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Matthew Birt  says:

Mugello MotoGP: Ducati struggles continue for Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi will start his first race for Ducati on Italian soil from a lowly 12th position tomorrow after another disastrous qualifying session at his beloved Mugello circuit. The 32-year-old could only clock a best time of 1.49.902 in a rain-affected qualifying session to finish a massive 1.868s behind Casey Stoner’s Repsol Honda RC212V. Rossi was only eighth quickest overall in the...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (02 July 2011 19:22)

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Jan 08

Posts: 40

lovell2576 says:


really gives a shit if Stoner can ride the Ducati, because he can ride the Duke your putting him in the same league as Rossi. LMFAO. Has Stomer won a 125 championship? NO!! Has Stoner won a 250 Championship? NO!!! Has stoner won a 500cc Championship? (In my opinion the hardest bikes ever to ride) NO!! Has Stoner ever won a 990cc Championship? NO!! Rge only thing that Stoner has done is won a championship on a 800. Oh, hasnt Rossi won 2 of those?? Sorry I forgot!!

Stoner can ride a bike quick as you like and he is LIKELY to win the championship this year. Not taking anything away from him but Ducati are not bothered at all about Casey leaving, in fact, Ducati have probably made more money in the past 6 months than the whole 4 years with Casey,

Rossi is older so maybe not so balls out, but I still reckon its a year to learn and then next year he will be up the front with a sweet handling bike. Ducati have a great WSB so its all looking good when we go to the 1 litres. Its going to be interesting!!

Looking forward to the racing tomorrow, GP's and BSB and I hope we have some good racing.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1007

Long gone are the days.....

Long gone are the days where a great rider wins on whatever he is given. I know "velopete" if Casey can wrap up the title a few rounds early how about you negotiate a swap with Stoner and Bautista and see how that works out? ***** I must admit Rossi moving to Ducati made my day as I have wanted to see him set on the back foot and really have to fight his way out of some mire for the title for a change. I didn't want to see him on his knees though. ***** What is really fantastic about the "Valet" is how in the last few races all the injury issue has faded and the PR talk has also come to a full stop. Now he talks frankly of the deep poo he has trod in. I have a lot of respect for him the way he is conducting himself now. It has taken awhile though hasn't it? ***** Richard1967 is right I would rather he was near the front at the end of a race to at least make a race for us occasionally. The problem is Rossi had too much smoke blown up his ass with regard to the switch to Yamaha from his fans and all around him. Knowing the way Melandri went from hero to zero and Capirex as a real terrier, some alarms should have been ringing, but alas as has been said before, he boxed himself into a corner at Yamaha and had no where to go. ***** Stoner, though not consistent, pretty much had the measure of the Duke. Is he that much better of a rider humanistically than Rossi, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, etc? Nah, I don't believe so. They all hang their bikes out sideways, win races or titles. Casey doesn't take any race for granted which shame on Rossi he did for a long while. Casey was able to get comfortable on the Duke, feel or no feel. A lot of times just chucking it in to corners and hoping it would stick! Saying he doesn't uses hardly any TC is like saying an A320 has hardly any wing area. Casey isn't the master of Moto GP yet, but he is the master of what I call TRON GP. We have The Doctor, Pedrobot, Lorenzoland, but we forgot to name the fourth ace. Introducing (5 years late) STONERTRON. Sounds like a superhero anyway.... Ducati don't give a flying F*ck about "developing" a bike for all the other Duke riders. Rossi is costing them a fortune.... the bike itself isn't that far away and never was as Stonertron has shown for years, but Vale isn't comfortable and until the boys in red make the kind of change to get Rossi right in his head their money is going down the drain. Breaking his leg last year isn't nearly as painful as telling Matt Birt not only do I belong 12th on the grid, I have no chance of winning this race. Come on Stonerites..... that must make you feel just a little sorry for him??? Have a heart... ??? Ok have a heart but you can stick your tongues out and say "told ya so"! Fair dinkum's or whatever they say down there. Ciao

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Dec 08

Posts: 1969

thestig08 says:

call me old fashioned but

Its ok bringing out the 2012 bike and it curing or helping the problem,but will it not get worse when honda bring out their new toys,maybe Casey will give vale a few tips

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Jul 08

Posts: 1007

Wow Bultoboy... You nailed that one!!!

