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Matthew Birt  says:

Le Mans MotoGP: Valentino Rossi blames Simoncelli

Valentino Rossi conceded that Marco Simoncelli’s overtake during the French MotoGP race that left Dani Pedrosa with a broken left collarbone was too aggressive. Rossi has been a staunch supporter of his close pal in recent weeks as Simoncelli has come under attack for his hard riding tactics. But nine-times world champion said he had watched TV replays of the incident on...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (16 May 2011 10:38)

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Dec 10

Posts: 19

kizzat says:


at what point can you compare casey winning his first race in 2007 to rossi not winning hist first in 2011

casey won less and less every year after that indicating bike was better in 07 and the rest of the field got better 08-2011, to top it off casey had spent 1 year on a 990 well half coz the other half was on the deck adapting hist style quicker than others to the 800 caperossi didnt do to bad in his first year but was shadowed by casey.

as for people saying rossi didnt deserve his position well dick heads comes to mind beat j-lo almost done dovi on a far superior bike. im not taking anything away from casey hes good no one else has done well on the duke but rossi wiil and can ride this bike and will get better and better no lack of money or sponsers watch out 2012

as for cal pole at silverstone im putting a bet on it he was almost as quick on a sbk


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Sep 09

Posts: 14

toyotav8383 says:

i have to say what i think

i have to say i think loads of fans have underestimated stoners talents in the past,..lest not forget the very little difference lap time between all of the gp riders,...but purest stoner fans are foolish to say that rossi will never win again,..of coarsa" he can win again and he probably will,..the busted leg dented rossi no fear attitude for sure but his talent is second to none...and the stats dont lie,..or dream! moneys on dovi or stoner this year though

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Mar 07

Posts: 3

Gixerguy says:

Talking nonsense

RDB46. Sounds to me like you used to be a Rossi fan now you are a Stoner fan, I bet last year you were a Lorenzo fan. What about 2006 Hayden perhaps.

You all talk as if Rossi has all of a sudden forgot how to ride. He is 9 times world champion for a reason.

As for Casey Stoner, he won in 2007 because that Ducati was by far the fastest bike on the grid. So much so that the other teams were left wondering what the hell was going on. Since then nothing, in fact last year was a bit of a crash fest. Now in 2011 the honda is the fastest bike out there and he is back to his winning ways (Can anyone else see a pattern here) once the other teams catch up he might not have it so easy.

Then there's Lorenzo, that Yamaha's not looking so dominant this season. Could it be that it is missing a bit of the Doctors development.

Forget Moto GP and jump over to WSB and BSB The racing is far better and they don't spend all there time Crying (well appart from Biaggi but he is an Ex GP racer)

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Apr 09

Posts: 192

yammy7r says:


Rossi's a Pussy

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:

We need to talk about Marco ...

So many people are commenting here that “don’t know what they don’t know”.

Negotiating a corner is pure physics and a tad of geometry. Leaving out rider skill & bravery, specific factors govern how to negotiate any corner – speed, line and traction. These produce a specific “arc” that we are all familiar with. Racing lines are NOT like riding on the road. Because carrying speed is the essence, the rider uses the entire width of the track surface and “straightens” every bend or curve to enable the optimum speed. Go in “tight” and you have to run the plot wider past the apex and the exit. Go in “wide” and you can hit the apex earlier and come out tighter, but you might well get “block-passed” up the inside, having to slow and pick the bike up – ruining your line through and out. A couple or group “dicing & defending” will be slower for this reason than the lone rider out front having the freedom to choose and keep on the optimum line. This is immutable, with these “arcs” being quite predictable to the rider. Weird & freaky talents like Schwantz and Haga in their hey-days were able to follow odd lines and scribe equally odd arcs and still carry speed but these are exceptions to the Rule. Dani “knew” Marco was there as Marco had already had one go at nailing Dani shortly before. Very predictably and properly, Dani took a tight & defensive line into the next corner – a Left-hander. This meant Marco had no option but to wait - or try and pass by going outside and wider, therefore having to cover more ground, losing time & space and fail the attempted pass. Marco took that option and also braked slightly later.

So far so good but what it meant was that their respective “arcs” would intersect either at the apex or exiting this corner. BOTH riders would have been very well aware of this fact. Problem was – Marco then tried to be “creative & aggressive” turn in very early and shorten or “square-off” his line. This instantly put him on a collision course and he would have fully known that. It was a gamble. With both at the limits of speed & traction - Dani had no recourse other than to either “low-side” - and bring Marco down with him – or – “stand the bike up hard on the brakes” to attempt to miss or minimise the now inevitable “hit” with Marco. He opted for the latter and Marco’s “gamble” that Pedrosa could avoid him had failed. There was no malice in this but Marco is wholly guilty of impetuosity and stupidity as he could have held-off and safely passed Dani later. While Dani did the “right” thing for both rider’s sakes – both of them suffered. Marco’s ride-through was both points-crushing and inexplicable given this was a “racing incident” that every man and his dog has been guilty of. If the prevailing “political” climate meant he had to be punished and made an example of – a large fine or short suspension was the better option rather than ruining the Race. Whatever the appropriate penalty – Dani was the innocent & injured party. Marco was as guilty as sin. Cheers

