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MCN  says:

Husqvarna's Nuda 900R unveiled

Husqvarna have unveiled their new Nuda 900R road bike, releasing pictures and video of the BMW-powered naked in action. The Nuda will feature a re-worked 900cc version of BMW’s 800cc parallel twin motor that will reportedly put out over 100bhp and 73lbft (100Nm) of torque. Fully adjustable Sachs 48mm front forks and Ohlins rear shock will deal with the bumps, whilst Brembo...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (04 July 2011 12:37)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:

OK for summer!

Nobody would seriously want to commute in this country with this bike, you would need a wet suit when its raining. It will be like riding two water wheels! The BMW donor bike would make a much better bet, this looks like a styling exercise!

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Jul 11

Posts: 1

ASteel says:


All of you who are whimpering about its lack of practicality and getting wet obviously don't get it. You're all so used to these neutered cross-bred bikes trying to appeal to the masses. It's great to see something quite edgy and with a combination of Husqvarna's arm wrenching pedigree mated with BMW's reliability, should make for a great ride. It's far more practical than previous bikes like the SMR570 which were very supermoto focused and barely road legal.  I rode mine from London to Scotland, where my Dad crashed it and it still made it back. Looking forward to seeing how it fares against the competition!?

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Mar 09

Posts: 4548

smoto5 says:

How come there's so many

comments slating the practicality of a bike built to go out and have fun on at reasonable non ballistic missile speeds (sports bikes anyone?) and yet not run out of breath down the dual carriageway and motorway if it's necessary to go on there for a short distance? I don't remember all this fuss about the practicality of Triumph Speed and Street Triples, Benelli TNT, MV Brutale, etc. etc. I can just imagine if the first model to come out had a big fairing, panniers, big fat seat (and we don't know yet if this will be uncomfortable, a lot depends on the foam used, plenty of sports bike only got a postage stamp of material on the seat) big comfy pillion seat and low pegs, the shouts would be about how dull and boring it was, and why didn't they do something edgier and racier :-) It will be interesting to see what the continental magazines and riders have to say about it, meanwhile I think the video gives a good indication of what it's for, a hooligans alternative to the sports bike! Stand it on it's nose up to the corners, throw it down on the edge of the tyre, (outbraking and outcornering the sports tackle) wallop it out of the corner on the back wheel and away down the medium distance straights to the next bend :-) Think KTM Superduke/990 Supermoto not BMW F650/800, BMW haven't had much available to compete with KTMs nutter bikes!! and probably the next release will be something closer to KTM SMT 990, a bit more practicality :-)

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Dec 04

Posts: 70

Jackspratt says:

Arrrrgh - trouser explosion!!

My God! They've actually gone and built one, and before I died! 350lb. 75ftlb torque . 100 plus HP. AND it's a parallel twin, I love twins actually...and this one'll do nicely. It looks like it turns like a fish, doesn't have bloody useless under seat exhausts; and it's design is plain, clean, simple and handsome enough to look at etc. It also looks like I might even fit on it and not be in pain, as it may not be designed for a bloody midget with an attitude problem. All I need to do is retro engineer a decent sweat. The only concern? Build quality. And price... If they are OK, I think I have finally found the bike I have been dreaming of for 40 years - after all those bloody dreadful sodding sports bikes and cruisers of the last 30 years.

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Nov 09

Posts: 9

who does remember the famous 610? Hope this bike will be has fun has other husky.

The trouble is 900cc naked and 175 kg is not exactly light. The duo is forbidden. The trip more than 50 miles will be seriously painful. So appart pulling wheelies, where do you want to use it in UK and whom is going to ride it?

Husky NUDA 900R is for B road in South East of France and you must be a confirmed biker between 30 and 35 years old. Any men with family will go for a more sensitive choice and more versatile use. This is the ideal bike for younster but insurance will cost 3 trillions what ever the money...

So if they want to sell this bike, price will have to be small for those are real biker or completely over price for branded moto gp sunday riders. I bet it will cost £7995.00 when in theory £5995.00 will be more a stricking choice. Look Benelli and the fabulous T tech with massive power band for 6k...

Tough time for new bikes


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Mar 11

Posts: 4

dtrides says:

Nuda 900R

If it has less than 125mi range it doesn't matter how good it is. From what I can see the tank looks minuscule. It doesn't need the range of a tourer but no matter how cool it looks I refuse to push it to the refueling station or have to strap a can on the back just to complete a ride. Thats just the reality of wide open spaces in USA. Other than that I think they have something there . DT.

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Mar 09

Posts: 71

Kingsil says:

Good on 'em

It looks like the crazy love-child of a Triumph X-75 Hurricane and a KTM Duke 690. Good on 'em for building it, will any one buy it? People used to buy Buells and they weren't everyone's cup of char, good niche bikes will sell even in conservative old blighty.

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Feb 08

Posts: 87

TT600JCC says:

Bang Tidy

This looks very nice very Ktm Duke like but doesn't most of these Fun bikes all look the same? With BMW owning the Company we would hope build quality is good and as for fuel range, really does it matter if it's 125 miles and not 200?

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Feb 10

Posts: 394


NUDA 900

Well,the photo's this time round show a design that isn't that bad. Just wonder about tank range,how many litre's it'll hold and riding comfort. There buy a bike like this,you know what to expect i suppose.

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Aug 02

Posts: 3

falcox123 says:

Husky Nuda900

Will somebody PLEASE tell manufacturers (of cars as well as bikes) that we DON'T want to hear some "funky" soundtrack overlaid on these videos to hype up a new model ? I find it really annoying as I mainly want to hear what the thing actually sounds like..

Bunch of wassocks ! ( the "marketing" men that is)

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