Respect! Regarding 06; I and many inside the paddock and out do acknowledge that Capirossi was seriously going to take the fight to Rossi and given Rossi's problems with the 06 M1 was a very likely candidate for the title. Certainly far and above Hayden! You cannot change history and if's and but's don't count when you close the book. Stoner wasn't on a Duke then either so that doesn't diminish that Stonertron used his weapon well in 07 and no one had an answer. Not even Rossi..... so, NO Gods in racing just very talented or gifted men. Some learn it, some got it, and some learn to get it. Peace, love, and two stroke smoke.

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Jun 10

Posts: 356

Lorenzo99 says:

Rossi / Ducati

    Rossi toke a gamble with the Ducati,but it was a good gamble.In fact it was a win,win situation even if he loses.I will explain,Rossi toke a hugh pay check to ride the Ducati which is going in his retirement fund,thats win number 1.If Rossi wins a championship with the Ducati he will elevate his legendary status to new hights proving to his critics that he is still the GOAT & finishes his Moto GP carear at the top of his game,Win No 2.

    If Rossi cannot win on the Ducati then everybody will say it was the bike unless Nicky Hayden thrashes him.People will also give him credit for moving to Ducati & trying to win on a bike that is known to be a carear breaker & a beast to ride.Win,win all the way !

    Saying that though Casey is know shinning brighter than ever as it is obvious that he made the Ducati look a hell of a lot better than it actually was.Not only that but Casey + Honda = Honda's dream team & everybody elses worst nightmare.I think Casey will stick around at Honda for quite some time & that will give all the other riders one very big problem.

    I really hope that Rossi & Jerry can turn the Ducati around because we really need them to.Love him or loathe him,the championship needs Rossi,in fact the championship needs every champion it can get right know to take the fight to Casey or its going to get even more boring.

P.S. I don't mind Casey winning the championship at all but I would like to see him have to fight tooth & nail for it.

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Mar 09

Posts: 91

hobes says:

Fact CS binned it by riding to the edge. (and crashed he did) VR fail.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1007


The WSBK 12,000cc 1098's or what ever capacity they are have a trellis frame. Old school Ducati from the dawn of desmo. A lot of people, myself included, think the poor feed back of the recent GP bikes is due to Ducati's carbon fibre fetish. I think the old boys down the pub kept comparing them to Ferrari in F! so they thought they should start making everything out of carbon fibre??? The chassis technology which made them so successful seems dated but with some things you cannot reinvent the wheel (or forks for that matter). Honda have been guilty on multiple occasions for implementing technology for technologies sake and either had to spend millions trying to make it work or eat humble pie and trash it. Oval piston 500 anyone? It is well documented that Honda despised 2 stroke engines but if you can't beat them, join them. They got rid eventually..... booo hiss! Apart from an exceptional talent signed one year (no not Foggy, better than him) they couldn't win SBK with a V4 750 no matter how much they threw at it. They gave in and made a twin... hey presto, they beat Bayliss!!! Carbon Ducati's ??? Time will tell, just hope it doesn't tell on Rossi.

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Jun 09

Posts: 887

aquarius says:


In the Senior Class Michelin would “cook-up” a fresh batch of tyres, built especially for individual track conditions or a rider’s specific problems and rush these to the top factory riders overnight. Down with the “tiddlers” it was the same with the top guys and teams getting their pick of the Dunlops too. Stoner harried Dani Pedrosa on the Rolls Royce bike and gear and tyres all the way in 2005 – and Stoner was STILL on a crap bike & tyres then too. Did he win a 500cc Title-No-while these were still being raced; Stoner was winning the British 125 Aprilia Cup as a 15-16 year-old. No awareness whatsoever of time lines. Hello! Rossi is 32 while Stoner just turned 25 last October. Using your logic and chronology, Stoner is a dud because he never beat the likes of Hailwood or Agostini. Lovel - you are a goose!

Stoner is on the record over and over again that he loathes and hates doing PR interviews – he appreciates that it is part of the job but that doesn’t mean he has to like it. Ask him a question and you will get his answer – unadorned with fluffy, meaningless pap designed to placate and aggrandise sponsors or whoever. He just wants to RACE – that’s his primary function and what he likes to do. If you don’t like his answers, change your question. More and more alleged “journalists” that are not shallow tabloid jerks are warming to Stoner these days because they have come to realise that with Stoner, what you see is what you get – no bullshit and no pantomimes or stand-up comedian stuff. In this regard Andrea Dovizioso hit the nail smack, squarely on the head just two days ago. This is what he thinks of general “media & fan attitudes”: “ “ And what I don't like about the MotoGP world, but not just MotoGP, I think it's the world, is the TV and the media put more attention on funny riders, not on the faster rider. This I don't like. I don't like it because I'm one of them. I'm normal, and this the media doesn't like. This is funny, because I can't change my character because the media wants this. This is really bad, but it's bad for the result for how many risks you take on the track. You're fighting, fighting, fighting, you are one of the best riders in the world, but if you are not funny, not many people are speaking about you. This I don't like, but this is not just MotoGP. This is the world and this is very bad for the sport.” Well said and not before time. The “old” order is rapidly changing …

