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Jan 11

Posts: 163

robertohare says:

First Crash !

Come off my 650 bandit on Friday Morning (12.30am) Going around a bend to fast , 70-80 and seen gravel so insted of low siding it i breaked hard hit the curb at a angle and let the bike slide down the curb.

I went off down the curb doing star jumps and the usual intoa  bush.

Havent been on here for a while must admit but with all this spair time on my hands i suppose i have wimperd back with my tail between my legs,

Tanks smashed
Radiator Bent (Leaking)
Handles bars bent into tank
Faring smashed (The small ammounts as its a naked bike)
Clocks Smashed
Headlight scratched
Magneto cover took most of the scratches (RUIND)
Clutch lever snaped at weak spot

I rode the bike 25 miles back home with a leaking radiator and a bruised ego haha !


Fractured sholder & coller bone
Broken little toe
Brused ribbs and lungs,
Broken pride,/wallet

Apart from that 3 days later i was back in work cutting hair to pay for the repair,

( iv replaced the handles bars and bar ends, the front little lip of faring with a bigger screen. )

I plan to get the whole bike sprayed matte black and laqerd new tank and magneto cover, and see if i can get the radiator fixxed!

Was wondering if anyone had any parts they could sel me or even source me some parts, cant find a radiator anywere and the cheapest tank is £165

There are only two types of bikers, ones that have been down and ones that are going down.

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  • Posted 4 years ago (25 May 2011 16:37)

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Aug 08

Posts: 340

BadD0g says:


UL M8 - glad to hear you're OK(ish) though!

What speed do you reckon you'd got down to when you actually came off?

Unfortunately I can't help you with parts, the damage looks a lot more manageable than I'd thought it would when I first read "70 - 80" mph though !

Again, glad you're still in one piece :) 

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Aug 02

Posts: 29289

Kamchat says:

Jings! ...Join the club.....

.:wacko:... too many folk having 'offs' at the moment! Sorry to read the above ..but glad you and the bike are still 'kind of' in one piece. :winkie: 

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Mar 06

Posts: 262

Fazerpod says:

We've all done it

(Well, lots of us have)..... can't help you with the bike but I might be able to help with the bruised ego....

I think any biker who says they've never been down is telling a porkie..... even if it's a stupid mistake like forgetting to put the stand down :huh: ahem

My first bike wen into a hedge after only one month.  That was a write off....

Hope your bones heal that's the most important.  But don't let it put you off the biking.

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Aug 09

Posts: 6901

stevedeejay says:


glad tae hear yer ok mate,dinny let it put ye aff gettin back on :winkie: 'cutting hair to pay for the repair' lol :winkie:

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Mar 09

Posts: 4548

smoto5 says:

Ouch!! bad luck!!

:blink: hope you can get it fixed ok! take it you only had third party, fire and theft insurance then? 

I don't want to upset you further, but driving it 25 miles on a leaking radiator might not have been a good idea.......lose enough coolant and it's going to overheat, and the temperature gauge may not tell you until too late :blink: 
You must be a fairly tough cookie to keep riding afterwards with that damage to yourself too!! can't have been easy controlling a damaged bike in that state!! :roll eyes:

Try looking in the services section of MCN for radiator repair shop, or Trials and Motocross News, as off roaders are often pranging rads!  There was a place at Gloucester with a good rep, Watkins or Robinswood or something, one or other might be the road name! 

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Jan 11

Posts: 163

robertohare says:


i do have fully comp insurance but i dont think its bad enough to claim to be honest, it will probably put my insurance up more than it will cost me to fix,

in reply to doing the bike in riding it with a leaking radiator, it was the smallest of holes it was leaking from and it was still leaking when i got home kept the speed down and still starts and sounds normal. my bike dosent have a temp gauge? two days before i filled it to the max line and didnt hang around much when i come off the bike so it didnt loose as much as ya would think, *I HOPE NOT ANYWAY*

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Mar 10

Posts: 653

bazablue says:

two types?

a third type does exist....havent been down,never will be down and can still make progress.(46yrs)even with flat out gixers!!!duke/laverda/yam/suzis/kwaks/beemers/nortons...etc..1000miles a week quite make sure you dont have another!!!! 

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Jul 09

Posts: 1351

davemdixon says:

Hi Fazerpod

I have never been 'down' in 45 years of biking.

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Jan 11

Posts: 163

robertohare says:

im sure

I wont go doing it in a hurry !

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Jan 11

Posts: 163

robertohare says:


i come off about 50 i think , i planned on bankin back down into the bend  bu the fource on the forks meant it was all on the front wheel and didnt wanna make it worce for me self

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