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Got something to say?



Jan 11

Posts: 8332

aehewitt says:

News of the world

ceases publication after this week,this will be interesting.:mad:

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  • Posted 4 years ago (07 July 2011 17:09)

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Jul 11

Posts: 8

Driver67 says:

Utter Scumbags

I Haven't bought The Scum or Screws of the World since Hillsborough.

I have always regarded journo's as only marginally above paedo's and politicians in the bottom-feeder pecking-order and Murdoch's bunch are the worst of them all.

I don't even have Sky at home, thank God for Virgin or I'd have to watch freeview because there is no way Murdoch and his ilk will ever see a penny of my hard-earned.:mad:

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Sep 10

Posts: 2249


if you want..

soft porn.. celebrity garbage..

its no big loss to me..


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Feb 09

Posts: 266

ergf says:


face it murdoch is whitewashing this, shut it down give it a few weeks until the next "big thing" is in the press and then relaunch as the sun on sunday. People start buying it an business as usual and they can go back to the same old shit.
I want to know when the prosecutions will start because anyone who hacked should face criminal charges as should those who authorised/condoned the process.
Putting my money one person faces charges and one resignation and thats it oh and a few million spent on an inquiry to say the whole things a fuck up

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Apr 09

Posts: 1870

mostlyslowly says:


has shut 1 title to protect his other assets.  He will open another, with fewer staff, worse pay/conditions and print the same rubbish.  I don't and won't buy any of his products.  I'd sooner be seen carrying 'bestiality weekly'

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Aug 07

Posts: 4227

used2bfast says:

I was feeling sorry

for all the innocent workers who will lose there jobs - but the "Sun on Sunday" will be out soon!!!:mad:

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Feb 09

Posts: 266

ergf says:

3 months

everyone working at the scum of the world is getting 3 months pay in lieu of notice and then they will also get redundancy or will working at the shite on sunday.

still waiting for the couple of sacrificial lambs who will pay the price of other people fuck ups.

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Apr 08

Posts: 9590

old(ish)git says:


now there's a title to conjure with.I wouldn't be surprised to see it on the shelves sometime soon, next to 'Ironing board world' and 'Men's Health', or even 'Farmers Weekly'..:sunglasses:

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Feb 09

Posts: 4730

philehidiot says:


Balls to that, that's telling the facts as they are.

I very much doubt most people can appreciate the difference between cover behind a Sanger on your own and with someone else who quickly becomes a friend on a level few people can appreciate. You're there doing a job and frankly who gives a shit what you do in your personal life? Politicians who are proven to be dishonest and cheat - fair game. They're in a position of trust and responsibility in a totally different way.

The sort of behaviour cheating infers affects politics but means 3/5ths of fuck all when you're the one taking fire because some cheating fucker has said you must.

I hope Wade gets imprisoned and ideally branded as an utter fuckbend in the literal sense.

 Personally, Piers Morgan is my mortal enemy for reasons you'll be well aware of. That he's on TV earning a fortune is beyond recompense. He should be living in a box in the arctic with a combat survival tin (webtex, of course so it falls to pieces) and perhaps an anal dildo.

Oh and I considered becoming a Gunner. Fuck me that's hard. I have the utmost respect for those people who have to work so incredibly hard to get into such jobs. I know I couldn't do it.

Warfighting, peace enforcement and peacekeeping are all bollocks to the people outside the military. They think warfighting is like WW2 and peacekeeping is being pretend cops with L85s. Unfortunately the government seem to have a similarly narrow minded view. Gone are the days where soldiers were sacrifieced sacrificed for a critical mission that they could appreciate. We've had such a cake and arse part of governments recently that objectives that would sacrifice lives are secondary to the sock / non stock of the House wine cellar purely due to media attention.

Politicians should be made to sit behind a Sanger with rounds either thudding or pinging before they make a decision to send people into combat for no obvious, in your face reason.

Rant over.

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Mar 07

Posts: 3215

Boult says:



Unfortunate truth is there is 2.7 million ready buyers out there  -  doesn't matter what title is on the top of the page.....:doubt:

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Nov 04

Posts: 3833

750FLYER says:

News of thew world

Written and read by a bunch of sad fucks who have nothing better to do with thier own pointless existence than delve and snoop into others'!

Where many of the (wanky) tabloids try to expose dishonest politicians and celebs when their actions have an effect on the people... This bunch of low-life bottom-feeders actively try to ruin people's personal lives... alledgedly up to 4000 phone taps!!!!!!!!?????!! *FUCKING DISGRACEFUL* They should all be punished for their parts in this filth!

The world is a better place without the news of the world scumbags!!

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