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Guy Procter  says:

Ducati burns the history books with new 1199 superbike

The first spy shot of Ducati's 1198-replacing new superbike confirms the firm is a lot less sentimental about traditional Ducati characteristics than many fans. The result is the most extreme V-twin ever, but with its RSV4-alike tail, Kawasaki-style side-mounted shock and Buell-pattern belly-mounted exhaust it's without question less distinctively Ducati. But the fact is the firm can't afford to care. Ducati...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (01 June 2011 10:24)

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Mar 11

Posts: 26

Ducati Evo

They already showed signs of going in the traditional sports bike direction when they started adding "Evo" to everything, making their engines rev higher and putting a lot of the power at the top of the rev range.

If this is what they need to do to compete, I think maybe they should run a different line of bikes that are thoroughbred sports bikes rather than supercede their much loved, ultra-torquey V twins... but then would you be riding a Ducati, or just a bike with the name Ducati on the side?

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Jun 09

Posts: 198

Pads1982 says:


Just look at what happened with the 999, didnt dealer have to practically give them away?  The problem is the 916 and 1098 are just so beautiful to behold they have pigion holed themselfs.  The single sided swingarm, underseat exhaust, graceful flowing lines all give the sense of speed sitting still.  Who cares how many horses or 10ths of a second you can save unless your a racer. The S1000 and ZX-10 are phenominal by all accounts but i wouldnt have one.  Ducati should maybe make a limited run in order to compete in WSB as i can not see this selling in large enough numbers, its a good thing they have diversifyed in recent years.

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Oct 06

Posts: 566

Eddy998 says:

New Duke


Think I'll just stick no my 998S,996R, 748RS and Desmo!! haha. Don't like the seat unit, personally and underbelly exhaust isn't Ducati. Hope they aren't going to shoot themself in the foot, like they did with 999. Look what happened to Porsche when they brought out the 911 replacement, the 928, nobody wanted it!!! and they had to revive the 911, which was supposed to be dead and buried!! The modified engine sounds great and any other updates but such radical changes are going in the wrong direction, in my opinion, but then again, what do I know??????????

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Apr 06

Posts: 1204

CosherB says:

mixed feelings

Ducati's DNA is based in racing, so it's logical that this is the latest incarnation for production based racing.  I do wonder though if this is the last v-twin racing bike.  Part of me hopes that this is the case so they can make some hyper 1000cc V4 affair to go racing, while the 1200cc v-twin can remain in a gorgeous road-friendly kind of a bike.  Purists will no doubt recoil at the thought, but Ducati haven't been afraid to go head-to-head with the best of Japan in MotoGP, so why not WSBK as well?  With seven years of experience with the Desmosedici engine, it's not like they're new to 4 cylinder engines!

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Nov 07

Posts: 129

dont know

i own a 848

i bought it simply because of the way it looks, not the power, not the handling.

so there is chance they may loose customers like myself.

i know its early to make such a comment. dont even know how it really looks yet.

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Aug 02

Posts: 72

sv650sadam says:

Total wrong direction

A Ducati is supposed to be the Ferrari of the bike world, so stunning, fast and desirable. This picture shows an ugly tiny moto gp bike that will be useless on the road. 10yrs ago, sportsbikes were comfortable, fast and good looking. Now it's overpriced tiny things with no power at the bottom, and as per last weeks MCN issue, the power only comes in over 70mph in first gear. A few yrs ago, yamaha were selling 3500 bikes, now it's 700. No wonder sportbike sales are in freefall! Give me 1198 looks and more low down power, Joe public doesn't want a moto gp only bike.

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Nov 08

Posts: 105

smilo996 says:

So even though this bike has a very long looking single sided swing arm, MCN knows better.

Looks like a very early version. That seating position looks unrealistic. It is ecouraging that Checa is still beating everyone in WSB, so if this is as good as they reckon it is then next season should be interesting?

It is good to see Ducati innovating. They are consistent in bringing racing technology through the levels of their products. Now they are in MotoGP then the tech trickle down comes from there and no longer WSB.

However I still prefer my 998 to anything else they have produced.

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Jan 11

Posts: 24

Spreaders88 says:


Modern day superbikes are simply becoming pure race replicas as this is the only way to remain competitive. What is important is the development of bikes lower down the range such as the 848, GSXR750 etc that give people their day to day want to be a racer fix but with the ergonomics gearing and power thats suitable for the road (not necessarily the speed limit). Obv. some people will always have to have the latest and greatest but as always the principle of 'all the gear and no idea' will ring true. That said, if i won the lottery i would blatantly buy one and rag it around country lanes and never get out of first gear and love every second. Rock. \m/

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Sep 10

Posts: 793

CBR11X says:

Losing the Plot

All the manufacturers are making race replicas for the road these days. It may make race homologation easier, but gives the public bikes that are unsuitable for day-to-day street riding in my opinion.

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Jul 09

Posts: 276

AdieMonk says:

What's all the fuss about?

I can't see what all the fuss is about if I'm honest. All manufacturers have been producing race-replica's since the 80's, and probably before that. Suzuki did it with the early GSXRs, Yamaha did it with the OWO1 and R7, Honda with the RC30 and RC45, Ducati did it with the 916SPS (and other variants), the 888 before that, the 851 before that etc. They all built bikes with racing in mind first. It's what the WSB championship was built around. The fact is though that to be competitive in WSB now the bike has to be extreme and much more race-focused, making it a less road-friendly machine. I'm sure Ducati will continue to sell the 1198 etc, they can't afford to have a gaping chasm between the Multistrada or Streetfighter and their new hot-poop WSB racer. If 1198 sales tail off, then they can drop the model or update it. From what I can see in the pic (very little) I think this looks lovely. If you don't like it, buy something else. Yes it will offer far more performance than what your average rider on the road can use, but then that's been the case since the GSXR1000 came out in 2000/2001?

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