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Discuss This Was Dani Pedrosa right to snub Marco Simoncelli handshake? MotoGP

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Matthew Birt  says:

Was Dani Pedrosa right to snub Marco Simoncelli handshake?

Tension between Dani Pedrosa and Marco Simoncelli was at fever pitch in Mugello last weekend as the pair came face to face for the first time since their controversial collision in Le Mans. Simoncelli’s aggressive overtake during the French Grand Prix wrecked Pedrosa’s 2011 world title hopes after the Spaniard was left with a broken right collarbone. Pedrosa only made his comeback...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (06 July 2011 13:59)

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Feb 09

Posts: 42


What a wanker Pedrosa is. If I was SIc I'd Have held out my hand to Pedrosa, but in a different manner my middle finger would be pointing to the sky with my other fingers clenched. F$$k that little shit, he brings about as much charm to Moto G.P. as a pot dog. The only reason he's still in a ride is because of Repsol. If they decided to pull the plug 2 people would be out of Honda, Puig Pedrosa.Enough said. And credit to Colin Edwards who is always outspoken. Quote on BBC "You don't take gladiators to an opera." If you want to watch processional activities tune into come dancing. The only bad thing to come out of this is that poor old simon seems to have taken a step back. He doesn't seem to attack like before.

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Aug 07

Posts: 15

kevr1cool says:

twat pedrosa or what, and that snidey prick stoner with his "take the piss smile" like little snobs in the playground, racin don`t need it. spies is the man, you could tell he was embarrased to see such childish churlish behaviour. these mardy babies should enjoy what they are doing and relise how lucky they are and how much a average club racer like me would love to be in their shoes, it don`t last for ever you morons.... rant over !! Kev

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Aug 09

Posts: 9

baznap123 says:

what a knob pedrosa is, dull as fu*k and not worthy of a top motogp ride, how long will it be before hrc sack his sorry ass, stoner while a little girl he may be can at least ride the honda, how embarrasing it must be for pedrosa for stoner to come in and be winning with such domination straight away.

ben spies and simonchelli are the future of moto gp.

also i think stoner forgets how many crashes he had on the LCR honda not that many years ago!

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Dec 08

Posts: 1982

thestig08 says:


I can understand Pedrosa being angry at the time,but this carry on is little more than bitching girls, Stoner no better sniggering away and i rate him as a rider but he looks like a child in this video ,these so called top riders all need bringing down to earth ,Its getting as bad as a private kindergarten and for the record Rossi is no better when it gets to it,lets hope motogp can claw back from this and the dreary thin on the ground show it has become of late,i'm off to mallory at the weekend to see some proper ex gp racers

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Jul 11

Posts: 86

Slorta says:

The One Lap Wonder

I love it.  You Simo lovers have nothing, absolutely no statistics to back up you claims.  Come on.  Pull your heads out of your arses, get on the net and find something, anything to give your claims some credibility. I’ll save you the time.  There’s nothing there. You’ve gotta love comments like Simoncelli’s better than Pedrosa.  GOLD.  Pedrosa’s has been on the Championship podium 4 out of the last 6 years and won 3 championships. Don’t even bother to look up Simo’s record, it’s not worth it.  He did win a championship when none of the others were there. And oh, shit, how could I forget, he got 2 pole positions. Sorry fellas, I take it all back, the bloke is apparently a legend.  Give me a break.


Hey glynny, I didn’t say nobody has crashed more times that Simo.  I asked a question. Can’t you read. Even if I did, and Simo is coming 2nd in the crash department. Doesn’t that tell you something about his skill level in staying upright for a full race?  And OK then, lets comment on Stoner and Lorenzo being habitual crashers. Stoner came 8th in his first year and backed it up by winning the championship in his 2nd year. Lorenzo came 4th in his first year and backed it up with 2nd in his 2nd year. Simoncelli came 8th in his 1st year and is still constantly crashing out and he’s currently sitting 10th.  And your comment “much like Supersick is doing now ????   Sorry, no, I can’t see any comparisons, there are none. 

Pity you can’t read because you could look up all this educational stuff yourself, instead of getting your Mum to read you the bedtime stories you want to believe.


Come on..... facts......statistics........’the silence is deafening’.


Game, Set and Match.

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Mar 08

Posts: 264

stompmyduke says:

Sic or Boredom?

Gotta face it, there are very few CHARACTERS in GP these days, and we're getting perilously close to the era when boring, miserable Yanks dominated (Randy M excepted). Despite what Casey says, the public want colourful riders for the enormous pile of squids they pay for MGP, and the likes of Lorenzo, Stoner and Dovi do not come up to scratch, when compared with Hailwood, Read, Rossi or Sheene. Sic is a breath of fresh air - sack him Dorna and reap the consequences!!

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Nov 10

Posts: 1156

Elbowz11 says:

I am hoping.

Ben takes that little midgets alien status away from him as the season progresses and also hope he thrashes him every race.

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Oct 10

Posts: 552

noshow says:

I for one watch motogp to see the bikes not to see if a rider can compete with a reality show like Britains Got Talent. Rossi is a great rider but when he gets his mates to dress up as as 7 dwarfs? is that bike racing or a childs pantomine?If you like that sought of thing fair enough but dont knock a rider because he cares more for the racing than doing a PR stunt .

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Mar 07

Posts: 276

Tough to take sides.......

Marco was right to offer his hand and an apology to Dani for taking him out and maybe ruining his championship chances. But he was man enough to do this without all the media present (apart from the Serbian team there with a small hand cam). Good on him for this adult gesture.

Dani was right to refuse it going on by the way he is so upset with Sic. Dani is under huge pressure to deliver results for HRC. He was the Golden Boy for the Repsol Team but due to injuries, bad luck and not being able to get the best out of the bike has failed to provide the team with the expected results. Along comes Stoner, taking the bike by the horns and steps straight into the Number 1 slot. Dani must be miffed by this. But as I've mentioned on here before, he is lucky to be Spanish. Without the backing from Repsol, HRC would have moved him away from the factory team ages ago and someone else would be on his seat.

As for Stoner sniggering, why not? I've pissed myself laughing when someone at work has received a bollocking. Does that make me a girl or immature? Nope, it just makes me human and a bloke!

Summary, buck up & speed up Dani. Marco, nice to see a genuine sorry gesture but you need to calm down a little on track.

The saga is sorted!

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Feb 10

Posts: 69

yzf07 says:


dani the fannie is like a china doll.every time he falls off he brakes something.may be its the spainish 2 english thing but he is one boring git a night down the pub with him i bet thats a barrel of laughs. shake his hand and grow up o better not u might brake his wrist and he'll be out for another six weeks. 

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