco, Casey superb. Hey, just my thoughts.............


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Oct 05

Posts: 52

robmclean71 says:

Yaaaawwwwwnnnn. Lets have a flower arranging world championship instead.

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Mar 09

Posts: 294

Mort77 says:

At the time

nobody in the eurosport commentary box (Toby, Jules, Spalders & Tom thingy-ma-bob - Ayomah's crew chief) thought the incident wasworthy of a ride through.

I've had a bit of research (on twitter) and Jeremy McWilliams is also of the opinion that it was a racing incident.

Obviously he is a former racer and none of the others are but they do know a bit between them. So this raises an interesting question imo. Are the rest of the paddock really in agreement that Supersic was to blame for Pedrosa's crash? Or are they jumping on the bandwagon because Marco has a reputation for hard racing, is getting faster and faster and they are scared that once he stops crashing he will be unstoppable?

Moving on from here I hope that Nostro can get back to informing without patronising and the childish name calling can stop as we could ahve a really good forum here.

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Sep 10

Posts: 120

daveire says:

He's a good rider, I like his riding style. He will find his feet. He has the making of world champion. I think he could be the next big thing.  

"to find the limit first you must cross it"  Rossi.

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Jul 10

Posts: 540

Poor Dani...don't know who is right here

I'm sorry for Pedrosa. He was my hope for this year. Simoncelli too, he was riding his boots off. Now he'll have no fight in him and P'Diddy will be back on the surgeons table. Shame for the Championship. Marco and Pedrosa looked real players. Simoncelli is guilty of simply being a racer. He's competitive but an ace at times. Dani did force the situation a little under very late breaking but maybe Sim thought Pedrosa could make the turn tighter. Who knows?

Its just a shame for the sport a guy broke a bone and can't come back immediately for revenge. The ride through's are shite. I hate em. They ruin a race and decide nothing. The real analysing should come after the flag.

Stoner on the other hand has massively benefitted which is good. I'm actually hoping now he shows what domination is. It's not just the bike like I said previously. I was wrong. I mean look how far off the other Hondas are. Its raw talent taking the 2011 title winner to this level and beyond. Rossi and Lorenzo won't challenge for crap this year. I honestly think it’s a sealed deal. Come next race Casey will have top spots throughout the weekend and win the race by a million miles. How can the confidence drop now he's on a roll? Honda will have evaluated his performance over P'Diddy's and basically decided to throw the lot at him. He'll get anything to keep him at the top. I know he's not top yet but come on, who doesn't think he'll be leading by the time the next race finishes? Stoner is recreating what Doohan did only Casey is doing it with more style. Doohan was a proper control freak and Stoner isn't. He knows he's the best there is right now and damn well knows nobody will catch him this year. Its his year to prove its not just a fantastically dominant bike he needs to win on, its his raw speed and never say die attitude on track.

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Jun 06

Posts: 43

exsup says:


I thought it was motorcycle racing the sport where you give a bit of a push and a shove now and again to get over the winning line first. I thought that the pass was fair and Simoncelli held his line like any racer would have done. Lets not go down the road of F1 and fuck up bike racing by having ride thru's this guy was riding his arse of on Sunday and he did not deserve the ride thru. Anyone remember back to the 70's when Duhamel was riding the Kawasaki he never got any ride thru's for his tactics.

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