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Matthew Birt  says:

Dani Pedrosa out of British Grand Prix

Dani Pedrosa has confirmed he will not contest this weekend's British Grand Prix at Silverstone as he struggles to regain full fitness from a broken right collarbone he suffered in Le Mans last month. The Spaniard was injured when he was involved in a controversial collision with San Carlo Gresini Honda rider Marco Simoncelli and doubts over his Silverstone appearance intensified...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (07 June 2011 09:51)

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Jul 10

Posts: 540

And more answers to the unknown........

"You mean Rossi might get a 2nd chance at winning without ditching it?" - posted by Yamaha3358 (chest size waist size or possibly IQ and physical times he's fantasized about sheep).:biggrin:

Yes, I think a wet race would make for a better spectacle sonny. The racing was boring last week and I don't expect the worlds greatest motorcycles and riders to follow each other around. Its not entertaining or fun or good for the sport or good for the public interest in bikes or good for the riders or good for the TV viewing figures or good for the F1 versus MotoGP versus WSBK debates either. If you like that type of racing go follow scalextric and put all the cars on the same rail.

And now Yamaha 3358 (chest size and possibly number of ex boyfriends) posts this corker of a line -

"Jeez, you really want to marry this bloke, don't you Mr. Rossi? if you want to write a book on how appreciated by the british fans (especially yourself), by all means do. But your boring me with your tales of love for him".

Number one, and I really need to emphasize this fact and get it straight is that I couldn't give two lumps of the old brown if I bore you. I seriously hope I offend you not bore you 'Yammy Spammar'. You drag me down to your level and nobody reading the posts on these boards wants to hear the pathetic conversations we have had lately. You clearly post to solely bash Rossi and Rossi fans and have no respect for anyone. You use the fact Stoner has won ONE Championship and is winning now to mean he's the best in history and its garbage, utter toss and drool, misinformed ranting of a ad individual. I notice now your replies tome have become very watered down one liners and not the usual 'fastest laps', 'pole positions', 'wins per year' nonsense they were before. Its because you have little to say on any given subject and people have very little patience to listen.

Rossi is admired the world over and this also sting people like you who want him discredited and think it will happen from his move to Ducati. This isn't going to happen. There's been more interest in him this year than before but his popularity is only going to grow win, lose, crash or retire. The guys a legend and a very special rider. What you fail to grasp is if you didn't ram Stoner down my throat I may be more open to respecting the guy. To prove once again that you only joined to support the winner this season you have glossed over many of my more reasonable posts stating good things about the Aussie. This shows you lack the intelligence to look any deeper than what you want to see.

Marry Rossi? I'd give it a go.:shock: I mean I'd have to accept him jet setting like a pop star all around the world while I'm stuck in Tavulia doing the housework and feeding Guido but when he was back we could have some quality time. Its a prospect I have certainly thought about but didn't quite know how to make it reality without seeming like a stalker. I understand he's a;ready in a relationship and I wouldn't wan to mess that up for him and he also needs to concentrate on developing that poor, underperforming Duke, so I don't know. I've tried to answer best I can.:wink:

Until your next one liner of utter, utter toss and drool I bid you farewell sonny. Will we see you at Silverstone? Are you allowed out of the day-care unit?:sunglasses:


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Jul 10

Posts: 540

Sorry for long needed deep thought

And I don't like letting people down when they out questions to me....cheers

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

''Utter toss and drool''

You must have mentioned that at least a dozen times in your last post, lets get some new material yes ?. RDB, you really have to much time on your hands. You say i post pointless things, but what have you bee doing the past few days ?

How could you possibly know i have not been watching the Motogp previous to 2007 ? Several times i have posted about Casey's performance in 2006 so that must have been some sort of clue, oh smart one. Actually i did post DIRECT to you, that i had been watching all forms of racing(gp, wsb, bsb, sx) since 2003 with deep interest. I really don't need to explain myself to such a moron but if it helps your retardation issues im all for it.

Why, oh why are you saying(for the 4th time) i only support Stoner because he is winning and it makes no sense because of my username ? th3 'utter toss and drool' you come out with is just unreal, how old are you ? I'll say it one last time so you can understand loud and clear.

#33 M.Melandri
#58 E.Laverty
WORLD SUPERBIKE. Clearer now ?

Just because i dont show eternal love like yourself for my favourite rider doesn't mean i don't support them... Get Rossi's cock out of your arse and grow up a little bit. You have posted these comments over the last few days ..
'Rossi is the only one who can ride the Duke fast apart from Casey'
'Rossi is a hero'(pretty sure it was on the subject of his shoulder)
'Rossi is admired by the world'

What need would i have to 'bash Rossi' as you put it (i knew you wanted to fu*k him) unless pathetic little sore loser's like yourself try and take away credit from a victory from Stoner ?

'Stoner has ONE championship'
Correct. If he makes 2 by the end of this year he will be the best Motogp rider of the last 5 years. I repeat it because i know how you just love to hear it. Lets face it, if Rossi was smoking them every weekend, you wouldnt be complaining and you wouldnt give 2 shits about the rest of the field, so get over it. Rossi will never have the raw pace Stoner has anyway so a runaway victory? very unlikely. 3 wins out of 4 completed races this season, but only fools like yourself have dumbass reasons as to why he's 'lucky' to have them.

RDB, get over yourself and what Rossi has achieved in the PAST, become a little more open minded, and stop being such a sore and pathetic loser. fuk me, the shoulders hurting. im off.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:


You have a message waiting on the 'Rossi blames rear setup mistake' article. (of course he does)

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