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Matthew Birt  says:

Le Mans MotoGP: Valentino Rossi blames Simoncelli

Valentino Rossi conceded that Marco Simoncelli’s overtake during the French MotoGP race that left Dani Pedrosa with a broken left collarbone was too aggressive. Rossi has been a staunch supporter of his close pal in recent weeks as Simoncelli has come under attack for his hard riding tactics. But nine-times world champion said he had watched TV replays of the incident on...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (16 May 2011 10:38)

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Jul 08

Posts: 1091

leemuz says:


Out of proportion.......Yeah he was in the wrong cause he took DP'S line but come on...i have'nt seen him be dirty to anyone else..........lorenzo ran into him last year....and then dished his own dirt out on dovi.........It's just the up n coming Pup's that want the titles handed to them......keep up the good work marco........a definate future champ....

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Jun 06

Posts: 390

9999steve says:


You lot make me laugh. It was racing, he didnt do it on purpose and VR's comments are just that comments not judgements in court. It was just a good hard overtake by a racer. We need more of them in Motogp right now not the pussy's that are upfront this year!

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Jul 10

Posts: 540

The missing link...VR & Marco

Rossi says it as he see's it. He didn't go knocking on Matt Birts door screaming 'Marco's crazy, he'll kill someone before the end of the season, we need him stopped, he told me he would murder my Guido (2)'. Or at least I doubt it went down like that.

Regards the 'missing link' I honeslty believe Marco is giving inside information on Stoners Honda setup to Rossi. Rossi in a bid to try and be half the talent Stoner is will stoop to new lows this year and getting Marco to get Stoners settings is the first stage. You just watch. If Rossi starts improving he'll be using the already known setup data from Stoners Duke combined with the new settings of Stoners Honda producing the ultimate hybrid of Ducati and Honda could almost call it a 'Honducati' or 'DuHon'...christ thats spooky. A 'Doohan'??? Conspircay theorists must be onto to thios shit immediatley.

Stoner will win despite this of course because Rossi has had his day and Stoner is a class of his own. If he doesn't win the title on that bike with that talent there's no justice in this world. Its insane to think anyone other than him will win every race from now on. I'm telling you. He's got one hand on the trophies already. The orange and blue foreworks prepared. I'm betting he takes it by Phillip Island or AT Phillip Island.

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Oct 07

Posts: 35

Stu749s says:


I'm a Rossi fan, I'm just saying it as I see it mate.  No need to get offensive dude.  Rossi is also saying it as he see's it.  I'd rather trust the judgement of a 9 times world champion than anyone else.


Why do GP fans get so confrontational.  I think I might stick to WSB and BSB forums, at least there's no "football fan" insults.

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Mar 11

Posts: 102

timgsxr says:

Some nerve

Rossi has some nerve criticising Simo.Were was rossi's ride through.

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Mar 11

Posts: 214

slit says:

rossi's interview

So I heard the ORIGINAL interview from rossi. He says "I've only seen a brief clip of the incident, from WHAT I HAVE SEEN, it seems sic was faster but did not leave room for pedro." Rossi is not bashing on sic, he is commenting what he know about the accident. On top of that he added "lorenzo was tough on dovi, but that's good, that's racing, we like that". Finally added, "I've been a bit lucky to get the podium, but I'm very happy because finally I'm starting to ride well and I understand the bike better, I beated JL, and probably, with some more experience with the duke I could have taken dovi too". "Casey says how well he could ride the duke last year, but when did he get his first podium?". Amen

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Dec 08

Posts: 1911

thestig08 says:


You are wearing the same coloured lenses as Marco has in his shades,The move was at best harsh and the outcome totally unnecessary,Anyone being honest would have to admit that if this were there rider of choice or favour that had recieved the injury the blame would only be on one person,it is that simple

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Feb 09

Posts: 305

bryfor59 says:


The guy (Simoncelli) is a definate future champion, his riding is hard and aggresive, but by the fuck he is exciting to watch, I have no doubt he will settle down a bit in time (hopefully not too much) and his undoubted talents and abilities will shine through, I still feel he should not be made out as the total villain in this piece! Pansy Pedrosa could have taken avoiding action as he must have clearly seen Simoncelli on his outside, and by the way the fact that the little prick is injured will obviously effect his finishing position at the end of the year but there is no way on earth he would ever have won (or ever will win) the championship in any case

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Oct 10

Posts: 29

grendelsarm says:

Casey won his first race on the Duke!

"Casey says how well he could ride the duke last year, but when did he get his first podium?". Who cares. He won his first race ever on the Ducati back in 2007. That is what is equivalent to Rossi this year. Casey won 10 races his first year on the Ducati. Will Rossi win 10 races this year?

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Jul 10

Posts: 540

Exactly right dude, I hear ya...

Casey won on the Duke in 2007 for his first race and it is EXACTLY THE SAME BIKE Rossi is riding now. Exactly. Why do people not see that? Stoner is head and shoulders above everyone especially Valentino. I’m not taking any excuses from Rossi; he should have damn well destroyed the opposition at Qatar because of the Dukes performance. I’m not glaze over facts and try and make things up like the shoulder or lack of development or utter crap like the Duke getting worse over the years Stoner developed it – that’s all just made up fluff. The fact is Rossi has the EXACT SAME bike as when Stoner started the 2007 Championship doen to the fact it still has the same tyres on it and spark plugs in and the reality of Rossi coming in at 5th or 6th just shows that Stoner is truly the king of MotoGP racing. Everything before this year is nonsense now we have a true Champion on a truly ‘even with the field’ Honda. Lets just hope no idiots take him off and ruin his chances of domination. I for one would be seething.

Nice comments dude. Fully agreed with a ya.

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