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Steve Farrell  says:

"Our kids ride bikes and we're proud"

Proud parents have hit back after a road safety charity said it was irresponsible to buy children motorcycles. The influential charity Brake last week told a national newspaper: “Junior motorbikes are powerful machines that can and do seriously injure those who use them. "For this reason they are totally inappropriate for children and we urge all parents to acknowledge this. "Giving one...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (24 June 2011 17:10)

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Jun 07

Posts: 89

Harry44 says:

Proud Dad

My son rides a Suzuki Bandit and my daughter has a Triumph Street Triple.

Biking builds character and road sense.

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Mar 10

Posts: 1032

bmwgs says:


my dad go me in to bikes and now i am 25 and  ride them all year all the time and when ever i get kids i will get them a bike to

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Jan 09

Posts: 20

doctortongue says:

what's the bets the paper wouldn't print any stories from the people who make sure their kids have all the proper gear on before they're allowed on their bikes...if i had the money i would love to get all 4 of my young kids onto bikes

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Jan 11

Posts: 3

toad1 says:


while I have no objection to responsible parents getting their kids onto bikes and kitting them out in the corret kit, I would ask the parent of the child in the picture to look at the image again.

The helmet is FAR TOO BIG !!! the internal may fit but the shell size is not suitable at all. This is the sort of image that provokes reaction as a child of this size should NOT be wearing a helmet of this size. If he/she geniunly cares about the child they should buy the correct helmet shell size. They are available if you look. It generally boils down to price.

WHAT PRICE DO YOU PUT ON YOUR CHILDS LIFE- SPINE- NECK - HEAD.  If we are honest, it is not the best brand either. I have worked within the motorcycle clothing trade for about 20 years and time after time the same lame excuses are used for not buying the correct kit.  I have heard EVERY EXCUSE going regarding their reasons for their choices and this picture is another example of  irresponsible  buying.

IF YOU ARE GOING TO PUT YOUR CHILDREN AT RISK, BUY THEM THE RIGHT KIT !!! There will then be less negative comments made about your parenting.  


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Jun 11

Posts: 22

ewanhind says:

Being Responsible

Plenty of other sports, such as horse riding and skiing, are also high risk activities, but nobody brands parents irresponsible for allowing their kids to participate. It is all about being responsible, and teaching your kids responsibility at the same time. It would be foolish for any parent to allow their kids to ride a motorcycle, a horse, even a BMX bike, without the appropriate safety equipment, training and guidance, but if these things are in place then any of these sports will be challenging and rewarding for the child, and will make them a more responsible participant as they get older. We seem to have developed a fear of allowing our children to take even the slightest risks, but that's not how children work - they need to find their own boundaries. How much safer will they be exploring their boundaries in a controlled environment where their parents have been able to guide them to make good decisions, than learning about risk in some other way that really might do them serious harm.

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Mar 11

Posts: 464

johnlad1 says:

when i was 10

i got given a 125 to ride round in my grandads fields on theres no real danger in letting a child ride a small bike as there supervised and wearing the proper kit its hard to get her on a motorcycle if your not on a road or going over jumps most of the dangers in motorcycling come from other people or foolish behavior the younger some one starts riding the better kids learn faster than adults so surely the younger they start the more quickly they learn how to ride safely

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Aug 02

Posts: 2319

Hedgehog5 says:

Good point ewanhind... little Jenny's ok asking for a pony for her birthday but string up little Johnny's parents for even thinking of buying him a motorcycle... I'm pretty sure that horse riding's listed as more dangerous than motorcycling... & let's not forget, these kids aren't venturing out onto the road.


... & yes little Jenny should also be allowed to have a motorcycle... I'm all for encouraging all kids onto bikes.

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Jun 10

Posts: 49

CobbZ says:

Hold up a moment

These comments were brought up;

1. In a gossip magazine

2. about Katie fucking Price of all people.

3. And because she bought one for HARVEY?!


Now hold up a minute. I wouldn't give that boy a fucking lolly pop, never mind a motorbike. It probably is VERY irresponsible to give that retard a motorbike!

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Feb 05

Posts: 30

bestd955 says:


It would be nice to see how many children are injured on trampolines every year, does any body say stop buying them no i dont think so,

same with horses, if a  a horse decides to do its own thing there is very little an adult can do never mind a child, do we say stop riding horses, i dont think so.

The sad thing about brake is they continue to shout the loudest, they dont care whether they are right or wrong or if the message is misleading, we need to shout back louder


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Jul 10

Posts: 18

GixxerFixxer says:

Are you surprised?

...Just another bunch of morons who think they've got the right to stick their noses in. Like that newspaper columnist a few stories down from this one, it goes to show motorcycles are a quick and easy way of apportioning blame. You wait, it'll be our fault it rains next. Good on those parents who get their kids involved responsibly. Stick it to the man!

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