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:


Firstly, RossiDukeBiker is being sarcastic so ignore that. Secondly, you say Stoner can only win on the best bike ? im assuming your a Rossi fan also and thats just typical really. I guess you failed to mention Rossi has been on the best bike every time he's won aswell no ? Le mans = 15 second gap to 2nd, hardly all done by the bike. Rossi can count himself lucky to get this podium but i have a feeling it won't be long until we here about how is shoulder is 'hurting' again. Just to clarify, Rossi said his shoulder would be fit for Estoril 100% after the Jerez round. Then it got to qualifying in Le mans where he got 9th and they usual 'this track is not good for my shoulder'. But he's extended the date and says he will be fully fit by Catalunya. Bottom line, he was already fit but needed an excuse to fall back on in the likely event he were to finish outside the top 5. Stoner a 'moaner' compared to this dribble? please.

[This Reply has been modified by the Author]

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Jun 10

Posts: 48

Halitosis says:


It is a real shame that only your second post in 5 years is so one-eyed, non-factual and stupid. Let's just have a quick peek at the record: In his entire GP career across ALL Classes - Stoner has Won 32 GP's and taken a podium place on 66 occasions. When one considers he was on 2nd-string bikes and tyres in 125, 250 and 990 GP's, this is a record that ANY bike racer in the World would envy. Strike 1.

When he was on comparable bikes (800's) and tyres to your Saint Valentino, here is the comparative record: Rossi has so far Won 21 GP's to Stoner's 25. As to Podiums - Rossi has taken 49 to Stoner's 45. Pretty close, isn't it? And you can see that this "placing" consistency is the only factor that has rewarded Rossi with 2 MotoGP Titles to Stoner's 1 in the same directly comparable time-frame - well, so far, anyway. It is appreciated that Rossi missed 3 x Rounds with a broken leg – Stoner also missed more than 3+ Rounds with illness and injury, so please don’t try the old buts, what if’s and maybe’s, OK? Their records are VERY comparable. Hope you don't commit Hari Kari when Rossi is only good for 5th and Stoner takes the final MotoGP 800cc Title this year to even the Titles up and draw even further in front of Rossi on GP’s Won. Strike 2.

The old, silly, oft-repeated mantra that the Ducati was soooo much better/quicker etc in 2007 is exposed as a complete nonsense by the fact that Stoner's highly regarded Team-mate - multiple 125 and 250 Champ, Loris Capirossi on exactly the SAME BIKE couldn't get within cooee of Casey Stoner either in 2007 - finishing 201 points behind Stoner in 7th place. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 - no other Ducati rider could get anywhere near Stoner either or claim a race Win. Ex -250cc Champ, Melandri usually finished BEHIND the satellite Ducati riders and the 2006 990cc GP Champ, Nicky Hayden could only achieve a couple of 3rd's in 2 entire seasons over 2009 and 2010. Now your goat Rossi is struggling with a bike PROVEN to be difficult and treacherous to ride. Doesn't this say or tell you something? But, according to you - Stoner is a dud, right? Strike 3.

People and alleged “fans” like you are so jaundiced, jealous and biased that it is truly embarrassing. Rossi is a GREAT rider - his record speaks volumes for itself. So does Stoner's - but you don’t have the grace or intellectual rigour and honesty to accept or even acknowledge it. You, Sir are an absolute dead-head, dumb-arse and a numb-nuts but, sadly, you are far from alone. There is so much sheer wankery about. You have had your 3 strikes and you are now OUT. See you next in 2016.

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Sep 10

Posts: 836

CBR11X says:

Halitosis- well said bad breath!



I agree 100% mate.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2320

Hedgehog5 says:

More GixerGuy

To add to Hali's tirade of statistics... "Since then nothing, in fact last year was a bit of a crash fest."

Last year Stoner had 5 DNF's compared to 9 podiums... sounds more like a podium fest... ?... & he's finished 2nd, 4th & 4th in the championships... hardly nothing considering his company (Rossi included)... ?

When Stoner won the title he made that bike run the best that he could just the way Rossi did with Honda (in 2002 Honda's won all but 2 of the races... arguably the best bike), Yamaha & maybe can will yet with Ducati. All credit to Rossi for his development & achievements but don't say Stoner's only winning 'cos of his bike... he was ahead of Dani on the same bike by over 3 secs (a gap that was increasing lap by lap) & beat the other factory Honda by over 14 secs. Don't even go there when considering what he could do on the Duc compared to all other riders (including Rossi).

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Aug 02

Posts: 2320

Hedgehog5 says:

"He is an extremely talented rider but Rossi has been more consistent than him on the same bike, more points and higher in the standings for the same amount of races. It takes more than just blinding laps to win a championship."

Wosideg... you've picked the one year out of Stoner's career where he scored less points after 4 races than Rossi & that was only 'cos he crashed out twice... even on the Honda in 2006 when he came 8th overall he'd scored more points than Rossi after 4 races. Rossi has 47 points now... Stoner had : 2007 86, 2008 56 & 2009 65... it's about points & consistency & no-one has one a championship in MotoGP with a start as bad as Rossi's this year. I admit, the statistic means nothing, which is why I'm surprised your referred to it. I hope he can do it... it would be astounding.

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