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Apr 10

Posts: 547

londonbill says:

Compulsory dayglo

If MCN is to be believed, the French Government are proposing the compulsory wearing of Hi Viz clothing on bikes.

Pressure groups fear that this could filter through all of Europe if the French get their way.

So what do you make of it.

Maybe you believe it's a good thing ?


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  • Posted 4 years ago (26 May 2011 13:56)

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Apr 10

Posts: 547

londonbill says:

On and there's more

In all, 18 measures are being introduced. They include:
•   A ban on radar detectors
•   The end of signs giving advance warning of speedtraps (and the published maps of speedtrap sites)
•   Speeding at more than 50kph above the limit is punishable with jail  Thats 31Mph.
•   More points to be taken off the licence for drink driving
•   A heavier penalty for mobile phone use and for using DVDs or computer screens while driving
•   Motorcycle and scooter riders must wear reflective or high-visibility jackets
•   Two-wheeler numberplates to be made larger.

One other that's notable, but won't affect us. is:

Riders who have not ridden for five years will face an automatic retest.

Full story in English:

And in French:

What do you think about that?

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Jan 10

Posts: 3571

Beelady says:

Let's have a look at this then

I have no problem with the first five, in fact I quite like them.

 I would rather not be told what to wear,but if I had to I would (same as when crash helmet law came in) and the same for the number plate size. Rather not , but think we should all get a free one issued if we have to do it.

Retesting is a pain, but I had to retake mine, thanks to the DVLA cock-ups, While I still think that was grossly unfair that I, and others, had to bear the cost and inconvenience of it, there's no doubt the extra training did me no harm at all.

What is needed is plenty of notice about these if they are to be implemented one day. We can't all afford to comply at once.

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Feb 08

Posts: 1952

QB says...

"The reason for this legislation in France is that it's very commonplace there to ride a motorcycle in jeans and casual jackets or even T-shirts"

I've been the same in the UK and here in the IOM,and rather like my personal freedom of choice. Vive the revolution! :smile

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Apr 11

Posts: 809

Hi Viz

If it goes to law in France, I bet we get it here, I for one will not be told what I should wear by a non biker bureaucrat in the EU. I always wear full leathers and back protector, cars will always pull out, hi viz or not, this will not reduce injuries on mass. They'll be trying the 50bhp push soon.

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Nov 09

Posts: 98

tsuki32 says:

Another thing..

how long before the "legalised robbers" (sorry, insurance companies) use the non-wearing of dayglo paraphernalia to wriggle out of paying out? I can see it happening one day :mad:

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May 09

Posts: 92

Istate75 says:

Compulsory Hi-Viz

This is really quite worrying because new laws from Europe seem to get introduced without question.

For example, the Mod 1 swerve test. It is not carried out in most European Countries but surprise, surprise it is here (well until October anyway). It's even at 50kph.

Sooner we are out of Europe the better. Won't happen though as most politicans see jobs in Europe as their retirement plan when they get kicked out of office over here.

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Apr 10

Posts: 547

londonbill says:


A comparison with the possibility of making hi viz closthing necessary was compared to the helmet becoming compulsory.

Let's be clear on something here.

At the time of the helmet law introduction, there was no doubt that head injuries sustained in collisions involving bikes were a major contributary factor in fatal and serious injuries.

No such evidence exists in respect of hi viz clothing.


However there is evidence that suggests that a lot of injuries could be avoided by the wearing pf protective clothing.

So can I throw this one out on a bit of a tangent off the original subject.

Is there a case for making the wearing of full protective clothing on a bike mandatory ?

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Jan 10

Posts: 264

chriscg says:

Theres a

juntion in the local tesco supermarket car park where a car pulled out on me a few months ago.I wasnt wearing hi vis.

  Happened again,at the same juntion,about a week ago.I was wearing hi viz.

 The car did stop sooner,seemed to notice me quicker,with the hi viz, but prob more just down to the driver than the hi viz.

 Oddly then,it didnt seem to help me there.What kept from an acident was me being aware and on the ball.

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Dec 10

Posts: 91

ajroberts says:

Hi Vis

I have his vis for work the yellow and reflective stripes. Though I know Yorkshire event services use black and reflective stripes, so not very reflective...

Could we not just get around this by having jackets with a bit of reflective material on it? As that is to my knowledge what makes it hi vis.

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Aug 02

Posts: 567

TenBears says:


Won't happen.

There isn't a shred of evidence giving credence to dayglow or DrLs – Austria overturned the EU ruling.

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