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Matthew Birt  says:

Assen MotoGP: Valentino Rossi demands more from Ducati

Valentino Rossi declared his competitive debut on Ducati’s new factory GP11.1 bike a success in Assen but urged the Bologna factory to roll out more parts in the near future. Rossi finished fourth on the radically revamped Desmosedici, which featured a GP11 800cc motor run with a chassis, swingarm and rear suspension system designed for next year’s GP12. Rossi scored his best...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (26 June 2011 15:38)

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Feb 11

Posts: 616

Milkybars says:

Congrats to the riders

taking their GCE's. Hope that they all pass. Pity that some "queers" never give it much thought to take those GCE "O" levels and "A" levels. Otherwise they might not only be able to read and write, but understand that Valentino Rossi came to Ducati because everyone give the thumbs up. That meant sacking their PR lame duck lead rider. Sponsors had enough of him, engineer, technicians had enough of his angry red face, blaming them when he lost. His girlfriend ran from him. After 4 years, of which the last 3 years he spent more money patching up bikes and losing considerably. Taking vacations during working hours. Calling in sick, making up illness, injuries, never being healed from back problems, sponsors were ashamed of their logo on his bike being advertised. This PR blunder had to end and so they dumped him like the British did so many years ago. They took out the thrash and left them on an island with big red rock. I have a feeling that a certain HRC rider never got a proper education.

A new year dawned in 2011 and money is flowing at Ducati, beyond comparison. It has only been 7 races.

The man sat on their Superbike and suddenly this modern day midas turned it to gold.


Ducati signed him to 2 years, and he has made back all the money the lost in 3 years. Sponsors sales are through the roof. Nations are clamoring for Rossi clothing line. All races that you look at, sales out number every other rider 10 to 1. The economy in Ducati land, the spirit have gotten a boost. What will happen when THE GOAT wins. It's beyond imagination. He is saving Motogp ass at the gate. The riders know this because of their salary. They will not complain.


But a few riders that did not take their exams…..well they are still blaming others for their failure and fail to understand that winning means covering all bets. Posters that don't understand math, well let's say they are still saying that Racey Stacey won the most since 2008 through 2010 on the pig he developed and give his blessing. Sheep will follow and Racey Stacey could have said no to the bikes after 2007, but a person that did not get proper schooling…well what to expect.

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Jun 10

Posts: 48

Halitosis says:

W. T. F. ?

The milky bars are definitely not on this guy. Yet another reality denier trying to justify embarrassnment and inventing scenarios in a feeble and quite unconvincing attempt to say - what exactly?. Yeah, yeah - the Earth is flat, there is no global warming, Stalin, Pol Pot & Hitler were really good guys deep down and all that. As well, the pale one seems to have homophobia or the simplistic notion that if he wants to slag someone - he just has to use the term, "Queer" ? How very quaint in this day and age - very 1950's! Yet another case of arrested development.  He also appears to feel a MotoGP or any other top-flight rider has to have a Masters Degree instead of the simple ability to actually win races. WTF is all that about? Ah, well we'll see, won't we?

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Jun 11

Posts: 230

Smackbum says:

Idiots aside ....

I am glad that Rossi has finally made some steps forward in 2011 with the hybrid 11/12 bike, regardless of the legality of how they arrived there.  At the previous round Jeremy Burgess was tap dancing around the subject of what was going wrong, but reading between the lines he was inferring that the rider was part of the problem.

So finishing the race in front of his teammate and improving from his grid position were positives, though the gap to Ben Spies and being gifted 2 positions takes some of the gloss off.  Ducati's one goal this year will be to win a GP at all costs, but it ain't going to be easy with at least 5 riders currently on a better package.  If VR, JB and Ducati don't get their act together soon it will be the biggest WOFTAM since Toyota F1.


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Jul 06

Posts: 2046

buelligan272 says:

jumping the gun!

It seems to me that all the panic and false conclusions are from people on here.
Ducati/Rossi/Burgess and everyone else are not worried or panicking about anything.
OK they have not had things easy so far but they are working methodically and step by step to eventually build a decent bike that is capable of being ridden fast consistantly without crashing which it has never done.
If it was 2012 now yes they would be in a panic but their main aim is to be competitive right from the start of next season and you can bet they will manage that.

