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Matthew Birt  says:

Dani Pedrosa unsure of Assen return

Dani Pedrosa is unsure whether he will be fit to return to MotoGP action in Assen later this month. The Spaniard hasn't raced since he broke his right collarbone in a controversial collision with Italian rival Marco Simoncelli during last month’s French Grand Prix at Le Mans. He declared himself unfit to compete in his home round at Catalunya and last...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (14 June 2011 10:41)

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Aug 02

Posts: 538


Blimey, he needs to "man up" a bit imo, bloody Edwards was back racing within a week, he needs to be tougher than this if he is ever to lift the MOTOGP title.  

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Nov 10

Posts: 1156

Elbowz11 says:

Does not sound right.

A rider who is older then Pedrosa can recover that quick I think that has put Pedrosa to shame don't mean to be harsh in any way.

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Aug 10

Posts: 310

tockie says:

It's not age that's the problem, Dani we are told only weighs about seven and a half stone and is five feet tall and that makes him a little bloke and consequently his bones are thinner and lighter than a big bloke. That means he's more likely to break them if he lands on them because everybody knows fat blokes bounce better. :-)

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Nov 09

Posts: 292

diceman23 says:

not rushing back

Dani is a rider who seems to spend most of his career riding injured. I don't think it's fair to say he should man up, he's been doing that for years. Perhaps he did reinjure himself,  no piont in speculating until an official confirmation. I think that it's more likely he is just sick of racing injured. This year was probably his best shot at the title and it has been scuppered due to a controversial/unfortunate/dangerous racing incident (I won't debate which, we all have our opinions). What's the piont in rushing back? why not wait until he's fully recovered? his title chances are shot so why ride in pain to be in the middle of the pack? Sounds like a motovational issue to me rather than medical. But hey, I'm not Pedrosa so how would I know?

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Apr 06

Posts: 1208

CosherB says:

conspiracy stories

after hearing reports he's hurt himself again in another accident (motocross / bicycle / domestic), you wonder if it's true because of the time he's taking to get fit.  this, and his rather conspicuous absence from his home race in Barcelona, even in somekind of media-savvy bystander capacity.  if he's got motivational issues, then he's probably finished as a top flight rider.  personally, i do think that a media smokescreen has been put up to hide what's really going on, in a similar manner to Stoner's problem last year.  i'm sure we'll find out soon enough what's going on, but while HRC refuse any sort of comment, it's inevitable that the rumour-mongers will have a field day ...

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Dec 08

Posts: 1284

boybilly1967 says:

The championship will always allude him I think for a number of reasons.

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Jun 10

Posts: 356

Lorenzo99 says:

Poor Old Dani

    There is a saying that sums it all up for Dani - If it was'nt for bad luck he would'nt have any luck a all ! Dani's Moto GP carear has been fraut with injury & bad luck,its always nice try but no cigar.As for his absense I think it probably is due to complications with his injury.

    As for Dani's motivation ! It must have taken quite a knock.I don't know what the future holds for Dani but going by his previous history it dos'nt look good.No matter how hard he trys it all unravels before his eyes or ends in tears.I do feel genuinly sorry for Dani because he does put in the effort & is worthy of his Alien status but he's always the last Alien,the weakest of the four.

    If I were Dani I would say sod it to Moto GP & either take the money & run or go to Moto 2 were I,maybe could become champion like Tony Elias & be the number 1.Dani is'nt me though,he's a lot better rider,far more motivated & a lot tougher,did I mention richer by the way ! He will probably continue untill he puts himself in a wheel chair & ends his racing carear once & for all.

    If you read this Dani please don't do that because that senario could become a reality.I wish Dani all the best in his carear & sucess in the future & lets all hope that he is more sucessfull in the future.

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Jul 10

Posts: 540

Wait, a conspiracy within the Motogp?

Pedrosa is finished as a racer now. The mental blow he'll be taking as Stoner heads for the title is enough to make anyone feel sick!!! Blluuurrrrrrtt.

Forget the "hurt himself during practicing on a motocross bike" conspiracy theory. Its a smokescreen double-double bluff. The truth is, now team orders are being imposed at HRC (in fact Honda in general) Dani has been told to lay low to give the better rider a chance. I dare say Perosa has probably felt like his world has fell apart with Stoner taking centre stage on a bike he mainly developed. Dovi just isn't fast enough to trouble the leader and Simo is under a strict "no contact under any circumstances" warning. Oh and a "definitely no overtaking the Aussie" rule for good measure. Lol.

I'm joking of course. Who in their right mind would believe this Championship seems rigged for Honda to win?

Its all heating up off the track and in the media but nothings happening on it!!! Is there another yaaawn fest coming up at Assen? I hope not.

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Nov 10

Posts: 1156

Elbowz11 says:

The one thing is.

He would have taken the fight to Stoner in the championship pre season I had him to finish ahead of his new team-mate but now that looks like it has gone completly ever since he has come into MotoGP he has suffered injuries.

2006 knee injury at Sepang 2008 PI hurting his shoulder 2009 De Angelis punting him of the track 2010 collarbone the list goes on.

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Sep 10

Posts: 829

CBR11X says:

RossiDoucheBiker46 we understand that you hate Stoner; your little world must be falling apart since the infallible Rossi decided it's not worth pushing it on a crap bike. He's quite happy to take the fat red pay-cheque instead (it's the smarter move, Rossi has nothing left to prove).So that just leaves you with SARCASM: the last refuge of those with no real arguments.

I'm an Aussie so I back Stoner, but that's only because he's a decent rider. Unlike your demi-god Rossi, Stoner would push that ill-handling, rigid framed piece of crap Duke until he'd finally crash the son-of-a-bitch. Was that smart? Probably, because it brought him to attention of Honda, who respect a guy who doesn't give up. You remember Honda, the marque that your beloved Rossi started on (and the one he should have stayed on). Stoner still has a lot to prove to himself, so he needs a marque that's on the ball to ride for. Honda is that marque.

So say what you like mate, believe your fantasies about team orders at HRC and 'no overtaking the Aussie' rule, because it makes your little world feel comfortable. You see to admit that there are other talented riders out there would snap you out of your Rossi induced coma and cause you to come crashing back down to Earth, and then what would you do?

The problem with Valentino Rossi is that he's a fantastic rider, the best of his time, with a charming persona who happens to attract petty juveniles to his personality cult. 

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