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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner cautious on extending winning streak

Casey Stoner has played down the prospect of extending his current golden run of winning form in the 2011 MotoGP world championship. The impressive Aussie has dominated the last three races in Le Mans, Catalunya and Silverstone to open up an 18-point lead over reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo. The Repsol Honda heads to next week’s Dutch clash at the historic Assen...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (15 June 2011 12:16)

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Jul 10

Posts: 540

Respectable comments chrisg011, nice...

I have to admit it is embarressing to listen to jokers like Yamaha3358 who've only been Stoner game since winter testing, always posting for a fight. Funny guy, utterly full of "toss n drool" but I have my moments although I don't quite gets easily wound up as him. It must be great to jump on the Stoner train while he's on top. The first time he isn't its because of turds like Yammy that i'll give it both barrels like he does. It's funny how only the 800csl matter, lol. Well i'll tell you this, when Stoner is equal on Championships with Rossi, that's 9, i'll give him respect. Until then....Stoner himself hasn't least admitted there's only one other rider can win the title so basically, what a HOLLOW, GIFTED, SOFT TITLE it will be. Lol. Only 7 more to go.

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Nov 03

Posts: 315

elefantman says:

i love watching wosideg squirm

Tying himself in knots, absolutely determined to squeeze as much anti-Stoner venom as he can out of the extremely thin premise that the 2011 Honda is somehow revolutionary compared with last year's bike. Face it mate, it IS last year's bike, with normal developmental changes and improvements that would be made when continuing to race with the same basic package. Yamaha no doubt had a similar programme, and Ducati too, not that it's done them much good.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

Shall i change my name

to 'rossidukebike46isafaggot' ? because you seem to quote my username an awful lot.. This way it will just be funnier to see the 'toss and drool' you come out with. Is this the only insult your inbred parents taught you ? did your uncle toss you off and then drool on you ? you seem to have it stuck in your head, thats all.

oh just a quick spell check, its 'embarrasing'

Also, ye lets just say that it is fair to compare the titles when Stoner hasn't been in it nearly half as long as Rossi has. Actually i said its a fair comparison from 2006, Caseys first year. Rossi still, didnt win the championship though. Also, why do people keep saying 9 titles ? should Casey go back to 125's and 250's to catch up in those classes ?

Anyway Rossi is doing great now. Only 64 seconds to make up. Lol.

So, is EVERY stoner fan, a fan just because he is top dog and making muppets like yourself jealous ? Ive said it before, iv supported Casey since 06. he's not an attention seeking fairy like Rossi and just gets on with it. no shoulder this or leg that, just pure speed. Anyone who reads MCN often enough will know your full of shit, much like me but i dont come out with conspiracy theories like team orders..

Look RDB, i posted to you on another thread, yet you decided to ignore it.. an honest fan to fan question
What do you think the reasons were for Rossi's piss poor performance at Silverstone ? Perfect weather, 3 people crash in front of him. Pedrosa and Cruthclow not starting. I think 11th sounds a Rossi result to me haha. Please though, answer the question and not just go off on one about your personal feelings or other 'TOSS and DROOL' you always come out with..

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

Anyone know

what happened to Minty fresh ? the one who was suppose to name and shame, and quote EVERY'ONE'(ye just 1) that said Rossi wouldnt get a podium ?(i think that guy meant a genuine podium anyway) RDB reminds me of him a lot.

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Feb 09

Posts: 846

chrisg011 says:

but when all is said and done

Rossi will still be a genius on two wheels, his past record shows that.

Stoner will become a genius on two wheels, his future potential shows that.

Lorenzo will become a genius on two wheels, his future potential shows that.

Pedrosa will become wanted by other teams soon, his past record with Honda hasnt been brilliant.

Bradley will get his way into MotoGP and will probably go well, as well as Bautista e co at least.

and Simo will get to finish something soon, even if its only a beer...



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Jun 10

Posts: 48

Halitosis says:

Silly boy fails GP101, again ...

I would like to draw your attention to the sad, frustrated and unrequited adoration of V Rossi Esq-driven ravings of one Wosideg .

His erroneous diatribes of late are far from his first as he is in complete denial as to how Rossi actually ended-up at Ducati in the first place. To correct him and place him on the right path to historical fact – let’s re-produce the following article from the MCN issue of February 7th 2011. As you can see – Stoner baled out and over to HRC at the close of 2010, having actually done the deal far, far earlier in the season but still giving his all right through 2010 on the fickle and dodgy Desmosedici. It has been reported in several media outlets that Stoner found Ducati offering Lorenzo 3 x times the pay he was on the final straw in his decision to go. Ducati then did everything they could to keep him and upped Stoner’s $ offer VERY substantially but the damage was done.