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:


It was nice of our highly educated and uber-intellectual cobber, Milky Bars to drop by and shine his light on things. Pity he made such a big silly-arse of himself in the process. In pointing the finger at “uneducated Australians” he forgot that when you point the finger, there are 3 others pointing back straight at you!

Let’s see now: Humble spray painter, Oz bloke too – 52 Wins in WSBK and World Champion 3 x times. B4 that BSB Champ too! Just to rub it in, he goes and runs away with the very last ever 990cc MotoGP Race at Valencia when substituting for the injured Seti Gibernau . This was definitely a bit bloody embarrassing for the Team that fired him a couple of years before – not for any lack of riding talent, you understand – just because European sponsors wanted the Aussie out and Spanish rider in. That figures – no-one ever got an even break coming from New Zealand or Australia and the ANZACS usually have to battle their way through Dogpatch and Shitsville Series races to even get noticed. All the while, the Euro-pansies are on the Rolls Royce route with the top machinery, gear, tyres and sponsorship. They have the Amex Platignum Card – the lads from down under have a stick with dog pooh on it or the rough end of a Pineapple. Once up there, however – the antipodean lads usually cream the opposition. Hello – anyone remember Hugh Anderson (multiple World Champ) or Ginger Malloy, Keith Turner and Graeme Crosby -all 2nd in the 500cc World GP Titles when the MV’s etc used to win my MINUTES. Crosby got so frustrated & chunked-off by the Euro-politics in his Team he “retired” and walked away from it all immediately after coming 2nd in 1981 - and went home to fly aircraft and become a multi-millionaire. Then came Wayne Gardner and Mick Doohan- who installed swimming pools. Heard of any of these “uneducated” guys, Milky Bars, you genius? Can we add Casey Stoner to the list of struggle street battlers too without you and the rest of the Zombies taking an infarction? I suppose in some Brit eyes, Carl Fogarty was a Neuro-Surgeon before he raced bikes.

Now let’s go back to Troy Bayliss whom we started-off talking about. He almost singlehandedly developed the Ducati SBK’s for years. After 2 years off bikes he tested for Ducati in May 2010 and then again in mid June this year –doing over 1,000 klicks at Mugello on the SBK and the Super Stocker. The poor, old, ignorant “uneducated” bloke was STILL far faster than the official Ducati Test riders and on Lap Record pace. Oh, the poor mega-wealthy, happy and “uneducated” bugger! Why, he is almost as miserable as Gardner, Doohan and Stoner too - all multi-milionaires. The trouble with MCN is that any low-life moron with a half-baked opinion or a load of biased bullshit to peddle can get on here and go for it. That’s OK – but there are others that actually believe them - so it becomes the ‘”blind deaf & dumb” leading others just as bad and intellectually-handicapped in a race to the bottom of the shallow, oozy end of the pool. This rubbish should always be corrected. It’s just my job and it’s in the stars. Somebody has to do it. Cheers

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Jul 10

Posts: 50

Cadwell75 says:

Calm down dear......

But can i just say that Gardner, Bayliss and Stoner all had to come to the UK to get their careers in the next level.

So we must be doing something right.

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Jun 09

Posts: 75

kauriboy says:


Yeah. You Brits are just more cannon fodder to be overcome too for our guys in their march to the top.

And anyway - what do you mean "we", White Man?

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Jul 08

Posts: 1091

leemuz says:




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Jul 08

Posts: 1091

leemuz says:



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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1261

Nothing to see, move on!

Listen you mob, let's get something straight!

Flossi is NOT developing a bike that is easier for everyone to ride... at least not on purpose! If  he was faster with 8-bend pull backs, a dunstall mudguard and a fuggin' maltese cross sissy bar, then that's how it is, whether any of the others can ride it or not! He doesn't care and Ducati couldn't give a toss as long as it's winning, so don't give me the trots with the 'he's doing it for the greater good of mankind' bollox!

The only definite thing to come from his tenure with his new team this year, is that he's nowhere near as adaptable as Stoner (backed up further by Stoners immediate speed on the Honda), so if it makes everyone feel better, keep looking forward to next year, but from what I've seen, I hope you aren't all holding your breath. In the meantime, the reality of the 'match made in heaven' will have an indelible effect on his ability to cope with the situation despite the determined front and the neverending claims of 'breakthoughs', you could fill a bloody book with 'em!



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