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Steve Farrell  says:

Newspaper columnist: Ban motorcycles

A newspaper column saying motorcycles should be banned has attracted dozens of objections from readers. Hugh Curran begins his article: ‘It's time to ban the motorcycle. There, I said it. It needed to be said.’ The motoring columnist for US daily newspaper Sun Sentinel argues motorcycles are too dangerous and that casualties have an ‘economic impact’ on everyone. He claims that if...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (24 June 2011 16:02)

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Jul 09

Posts: 14

ivanvr says:

Check Facts

Statistics show that car accidents are greater than motorcycles ! 

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Sep 02

Posts: 437

wild_stuart says:

Just another Clarkson wannaby...

It's just over sensationalist twaddle aimed at selling more papers and making people read it more online, and all because he's writing some controversial comments. In essence, his journalism has done what he intended it to. People are already discussing and arguing about his stories.

It is a shame though, that a lot of his "facts" are heavily biased and flawed, both for the US and for here in Europe, not least the comment of pollution levels. I bet any one of those accident-prone "brother's-friend's-cousin's-monkey" he mentions in his article would quite happily (if they could), get back on a bike.

Even his first article looks and reads Clarkson-esque. That classic fat-boy pose, shaking his fist at the world, thinking he owns the road. Get a grip chap, at least Clarkson made the effort to try and ride a bike (be it a scooter) and now accepts them, even though he still loathes them and simply teases his hamster-friend for owning one...,0,1588773.story

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Jul 07

Posts: 17

rickster999 says:


Diabetes is a bigger killer than automotive accidents in the US - they wanna ban Coke & Pepsi. Not Dr Pepper as that's lovely.mmmm.

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May 10

Posts: 114

coxyjm says:

fat yanks

oi fatty, try riding a bike before sticking your oar in. the only thing this fella is going to be an expert in is where the nearest McDonalds and Fat persons clothes shop is.

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Dr Mengle


Apr 03

Posts: 34

Dr Mengle says:

Cock - nuff said

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May 09

Posts: 43

gixerbeast says:

shity shity yank yank

It takes more skill and balls to ride a motorcycle all year round any numpty can jump behind the wheele of a car and sit their like a clone. Oh what's that its my mobile phone better answer that whilst doing 70mph down the motorway whilst listening to Shite music ZERO CONCENTRATION ON THE ROAD. I SAY BAN CARS AND MOTORCYCLE RIDERS WOULD BE SAFER.

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Nov 10

Posts: 13

Cundalini says:


Enjoy it while you can!

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Jul 10

Posts: 272

piroflip says:

This is only the first shot across the bows.

I used to be a keen target pistol shooter until that hobby was banned.

Don't think for one minute that politicians in the UK wouldn't do it.

It only needs one jumped up back bencher wanting to make a name (and money of course) for himself and our bikes wiil go into the same crusher as my custom made competition pistols did.


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Mar 09

Posts: 77

tomlloydy says:

The French are some use

That professor Kopps' paper on motorcycles in Paris is brilliant. Stating that cycling is 45 times more dangerous than motorcycling. People need to get over the wrong presumption that if you ride a bike you will die and stop being prejudiced. How many people's grandparents rode? they couldn't afford cars and with fuel prices going up its coming full circle. Perhaps more people would get on bikes if they realised their granddad used to ride a BSA, its so much safer now with developments in suspension, leathers, helmets, and brakes. Bikers also need to stop hurtling down the motorway at 140mph+. There's a time and a place and its the Manx or a track, it gives us a bad name and spoils it for every one else.

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Oct 09

Posts: 90

chmer20 says:


tried to post this on his comments but got some electronic gremlins, but feel the need to posty it somewhere, even though here it is preaching to the quire:

"First, my friend's Ducati 1198S offers Ferrari F458 beating performance (see the video at motor trend for yourself) at the fuel mileage of a prius, combined with a much much lower carbon footprint, and it isn't even trying to be fuel efficent. And it costs less than a prius.

Second, instead of using this column as a soapbox for your nonsensical rants, how about doing a little bit of research and focus on driver and rider training. Looking at Finland's licensing proicess will get you started and may help answer why it has been so long since there was a competitive American F1/WRC champion yet Finland seems to pump them out rather quickly. You must notice how poorly American drivers are on the roads when it comes to distractions while drliving, so something on better driver training or less gadgets in cars (they take the fun away anyway) is a win win. Plus, if it happens, I will feel safer riding my bike and driving my Lotus 7 (feel almost as naked as a bike, so I put 2 antennas on it that are connected to nothing but high viz orange flags that still don't seem to help)."



This man embarasses me as a fellow American, what with our slogan "Land of the free" and all. Should change it to "Land of the long as its me".  How are mechanical engineer job openings paying over there anyway? :)

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