Meanwhile, back in the Yamaha camp, Rossi had dug a very deep hole with his mouth and stranded himself like a shag on a rock - between a rock, a hard place and no Factory ride for 2011. Yamaha supremo, Furasawa made it clear as crystal and very publicly that Rossi was NOT going to get the money he was demanding and Yamaha were NOT going to sacrifice their hot, young gun, Lorenzo – just because he made Rossi nervous and was beating him. Stoner’s leaving Ducati freed-up the slot so that Rossi was then able ( saying, Oh Thank You, God in Italian) to announce his change of Team and a 2nd chance to continue his career. Not too many are saved from falling flat on their arses by the actions of their most serious competitor. Rossi was and passed it all off as if it had ALWAYS been his plan and dream to ride for Ducati. Yeah, sure … One thing is for sure – they have made a rod for each other’s backs. Funny how it goes, isn’t it?

"Ducati wanted to keep Casey Stoner for 2011
By Matthew Birt -
07 February 2011 13:51
If Ducati had got its way, Valentino Rossi would never have had the chance to join the iconic Italian manufacturer for the 2011 MotoGP world championship.
Pictures of Rossi riding in Ducati red for the first time last week in Sepang were images few people thought they would witness, least of all Ducati management, who were desperate to retain Aussie Casey Stoner.
Ducati were so keen to extend Stoner’s deal that he was offered a lucrative contract extension for 2011 as far back as November ’09.
Factory team boss Alessandro Cicognani told MCN: “We were ready to sign Casey back in November 2009. Since then we put in the maximum effort to keep Casey and he knows this.”
Stoner though quit Ducati at the second race of last season and moved to Repsol Honda where he will be partnered by Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso.
"His departure paved the way for Rossi to complete a dream multi-million pound switch to Ducati, as was first revealed by MCN in late June."

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1513


Yeah Wosidog, Honda winning was always a given! So much so that without Stoner, George would still be at the top despite scoring ZERO points at the wettest race in years (and they want to move Philip Island ffs?).

Like I said earlier, they jumped at the chance to sign Stoner so early that they had to honour previous commitments and supply a total of four factory machines. If he wasn't available, there's no way they'd be supporting four riders! As for the new bike, he could be riding the '08 bike for all he cares! I know it, you know it, and your boyfriend Flo knows it. Woof woof!

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Nov 10

Posts: 15

Wosideg, you have some good facts to hand

The debate over Rossi-Stoner-Ducati will rage forever. Its good for the sport. Its just a shame Rossi hasn't got the package to fight on track at the moment as well as off it. He is one of many including Lorenzo trying to handle a Honda Championship buyout this year. The 2011 Championship is a repeat of 2007 with the same Aussie but a different dominant bike under him. Ducati would have had zero development last year from the moment Casey signed for Honda and he knew Rossi was coming to Ducati, hence the pig-dog it has become for someone who's used to super smooth Yamaha power and handling. Shame we don't get 'even' racing on 'even' bikes. I will always state '08 and '09 were the only years in the 800cc era where the Honda, Ducati and Yamaha were as close as possible. Rossi had to fight for the titles, he didn't have one other rider trying to beat him like now.

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Oct 07

Posts: 1306

hugelean says:

Honda would have taken any aliens this year, they new they had a great bike by the last couple of races performances from Dovi, (see sepang) and just needed a fully fit alien to realise the potential. Hali - I don't know where you get your 'facts' from but your listening to the wrong people. The top gun at Honda also said there was always an open door for VR return in the off season... ps Casey the straight talkin; dude has a history of bullshitting, in 2007 he reckoned he had no advantage over the other bikes, engine wise his wasn't the quickest ??? and, I believe his words were, the bs tyres are no better. you put everyone else on them and I will still win.. ad libbed just a bit but you get the jist. The biggest myth in sport is that Casey is a straight talker who doesn't like the attention.. The Honda has shown a dominance this year that even yamaha couldn't match, with 3 riders consistantly in the top 5 and 4 in the top 5 when Dani ain't injured.. Impossible to see it different without embarrasing yourself..

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:


Mind unblocking your account ? i would like to see when it was created.

Seems obvious to me this is RossiDukeBiker46(another conspiracy ?). Just trying to be suttle however as usual your rants get the better of you.

'' Ducati would have had zero development last year from the moment Casey signed for Honda and he knew Rossi was coming to Ducati'' Is this why Casey was winning on it and getting podiums last season then ? no ? must be another excuse then right. Yet Rossi felt the need for 'major changes'.

'Used to the super smooth power delivery' ah yes, i guess then, he's not as adaptable as Stoner and cannot handle such an aggressive bike like Stoner. 08. 09.10 Yamaha had the best bike but RDB, its a shame you cannot admit that

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