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Tom Cambio  says:

Mugello MotoGP: Lorenzo takes second victory of season

Reigning World Champion Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha Factory Racing) took his second victory of the season at Mugello, after battling with Repsol Honda team mates Andrea Dovizioso and Casey Stoner who finished in second and third respectively. Lorenzo had a strong start to the race, moving from his qualifying position of fifth to second, whilst Dovizioso took third ahead of Marco Simoncelli....

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  • Posted 4 years ago (03 July 2011 15:13)

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Jan 08

Posts: 40

lovell2576 says:


positives from this weekend, a decent amount of track time and loads of data to analyse so they can make more improvements.

Rossi has always had a pattern in his career. 1 year to learn and then lift a title, the only exception being his transition to Yamaha from Honda. Next year is going to be the proof in the pudding and will tell us once and for all if Rossi's long career at the top has now come to an end. But I think that anybody who rights him and Ducati off in the long term is very brave.

As a career long fan of Rossi  I realise now that he is not going to work any magic on the Ducati this year so I just watch now with interest to see the Ducati improve race by race.

Was a great GP, Lorenzo rode superb, Dovi rode superb and its great to see that just maybe Stoner has a fight on his hands which is great for us GP fans. Lets hope it stays this way. Roll on Sachsenring.

Shout out to Bradley Smith, he is maturing nicely on the Moto2 bike, really great ride. Lets hope he can keep up the momentum and push further, he is 3rd in the championship!!


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Jul 11

Posts: 110

bruce1937 says:


Unfornately i do find myself getting drawn into these petty arguments...

But i too admire many forms of racing...and riders...

But there are certain facts about motogp...

It Is becoming many electronics....single tyre choice not suiting certain bikes etc...

The race yesterday was great and has been many times that rossi has not won..

This idea that any race is boring cause rossi didnt win is unfounded



Yes some races are better than others, that can be the result of many factors some of which you mention.

I am not saying that any race that Rossi does not win is boring, I am saying that it would appear that some of the participants of this forum have that view.

It is rather pathetic that the one eyed Rossi fans turn every article into a slagging match about how great Rossi is and how much of a moaner Stoner is. This article was about the race and not a Rossi/Stoner pissing match.

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Mar 11

Posts: 1386

Yamaha3358 says:

Well Bruce

a Rossi/Stoner pissing match is what it always turns into.

Here's an example of this weekend though.
Saturday : Stoner claims pole, Rossi 12th. NO Rossi fan bothered to even comment due to obvious reasons.
Sunday : We have the likes of Milkybars and co. straight on with the 'haaha Stoner walked on by Lorenzo, moaning about the tyres bla bla bla'.

Ive said it before but Rossi fans obviously feel extremely threatened by the talent of Stoner. I beleive Stoner now has more wins, poles, podiums and fastest laps of any rider since his arrival in 2006. Not bad at all.
Oh, and team orders, apparently Honda had team orders all season to let Stoner win, ye just ask the experts in here. Funny how they decided not to give the orders this race though, huh.

In Germany, i think Rossi will find as many problems as he did in Italy. The first sector is extremely important on the front end, and thats what Rossi is claiming to have 'problems' with.

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Jun 11

Posts: 942

Moaner says:

Lighten up people!

Fuck me, I am a passionate fan but jesus h christ, some of you are so obsessed with your chosen rider it is bordering on an oppointment to the local mental institution!

I think maybe some of you should step back from your keyboards and have a quick look over the absolute shite, endless stats (which are pointless) and pathetic abuse you spurt off from the safety of your home and think to yourselves.. Is it worth getting so upset and angry about and exactly how sad does this make me?!

I also like the fact that it is the Rossi fans getting accused of inciting arguments when from where i am sitting there are a great number of Stoner fans doing a lot of the gloating, goading and inciting themselves yet refuse to see it! There are a small group of fans on both sides giving the true fans a bad a name and it also brings the sport itself down! Shame really as there are a few on here that like to have a proper adult debate and would also like to be able to take the piss and have a bit of banter without upsetting the 'Sad die-hard, im in love" fans to the point that they get upset and start abusing them!

It would be nice if people stuck to discussing the article rather than turning it into the same old boring Rossi v Stoner argument and just using every article to try out some new insults that they have learned from 'the bigger kids' in order to score points over other posters!! It is all very sad!!

Rant over! BTW, Great race from Lorenzo and Dovi... The result was great for the championship and a couple more like it will blow the championship wide open which is exactly what true fans would really like to see!!

Enjoy life people, it may get taken from you quicker than you think!!

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Nov 04

Posts: 265

texas_rp says:

Agree with you Moaner

It's getting to where you have to scroll through all of these posts to find the actual adult debate ones! Just about every article ends up with this spat. The last few months it's gotten quite nasty with some of the regulars not even really posting anymore.

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Mar 08

Posts: 315

vmax4steve says:

I think we saw

the true mentalty of Rossi's die hard fans when that mob in pit lane yesterday were chanting for Rossi when Dovi was accepting his trophy, fellow italians too. It's all too obvious that they are not bike racing fans, they simply want to bend over before him and take it up their jacksy's, which is a pretty crude way of explaining that they are nothing but pathetic little submissives who live their lives through the achievements of other, bit like football fans really.

