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Jul 09

Posts: 29

hondadan says:

Please Help. Need advice after a tyre bust on way home from Thruxton

Hi All

I really need as much advice as any of you of here can give me.

Recently i had two new tyres fitted to my Yama  Fazer both Bridgestone O23.

I was riding home from Thruxton after BSB and about 5 miles from home(Rochester, Kent) i felt my back on the bike wobble. I pulled over after slowing down from 70mph and saw the rear tyre had suffered a puncture.

I have done hust over 1,500 miles on both tyres and i am so annoyed that i am going to have to pay out again so soon when i was expecting about 5000 miles from both.

My questions are

1., Do the Highway agency have a duty to keep roads in good condition and have i any right to claim against them

2, Should the tyre after so little miles compared to what it should last have held up better and do i have right to take it back to the bike shop who fitted it

3. Can you a repair a tyre or have i just got to accept that life and pay another £100 for a rear tyre.


Hope you dont think these questions are stupid, ive only been riding 4 years and this is the first real problem ive had with tyres.


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  • Posted 4 years ago (30 May 2011 20:45)

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Aug 07

Posts: 6139

stevebaldy says:

1)good luck

with trying to prove the Highways Agency were responsible for your puncture!!'s called Sod's Law i'm afraid.....2) depends on what you ran over really. 3)  may be possible to repair, but again rather depends on how much damage has been done to the tyre.   Unfortunately, chances are you are best to bite the bullet...

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Apr 11

Posts: 809


To be honest, anyone can get a puncture, maybe a nail, a piece of metal etc, not always the highways fault or responsibility.

As good a tyre repairs maybe these days, I'd rather buy another tyre for peace of mind.

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Mar 09

Posts: 8924

jaffa90 says:

running puncture

No bullshit,bite the bullet and as the (thebigpicture) says it`s a new one,£100 is cheap,who`s your tyre supplier? 

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May 10

Posts: 158

LeeMorgan says:


Tyre places will repair a tyre if its a hole ( small ) like a nail puncture or similar , If its a slit,slice,gash etc then its not repairable BUT as others have said get a new tyre , Its a lot more expensive to repair a dropped bike and worse if ya dead ! . 


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Feb 10

Posts: 292

downshift says:


Had that happen on my Fazer with 021's, bike started wobbling quite worryingly at 70mph on dualcarriageway, I managed to get it to the next petrol station about a half a mile ahead and it was totally flat, big hole in the tyre with no sign of what caused it, and the tyre was all melted and sticky from riding it flat at 50mph before I could stop.

All I could think was, thank God it wasn't the front!

No-one was prepared to repair a motorcycle tyre when I phoned around, so had to replace a nearly new tyre.

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Aug 07

Posts: 44

eddieknocker says:


...give those tyre seal products a go on your next set of tyres? Doesn't help you now i know.

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Nov 04

Posts: 3833

750FLYER says:

Ha ha...

Sue the road agency...?? That's a good un mate!! :lol::lol: Stuff falls out of cars/lorries/vans or thrown out of windows all the time on the roads.. The highways agency can't possibly be held responsible for that and traffic officers do remove stuff from the carriageway if they see it.. problem is they can't always see small stuff like nails etc..

No chance of that happening.. Also the tyre company won't wear that either.. Sadly it's just one of those things that happen but as long as the puncture itself is not in the sidewall.. as long as it's on the road surface of the tyre you can get it plugged at any m/cycle tyre centre.. These plugs are fine for everyday use, I've one in my rear at the moment due to a puncture on a nearly new tyre too.. no prob at all but I would not do a track day with one in.

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Jul 08

Posts: 4396

ninjachica says:


If it's small hole, get it fixed.  (Also depends on how you ride I guess!)

My o/h once bought tyre insurance.  You ought to ask your dealer if they do it.  Like you, he got a puncture after about 100 miles, and he got the tyre replaced, less the £10 excess fee.

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Oct 04

Posts: 2970

Spire says:


What caused the puncture?  If it is penetration by a foreign object nobody is to blame.  Just sods law that you ran over it.  If it is a small hole not in the side wall get it plugged.  It will be perfectly safe and save you a fair amount of cash.

If the puncture was due to you hitting a pot hole or similar (doesn't sound like it from your account) then you have a chance of getting compensation from whoever is responsible for maintaining the road where the fault is.  council or highways agency.  You would however probably need an independent report stating that the puncture was caused by the road defect.

If the tyre is punctured due to faulty construction (again doesn't sound like it from your account) then you would be able to make a claim against the manufacturer.  They would probably want to inspect the tyre before deciding whether to replace it.  So you would probably have to pay for a new one and wait for a refund.

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