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Matthew Birt  says:

Le Mans MotoGP: Valentino Rossi blames Simoncelli

Valentino Rossi conceded that Marco Simoncelli’s overtake during the French MotoGP race that left Dani Pedrosa with a broken left collarbone was too aggressive. Rossi has been a staunch supporter of his close pal in recent weeks as Simoncelli has come under attack for his hard riding tactics. But nine-times world champion said he had watched TV replays of the incident on...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (16 May 2011 10:38)

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:


Feeling fine, just credit where its due and all that. I just don't appreciate people like yourself though, saying Stoner can only win on the best bike and your comment saying he was 'lucky' at Le mans was pretty ridiculous. I can only hope Rossi fans can give STONER credit where its due, and not just saying its because of the bike. Every Casey fan could turn around and say 'Rossi can only win when he's on the best bike' as he's clearly not anywhere near achieving a win now. People will always compare Rossi to Stoner in 2010 with the results. Stoner crashed, the only reason he didn't produce better results. I accept the fact he was inconsistent but people who say stuff like 'well Rossi got 5th and Stoner crashed here last year so he's obviously better'.. If Stoner had not crashed he would have been 1st 2nd or 3rd most likely. Something better than Vale is acheiving this year. Also whenever Stoner goes into detail about what is wrong with the bike its classed as 'moaning'. When Rossi does though, its giving 'a good insight into the problem'.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1091

leemuz says:


As per Lorenzo's helmet....Round the outside is a perfectly legal manouver...

As long as you don't cut across the bike your passing and take there line...

Sic...Nearly pulled of the pass of the season...iNFACT THE MORE I WATCH THE MORE I WONDER WHY DP sat the bike up so early

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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:

Sic of it all

The mere fact that so many people have different views on this shows that Sic should not have been given a ride thro'. A steward's enquiry should have been held AFTER the race, and only after consideration should a penalty have been given. Who's to say that Pedro wouldn't have crashed of his own accord - as is often the case he seemed out of control on the brakes. There is also the question of inconsistency here - Pedro didn't get any penalty for taking Hayden out in '06, nor was Gibbers punished for leaning on Rossi even more heavily than Sic did (altho, of course, he did take himself out). Also the guilt of Lorenzo is obvious in his clash with Dovi at Le Mans, and Stoner leaning dangerously on Rossi at Laguna 2008. Let there be more outsider tactics in MGP - it shouldn't all be left to old man Troy Corser (king of the outside sweep).

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May 11

Posts: 1

Tuonoman60 says:

Sim OK

Whats all the fuss about, Rossi has a short memory takes off Cassy in a crazy overtake with no chance of stopping, we don't want Bike racing to go like F1 all follow the leader, thats why we enjoy bikes the thrill of the overtake, come on boys toughen up!!

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Apr 08

Posts: 26

cs2805 says:


i seem to recollect that lorenzo barged his way passed another rider actually making contact with him earlier in the race,it seems that they are put off by simoncelli,s riding style and that he is not a push over, to be bullied into submission.i hope he puts this behind him through the rest of the season. it is great to watch him getting better with each race bring it on. (nice one! side show bob)

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Oct 10

Posts: 178

Mikeyy says:

Rossi just about sums it up nicely Simoncelli in wrong and Dani could do nothing to avoid Simoncelli silly outburst of aggresive overtakes

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Jan 09

Posts: 845

v1nn1e says:

Agree with Aquarius below

Poor decision making by Simoncelli.

He's had a year in MotoGP and many more in 125/250 - you'd have thought he'd have had time to mature a bit by now. He's got the talent and the raw speed - he just needs to let his mind catch-up. Perhaps he and Iannone could be a put in a race all of their own...?

I love close racing but when the protaganists are busy punting each other into the gravel it no longer becomes motorcycle racing but Rollerball! If Pedrosa's season is over because of this, the championship will be the poorer for it.


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May 11

Posts: 10

sdffdsf says:



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Mar 11

Posts: 102

timgsxr says:

fucking spams I thought mcn stopped it

Fuck off spammers

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Jul 08

Posts: 1001

Just wait til.....

Marco punts Rossi into the weeds! Dorna will be in a pickle then won't they? Can't give him a race ban as there aren't enough bikes on the grid! That's it will have to be a hefty fine and mullet haircut to really embarrass him. Post the barber footage on youtube and shame him into behaving! Thou shalt not impede the glorious one, the fastest one, the moody looking arrogant one, nor the wee little one. You shall be known as No. 5 beehive grande.

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