Finally, much fantasy and ordure is/was heaped on Stoner for his “alleged” relationship with Ducati. How many times does he have to say that things were just “tickity-boo” with all of his Crew and the Team per se – but he didn’t trust or like Senior Management? Didn’t anyone notice that Livio Suppo went to Honda first to pave the way for Stoner and then he took his Ducati Crew Chief, Cristian Gabbarini with him to Honda too? As to those that drone on about how much more Rossi is making for Ducati – this is about motorcycle racing and results. If you hunger for profit & loss info – go and read the Financial Times or immerse your big intellect in the Rubenesque mysteries of Pippa Middleton’s bum that so fascinates the tabloids these days. This pure bike stuff obviously isn’t for you. Cheers

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Jul 08

Posts: 1007

Well timed point about Dovi Aq

During British Eurosport coverage of qualifying today Messrs Moody and Ryder gave several minutes of coverage to Dovi and his public persona opinions. So firstly well done Eurosport. They were quoting Dovi as saying "Don't ignore me just because I am a "normal" guy". They went on to mention that few realise he recently became a father, doesn't drive a brace of flash cars (family estate car for Dovi to head down to the beach), and doesn't get very excited about fame and fortune. He said he is just a normal guy (with funny hats) who races and rides fast. He just sits back and quietly goes about his business and his business is doing quite well so far this year thank you very much. Mr. Ryder went on to make the point that Kevin Schwantz is at the GP this weekend and told him that Dovi is not only an excellent rider but he is the biggest threat when the conditions are not good let alone perfect. But this is forum land so we have to change the heading to, "Don't slag me off because I am a normal guy". Repsol may not have wanted a 3 man team but I have a feeling HRC will want to keep Dovi on a Honda somewhere next year. He may not be an "alien" but from where I am sitting he certainly isn't from this earth!

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Apr 11

Posts: 3356

Bultoboy says:

Rossi fans wearing blinkers again

Blinkers no.1 - The only people who seem to give a shite about Stoner riding the Ducati in comparison to Rossi are Rossi supporters continually claiming Rossi is doing better than Stoner did last year. The rest of us can see that Rossi has nowhere near the speed that Stoner had on it, saying he has more points at this point in the season is a lame claim. Pointless. The grid positions say it all, he is slow on it, no matter what gets said on here. I doubt Stoner gives a toss about Rossi's records and what happened before 2006.

Blinkers no.2 - Rossi did not take a gamble and leave Yamaha to go to Ducati. Rossi screwed himself at Yamaha who wouldn't get rid of Lorenzo in the him or me demands. Rossi wouldn't stay there with Lorenzo so he had two choices, take what was available - Ducati, or retire. Why people keep saying he should be applauded for this 'gamble' is beyond me. He should have swallowed his ego and stayed at Yamaha and fought with Lorenzo on equal terms. That would have gained him some respect. Not having the same tantrums he has always had about not having team mates with equal status and ability.

Blinkers no.3 - Rossi and Burgess will not sort the Ducati out. Rossi is complaining about the same issues as Stoner. He can't deal with it and they can't sort it with set up. DUCATI DESIGNERS AND ENGINEERS, not Burgess or Rossi need to redesign the thing to improve the front end. At that point it will no longer be the bike it is now. It will be a different machine.

Blinkers no.4 - Winning a title with Ducati will not elevate his legendary status to new heights. His legendary status of god, goat, superhuman who can overcome any problem and ride around it, is buried under all the junked parts from this year's Ducati. He cannot ride it. If he ups his game and rides it harder, or if Ducati give him a redesigned bike that is as good as anything else or better, then he stands just as much chance as the others to win. His legendary status would have risen to new and justified heights if he had taken this years bike by the scruff of the neck and ridden it faster than the previous rider. He can't and he looks very ordinary now he does not have one of the best bikes.

Blinkers no5 - Rossi doesn't need to do this for the money. He has an ego to feed, not a wallet. He needs to win above earning more millions. He's not exactly poor.

At the moment he is screwed with that bike until Ducati give him something else. Or, he decides to try and ride it differently.

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