Every one of those riders deserves respect for putting their lives on the line for our entertainment and there is no one on this forum who knows exactly what it's like to ride to their level. Having said that it's clear to me that the Ducati has been engineered for anyone to ride, otherwise it's settings wouldn't be adjustable, and they clearly are, same as all the bikes on the grid. The bikes are designed and engineered for the best possible speed and handling that the designers hope to achieve and there are then a myriad of adjustments available to tailor the bike for any particular rider. All of Stoners settings are, and have always been, available to all Ducati riders, they worked for him but mostly when only Ducati and a couple of others had the full attention of Bridgestone. Now that Bridgestone are supplying the whole paddock they can't give that special attention that they used to, same as Rossi got from Michelin.

And it was Rossi that started this control tyre business when he spat the dummy at Michelin and forced Yamaha to renegue on their Michelin contract. The power that this man has is quite incredible when you think about it, anyone else at Ducati would have been told what Stoner was told, this is the bike now ride it. Motogp is not all about Rossi and it's getting to the point when I for one will be glad when he retires and takes all his yellow T shirt wearers with him, might get some adult debate then other than Rossi v Stoner all the fucking time.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3503

Bultoboy says:


As well as many 'fans'  leaving in droves when they realised Rossi wasn't going to get a result (according to TV commentary, Moody said he couldn't believe what he was seeing)

Never mind that there were two other home riders to support who were in with a very real chance of a podium or win, they are only interested in Rossi, they aren't racing fans.

Very disrespectul behaviour and a great shame.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1021

Moaner for Presidente'

Agree with you totally Moaner! But your last line was wasted as it should be apparent some "fans" don't have a life outside of cyber land and have a total inability to interact with other human beings. I blame the parents, the government, HRC, and of course Dorna. Unfortunately even some of the best contributors to the forum have slumped into the mire. It is annoying to see 90+ comments on an article only to find 78 are (sometimes) bizarre fanatical The Quack vs Stonertron based diarrhea.

Fantastic race when Jorge and Dovi caught up Stonertron. Dovi kept it together exceptionally well and thank goodness he didn't bottle the opportunity to get past Stonertron. I thought Casey made a great race even though he couldn't keep it up at the end, he wasted his tyres, not his pressure guage, I would think Dovi and Pedrosa would have been advised to run the same. Like Assen it is not really his type of circuit. Jorgenius' down hill passes were mind blowing! Then Bens Pies passes were executed perfectly, especially the final lap! What a boy! Rossi raced everyone he could get close to and that is all he could do.

Thus brings us to the Honda speed advantage Bull Sh*t. If Stoner has only been winning because he the Honda's have some incredible HP advantage how come two piss poor inferior Yamaha's stayed ahead of HRC rocketships??? Especially Spies, holding Simoncelli off in the drag race down the home stretch. All these machines are sooo even. Just a matter of putting the power down, style, and confidence to push. Herein lies the folly of the Stonertron vs The Quack arguments. Stonertron is the master of slide,  uses almost no TC, yet lost the race because his bike was sliding? Stonertron supposedley crumbles under pressure? Yet he was hunted down from a great distance, passed twice, and still stayed in it right on Dovi's tail. Rossi isn't finished yet, he blew his start, got back to the group he belonged with and dispensed with all of them. Hayden was a plank, given another great opportunity to beat The Quack after all those years riding behind him, but no he fell apart immediately? Ride of the day for me, Dovi. No foul weather effect just race pace and hanging with the fast boys til the end. Quiter of the day Crutchlow. He is gonna get put on the naughty step if he keeps that up! Then he is worried about his collarbone. Touche' to the trolls who slated Dani for not riding bigging up Cal for being tougher, braver, and just getting on with it!

Just need Stonertron and Jorgenius to lose a few more points and we can actually have a title fight!


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Jun 11

Posts: 942

Moaner says:

Like your style Willie!

It is a real shame that everything results in a 'my cock is bigger than yours' argument all the time and it seems to be the same people starting it each time.. It just gets mind numbinly boring sifting through all the girly bitching to find a decent post! I guess it will never change and it would appear that it doesn't matter what Motorsport website you go on, these morons seem to exist everywhere which is worrying, not just for websites but for man kind as these people are mentally imbalanced!!

You touched on something that i asked about in another thread, I asked about this 'tyre pressure' problem Stoner had and wondered if Dovi would have been given the same advice and told to put the same PSI in as Stoner as they were on the same tyres....? I didn't buy the 'tyre pressure' thing, i put it down to Stoner mashing his tyres up on the new abrasive Mugello track whilst trying to gain a big lead? It just seems funny as Dovi came good at the end where as Stoner struggled on spent rubber..

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Jul 08

Posts: 1091

leemuz says:

Hands up...

Like i said im last post, it IS getting laborious.

I too am sick of hearing it all....and i find i get lowered to the level of some other peeps on here.

I then vow to have ANOTHER new start, i've tried this once before,

But i am sincere when i more stoner hating...

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