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Steve Farrell  says:

Learners told: ‘Wear bike kit or test will be cancelled’

Learner motorcyclists not in proper bike kit including boots and gloves face being turned away from their test. The Driving Standards Agency has told examiners they can turn away candidates not ‘appropriately’ dressed in at least heavy denim. Examples of kit deemed inappropriate include skiing gloves, ripped jeans and trainers. A sign in test centres tells examiners: ‘From 1 July, you may...

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  • Posted 4 years ago (11 July 2011 13:12)

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Jan 11

Posts: 38

5LeafClover says:


Is on to something. Those who aren't choosing to take basic steps to protect themselves are contributing towards shocking safety stats, piling on political heat, and ruining it for the rest of us. There are a lot of potential new riders out there. By and large, it is not paying for parking, mod 1 tests or 4 quid higher VED that puts them off, its perceived safety both in terms of stats and knowing a mate of a mate with a ghastly skin graft. One thing to be certain of is those mouthing off about wearing shorts and protecting the freedom to choose to be an idiot wouldn't be nearly so zealous from a hospital bed.

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Mar 11

Posts: 26

Excellent idea

I can't tell you the amount of times I've seen young lads (rich coming from me, I'm only 20) on scooters and 125s (even a CBR600RR once) in just tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. Every time I see them, as awful as it sounds, a part of me wants them to take a small spill, just to knock some sense into them. It takes me 10 minutes maximum to get fully leathered up, and I do it every time, no matter how short the journey - I don't see any excuse not to. I hope the test centres don't start providing gear, as it is a great idea to encourage new rider to get their own protective clothing.

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May 10

Posts: 114

coxyjm says:

if i

were an examiner, i would make the candidate do the whole test and then fail them at the end for not using adeqaute protective eqipment on test. but then again if the candidate does take a spill on test whist not adeqatley protected i am sure the candidate or family of would sue the DSA. We are not debating people wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt out on the road once people have a licence, that is their foolish choice. Examiners should be testing a candidates ability to ride,as well as their maturity and respest for the road. Test Centers and Training Centers should NOT be providing equipment as one of the first lessons you recieve, is NOT to share your helmet. and then the training center provides a grubby old helmet for people to use.

bollox to freedom of choice, and what is the minimum regulatory piece of kit and all that B S. I had all the gear before i did my CBT. if you want to ride, stump up the cash to show that you can be taken seriously by an examiner. i for one do not want to be another statistic or have portions of skin missing.

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Sep 09

Posts: 52

MattMorris says:

omlettes and eggs

Pass your test and you can ride being as much of a twat as you like but as the examiner does bear some responsibility for the rider what they say goes. Don't like it. Tough shit.

I think it says a lot about the mindset of the person being tested if they turn up without reasoable protective  measures. If their attitude to their own safety is that poor how much of a dickhead will they be to other road users,

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May 06

Posts: 89

Kescheng says:


I think that its a fair point. After you pass then do as you wish, but when being trained or tested it would only sensible and in some ways respectful to wear reasonable safety equipment. By turning up dressed like a twat you not only risk life and skin, you are basically sticking your fingers up at those who would generally like to see you out on a bike.

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Aug 09

Posts: 28

fryatuck says:

waste of money

Its all well and good getting a test cancelled, But getting Test dates for King's Lynn, Norfolk, Is a mess. A brand new test site to do Bike test's but No full time examiner. Eariest Mod 1 is 9/8/11. earliest Mod 2 end sept. What a joke Summer will be over.

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Jul 11

Posts: 1

princeally says:


I have to agree with the majority of sensible people posting on this. Getting the equipment before going on your test is a great idea. I was fully kitted out and feel better in the knowledge that if I get into an accident the chances of landing up in a wheelchair or worse are lessened.

As much as makes sense to me that you are able to have the freedom to choose what you wear the problem is you don't have the choice when you have an accident. Majority of urban accidents are caused by Driver error not biker error (i.e. I didn't see the biker). If there was ever a better reminder of this, I was watching one of those Police Biker Shows (Emergency Bikers or something) and a lad had came off his bike with just normal jeans on and smashed his knee so badly that he would never walk properly again. Had he been wearing any kind of protective armour on his knees then he would have likely been able to walk normally. Can you really take the risk that you can read minds?

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Aug 02

Posts: 1519

superbol says:

Ok but stop illegal trainers turning up

I work as a car instructor and for a few years an illegal teacher was bringing learners for test and the Dsa did nnothing ! I reported about FIVE times his activities to the examiners and the fraud and integraty department ( just another usless public sector unit with non jobs ) one time they were riding about on a traffic cop car stopping legal instructors , nothing done ! so all I think is that this will be a money making idea turning people away from test and making the learner pay for another test , BASTARDS !

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