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Steve Farrell  says:

Columnist’s second call for motorcycle ban

A newspaper columnist has written his second article calling for motorcycles to be banned. Hugh Curran appears to relish having angered motorcyclists with the first column, which said they should be banned on safety grounds. His follow-up says: ‘Motorcyclists were unconvinced and angry. They were angry across the United States, Canada, Ireland, England and Australia.’ The motoring columnist for US daily newspaper Sun...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (28 June 2011 12:01)

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Aug 09

Posts: 56

gavinfdavies says:

a better response

I can't help feeling that in addition to name calling (though justified it seems), would have been


a) a challenge; don't call to ban something you can't do, so get yourself a full bike licence and complete at least 2,000 miles on a big bike before passing your judgements. After all, most bikers can also drive cars, so we know what we're talking about, you don't.


b) a list of statistics, with references putting bikes into perspective against other activities including driving, cycling, and a variety of sports.  For example I recall hearing (From Kevin Ashe I think) that drviers who also ride are 10% less likely to crash or somesuch. Figures regarding a bikers vs a drivers chance of CAUSING an accident would also be favourite, as I suspect, but don't know for sure, that it would be in our favour. I read recently about that French traffic survey, 45x less dangerous than cycling it seems.


this way we're more likely to show that we're not as bad as he says, and should be encouraged not banned. You never know, we might even convert him, and that would be a feather in our cap!

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Mar 10

Posts: 54

zannoti says:

oy !

oy !   hugh  pudding ,    get  that  window  wound  up  and  get  back  in  that  cage ,   looks  like  a  bloody  horse  box !

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Aug 04

Posts: 3

al_zhiemer says:

Take away his ittybitty car

One should know something about what they write.  If you have never ridden a motorcycle then you have nothing to say of any value.


just my two cents worth

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Jun 07

Posts: 12

Dullthud says:

He's got a point

He's right. I should not be at liberty to make this choice. And if I choose to anyway, others should be free to harm me. I will never put the keys in the ignition again. Instead I will ride my bicycle through traffic to the stables and climb up on my collosal thoroughbred which I shall charge up the nearest hill. I will then unpack my hang glider and whoosh down to the sea for some sailing and a spot of diving. And as I'm not driving, I'll be drunk. I just hope the ambulance can get through all the traffic.

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Jun 07

Posts: 119

guzzivee8 says:

As in the recent BRAKE/Daily Mirror/Jordon/Kids riding bikes "story".

Journo’s write something that deliberately antagonises us (Faz included?) and we are daft enough to go along with them by entering into e-mail “debate” (Although that is possibly giving to much credit to the recent “name calling”?)

Interesting comment that Curran makes…‘How in the world did Steve Farrell warrant a by-line by simply mentioning that I wrote a column, and then running a reaction to it calling me fat rather than responding to the points in the column?’

Shrewsred is right We should either respond with valid well thought through responces or not play along and just ignore “them” rather than give them any credit by corresponding?


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May 10

Posts: 114

coxyjm says:

is America

really going to listen to a jumped up fat bloke that drives a hair dressers car, if they are, then fuck off America. and stop importing your shitty cars over here as well, nobody likes them.

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Paul Gizza


Jun 07

Posts: 16

Paul Gizza says:

Hugh Curran

Your an IDIOT and still a FAT C<%T

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Jan 11

Posts: 8079

snev says:


Over weight , Big mouthed DUMBASS AMERICAN.

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Sep 09

Posts: 94

Rumple says:

He's not fat

In the States he's classed as underweight.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8079

snev says:

News just in...

Mr "fatty pants" said to be gutted that Masterbation..... "his only pleasure" has been banned.

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