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Steve Farrell  says:

Have you crashed on stone chip surfacing?

MCN is investigating stone chip road surfacing after receiving reports of crashes from readers. According to the Road Surface Treatments Association there has been a "massive" increase in use of the stone chip by local authorities trying to cut costs. The technique, also called 'surface dressing' relies on passing traffic to embed stone chips onto bitumen. Have you crashed on a...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (25 May 2011 10:13)

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Sep 07

Posts: 2825

James600zx says:

Loose chippings.

I crashed under 30mph on a roundabout back in 2005 on tiny stone chips which had been swept from the newly laid "extra-grippy" approach (ironically!). The roundabout had railings round the outside and the approach was festooned with signs for new roundabout, school, show home, the circus and God knows what else. There was a small 'loose chippings' sign amongst them but I only saw that when I went back later. I phoned the council and they didn't seem bothered. This was Sunday evening and the grit was still there on Tuesday.

Last summer they "dressed" a steep hill near me necessitating low gear with some brake on the way down. It was like riding on ice.

Bring back the steam roller!

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Sep 10

Posts: 19

Westymr2 says:

Very close today!!!! :(

Turned onto a road which had NO signs at the beginning  of the road! Had them 200yards down the road though.....No fu*ing good when you turn into the road at 20mph ish then crack on the power mid corner to find the rear tyre is round by ur ear hole! NOT GOOD

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Oct 10

Posts: 8

Retromurdok says:

The council knows

In northamptonshire when they spray this shit on our roads, They know certain bends are too dangerous to put grit on so they leave them out. So you stone chipped surfacing a bit of shagged tarmac and then back to stone chippings.


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Mar 09

Posts: 78

wobblybiker says:

Stone chips

Awful stuff.  Half of my 100ft hogging driveway now has loose stone chips about 3 inches deep due to them having been washed down from the road every time it rains.  Made a total mess of the drive.

Recently we had a 1-2 mile stretch of very pot-holed road repaired.  Instead of patching it as they usually do, they did a proper job and stripped about 4-5 inhces off the top of the road and retarmaced the whole stretch.  For 2 weeks we had a perfect road surface.  Then they came along, stripped half-an-inch off the perfect surface and stone-chipped it all!!!  One winter later large areas of stone-chip have come away and potholes begin to reappear.

Go figure.

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Oct 09

Posts: 39

Vortex52 says:

Chip Surface

I have only one comment to make about it: This country is indeed becoming a third world country!

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Feb 11

Posts: 38

krustchoff says:

to add to the stone chips on the road repairs  south ayrshire council have taken  a decision to add type 1 agrigate to there salt for snow and ice, snow melts stones left behind and you slip all over the show when you hit them, also wrecked my rizla dream machine paint job, chipped to feck, never mind the thing like bullits hitting your visor and helmet. i believe other councils are doing the same to make the salt go further.

out of order. 

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Aug 09

Posts: 11

speedfreak56 says:

surface dressing

A few years back i came across this crap on a narrow unfamiliar country road 2 up with a pillion who had never been on a bike before. Slowed, kept away from the brakes and kept everything nice and gentle and in line and had car drivers overtaking to stuff the brakes on as soon as they pulled round me, or go past in the opposite direction at daft speeds. Showered with stones from all directions, mentally knackered from concentration just trying to keep upright and arsehole twitching for about 3 miles i got out of the re-surfaced lane.

A drink and sandwich and back on the bike for the return journey, find an alternate route and yep, the only other road for miles i can use to take my pillion home (who was blissfully unaware of the real risk of us ending up going down) and the beggars have done that one too.

I've riden in snow storms and some bloody awful weather and traffic, used to be a year round all weather commuter on a bike, a lot of it 2 up but that was probably the worse journey i've had in years and all on a lovely summers days which should have been great fun. Thing is if it's cheap and only affects us bikers  nothing will be done about it. As for compensation for damage to paint and casings or for spills, i've never yet heard of a council thats actually responsible for anything it does or pays a contractor to do.  

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Mar 10

Posts: 54

zannoti says:


surface  dressing ?     more  like  window  dressing ,    to  make  the  third  world  roads  we  now  pay  a  fu+king   fortune  to  ride  [read  slide]  on,    look  half  decent  for  about  2  months.         as  usual  one  of  the  g8  countrys  [the  richest  on  the  planet ! ]  cant  afford  anything  better.        take  care  this  summer  guys ,  on  our  shit  city  roads ,  and  dont  end  up  as " salad  dressing ! " .

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Sep 10

Posts: 51

dom501 says:

Hundreds & Thousands

I went to the Raven Cafe today for a ride out and on the way home along the A41 (Prees Heath) they've just started resurfacing with this crap, I could'nt believe it because i'd only read about it in MCN a few days before. I had to follow a convoy vehicle because it was just being put down. I stopped at a nearby petrol station just to have a look at the state of my bike, my tyres looked like a cake that had been dipped in Hundreds & Thousands. Riding back I thought someone was trying to shoot me with a pellet gun.

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May 09

Posts: 12

rollingpeace says:

Like new zealand really

I rode around new zealand in my gap year where this practise is commonplace due to the roads being wiped out on occasion, while I prefer this surface to sharp, suspension busting speedbumps I feel that it is a bit unfair on the two wheeled fraternity as we lack the inherant ability to stay upright when the surface is poor.

Of course, If the police were to set up shop with a speed camera not only would the traffic flow better but the chippings would be embedded properly and not picked up and flung aside by heavy braking/acceleration.

We would also know where the speed camera is.......

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